Dystopian Wars Has Arrived!

The Dystopian Wars miniatures range & rulebook has arrived at BKG.  Dystopian Wars is a game set in an alternative-history Victorian era, where human technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate.  And as a result the world is now at war with new and wyrd weapons.  The initial release includes the beginnings of four factions: the Kingdom of Britannia, the Prussian Empire, the Empire of the Blazing Sun, and the Federated States of America, as well as the rulebook and game cards.  Each faction has a naval battle group that includes 1x Battleship, 3x Cruisers, 9x Frigates, 2x Bombers, 10x Fighter squadrons and tokens.  All of the ships are also available to buy separately as well as an impressive air-craft carrier for each faction.  Check out the full range of releases:

Dystopian Wave 1 Releases (‘Faction’ items come in four types: 1 per Faction)
Dystopian Wars Rulebook $29.99
Dystopian Wars Game Cards $9.99
Faction Naval Battle groups (13 Ships, 2 Bombers & 10 fighters) $54.99
Faction Frigates (6 Ships) $9.99 ea.
Faction Cruisers (3 Ships) $18.99 ea.
Faction Battleships (1 Ship) $14.99 ea.
Faction Carriers (1 Ship) $21.99 ea.

Prussian Imperial Class Air-Carrier

Federated States of America Naval Battlegroup

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