Forum: First Knight Award (November)

As mentioned previously we have decided to award a prize to the forum member we deem to have contributed the most to the forum dialogue, and the strengthening of the Round Table community.  This person will be declared the ‘First Knight’ and will carry the title for the following month, until a new First Knight is declared.  This person will get a $30.00 Black Knight Games gift card, as well as a special badge in their forum profile for the month.

We have our first winner, and that person is: Agent Jim!  Agent Jim has been doing a great job of promoting Flames of War on the forum, as well as adding to other discussions as well.  Agent Jim has set up a campaign, and rallied lots of players to the banner of a game that was previously fairly quiet.  As a result you can now see Flames of War being played regularly in the store, and the Flames of War discussion on the forum is one of the most active.  So congrats to Agent Jim, and thanks from the staff at BKG and the members of the round table!

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