New Board Games

***UPDATE: We have added a few more new games since this post, added games are in red***

With the cool new Fantasy Flight Media Center up and running in the store we have also re-organized our board game inventory to include more of the Fantasy Flight titles, as well as some other new games.  We have taken several games off of the wall and added them to our discount games table (dozens of games at 50% off!).  Here are the new games that we have added:

Fantasy Flight Games:
Space Hulk: Death Angel (restocked) Dust Tactics
Talisman: Sacred Pool Cadwallon: City of Thieves
Lord of the Rings Boardgame Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation
Civilization Board Game (2nd Ed) Constantinopolis
Citadels Intrigue: Challenges
Age of Conan Descent: Altar of Despair
Descent: Sea of Blood Descent: Well of Darkness
Descent: Road to Legend
Descent: Tomb of Ice
Aye, Dark Overlord
Mad Zeppelin!
Wings of War: WWI Deluxe Starter Set

Blue Orange Games:
Spot It! Yamslam
Golden Gate Peek Poker: Hold’em
Double Shutter Zimbbos
Coocoo the Rocking Clown Chickyboom
Gobblet Gobblers Froggy Boogie
Other Companies:
Small World: Be Not Affraid Scrabble: Flash
Sort It Out Scene It: Movies (2nd Ed.)
Cranium 2.0 Cranium: Scribblish
Rock’em Sock’em Robots Dominion: Prosperity
Zip-It by Banannagrams Appletters by Banannagrams
Pairs in Pears by Banannagrams Abalone
Heroscape: D&D Set 3 Expansions
D&D: Three Dragon Ante, Emperor’s Gambit

So next time you’re in check out our new ranges of board games, as well as our large display of discounted games. Just in time for Christmas!

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