Event: 40K Aquila II Results

Thanks again to everyone who attended our Warhammer 40,000 tournament.  The Aquila II: Sororitas tournament was the second in the Aquila series, and once again we had a great turnout.  In the end Necrons carried the day, however it was a very very close finish, with only three points separating 1st from 5th!  Here are those that took home the hardware:

Best Overall: Doug Simmons (Necrons)

Best General: Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best Presentation: Brad Fox (Imperial Guard)

Best Sport: Craig Simms (Flesh Tearers)

Thanks once again to everyone.  The next tournament in the series is the Aquila III, which comes up on Sat, March 19th.  The next 40K tournament is a doubles tournament, which will be on Sat, February 26th.  And don’t forget to check out the upcoming Call to Arms army building league we will be running, as well as the Mini Leagues league that we are participating in!  So much 40K, so little time!

Check out the current series standings here.

Here are the overall results from the tournament:

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