Welcome to the New Site!

After much work and effort our new website is live, so welcome to the new Black Knight Games Online!  I will briefly go over the changes that we have made, but of course I encourage you to explore the site (both now, and in the near future as we add and expand upon what we have already created).

What is New:

1. The Blog. The main page, and the very thing you are reading is our new main page blog format.  This new format is better because it will let us post more news easier.  In our old website only the administrator (me) was able to create on the webpage.  But now, all of the staff will be able to post updates.  Basically you can expect to see more up to date information, much more frequently!  Another nice feature is that (soon) you will be able to leave comments in blog posts by logging in with your existing forum username & password.

2. The Resources Page. We are still working on expanding this new page. It will always be an area that we will be expanding. Our goal with the resources page is to have a one-stop shop for all of your gaming-resource needs.  On our resource page we will post articles & videos regarding all aspects of the hobby.  We will add well-organized links to useful sites, including game FAQs & reference sheets, tournament databases, and other great online communities etc.  We believe that with some time and effort this area will become a fantastic resource for our customers.

3. The Online Store. We are still working on the online store, and hope to launch it on the heels of this site.  Our online store will make our entire inventory available to you, both by allowing you to browse our products, read reviews & descriptions but also by allowing you to buy almost anything in our store right from your computer.  This has been a massive undertaking for us, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

4. The Forum. We have also updated the forum to the newest version of the forum software, expect to see some changes there shortly as well since the new software allows us to add all sorts of improvements.  The main goal of our improvements to the forum are to expand the usefulness of our user profiles.  We want to allow our users to express themselves more on the profiles by listing games they play & recommend, pictures of models they’ve painted etc.  You will also have more control over how you interact with others with the new ‘friend or foe’ function.  By selecting another user as your friend you can easily track their posts, while listing a user as a foe allows you to avoid a user that you dislike.

What we Kept:

1. The Calendar. Not everything about the old site needed changing.  The online calendar flyer has always been one of our most popular features, so we have kept it.  You can also access future calendars by going to the events page.

2. The Forum. Yes we are updating the forum, but all of your original work is still going to remain intact.

3. Events. The events page is very similar to the last one, except that it includes both tournaments & other events on one page.

So, welcome to the new site, enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave us a comment, or email us at info@blackknightgames.ca

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