New Releases: Privateer & RPGs

Some new arrivals came in the past couple of days, check them out:

Other Game Systems

Minions Dr. Arkadius $11.99 D&D Master Tile Set: The Wilderness $23.99
Minions Bull Snapper Light Warbeast $18.99 WFRP: Game Master’s Guide $39.99
Cygnar Trenchers Unit (10) $53.99 WFRP: Game Master’s Vault $31.99
Circle Orboros Reeve Hunter $12.99 WFRP: Player’s Guide $49.99
Legion of Everblight Bayal, Hound of Everblight $11.99 WFRP: Player’s Vault $39.99
40KRP: Rogue Trader Into the Storm $49.99
Carcassonne Big Box $74.99

Just as a quick add on, we have restocked a few of the Magic: the Gathering Fire & Lightning premium decks, and have a few Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Dual Decks remaining as well.

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