Event: Jack-Marshall 4 Tournament & Series Results

With the final chapter of our first ever Warmachine/Hordes tournament series in the books we have winners to crown!  First we will discuss the Jack-Marshall 4: Behemoth tournament.

We had another solid turnout for the fourth and final tournament in the series, including a few new faces.  At the end of the day these three were crowned champions of the day:

1st Place: Derrick Gibson (Legion of Everblight)

2nd Place: Shayne Hall (Circle Orboros)

3rd Place: Patrick DeBernardi (Protectorate of Menoth)

Best Presentation: Kenneth Siefert

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone that participated in this tournament, as well as the other three in the series.

Now, on to the Series Championship.  For those unfamiliar with how our tournament series’ work we take four tournaments (each one a stand-alone event in its own right) and we total the results from all four.  We use each player’s top 3 tournament results, and the player performing the best throughout the series will be that year’s series champion.

After totaling the results from the four tournaments in the Jack-Marshall series our champion is:

Patrick DeBernardi!

Congratulations Patrick, it was an incredibly close race, and in the end Patrick just edged out Shayne with the tie-breaker.  Definitely one of our closest finishes ever.

Patrick will get his name in the first spot on our Warmachine & Hordes Series Champions wall plaque, as well as a trophy plaque to take home.  Our next Warmachine & Hordes tournament series, the Warcaster Tournament Series, begins in March can you dethrone Patrick?  Here are the overall series standings:

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