Event: Mini Leagues (Warhammer)

***UPDATE: Due to popular demand Mini Leagues has changed the focus of their first major league from Warhammer to Warhammer 40,000.  Most of the details are the same, apart from the game system change.  Our events section has been updated to reflect this, and for more info check out the Mini Leagues website.***

Black Knight Games has partnered with a new organization called Mini Leagues.  Mini Leagues is running a huge inter-store league that will include stores all across Ontario.  The league will divide players into local divisions & conferences.  Most likely Black Knight Games will be it’s own division, and we will be in a conference with other near-by stores (looks like Mini Wargaming out of Welland, and Games Workshop out of Burlington (although this can all change based on the distribution of participants).  Participants will be scheduled to play one game a week, mostly against players in their own division, by also a couple against those from the other stores in the conference.  At the end of play a winner will be crowned from each division, and they will go on to the conference finals.  Winners of the conference finals will bash it out for the league championship.

There are prizes and giveaways at all levels of the event, but the ultimate prize is a $1000 shopping spree in your home-store!

So if regularly scheduled games of Warhammer, big prizes and the opportunity to represent Black Knight Games at the finals appeals to you sign up today!  As a side note any player representing BKG in the finals will be decked out with some BKG swag to really represent the store in style!

For all of the info check out all of the details at the minileagues website.  And of course you can see all of our upcoming events and tournaments on our events page.

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