BKG Lockers Now Available

Are you tired of hauling your Warhammer armies to and from the store every week?  Tired of having to cart around your Magic traders?  Well we have a new solution for you!  We have installed a bank of lockers at Black Knight Games which are now available to rent!  They can be booked on a monthly basis here’s how it works:

Locker rental fee is $10.00/month ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

You can use any kind of lock that you like.

The lockers are large enough to hold quite a bit.  I have fit the large Warhammer carrying case in them, as well as the PACK 432 from Battlefoam and the regular size Army Transport case.  You can fit several of the white card boxes, or backpacks, or whatever.

We have 11 lockers available to use, although many have already been claimed.  If you book yours now you will pay for December, and get the remainder of November for free.  And as a special promotion to get the lockers filled up we will also be giving away your second month for FREE when you pay for your first!

We, of course, insist that people keep good care of their lockers and don’t leave perishable food in them, flammable or noxious items (Nurgle players I’m looking at you), no pets (squigs or otherwise), and don’t use them for anything shady either (if you have to ask if it’s shady…it is).  Should there be any concern about the contents of a locker, or if you are past your rental due date and haven’t renewed, we reserve the right to cut off your lock with bolt cutters if needed.

So book your locker now, and stake out your own personal space at BKG!

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