Knights of Blackwood Youth Program

The Knights of Blackwood is a youth gaming program at Black Knight Games that connects young gamers and their parents through a shared love of gaming.

Who can join?

Membership in the Knights of Blackwood is open to any interested children between the ages of 6-16.  Entry to the program is FREE, and requires the consent of a parent or guardian.

What does the program do?

The Knights of Blackwood keeps parents/guardians informed about any events and promotions that we will be running at Black Knight Games that are intended for a youth audience.  We do this through an eNewseltter, and a Facebook Group.  Information will be directed to the parents/guardians, allowing them to stay informed about any events their kids might be interested in.

Participants get a Membership card, which includes several one-time perks.  These Membership Cards expire every year on July 1st, but can be renewed for FREE, starting a month before expiration.

What kinds of events will be run?

The kinds of gaming events that we run for the Knights of Blackwood can include a wide variety of things, here are some examples:

  • Intro to Miniatures Painting
  • Pokémon League
  • Youth Magic Tournament
  • Introductory Gaming Sessions
  • Youth RPG Sessions
  • Youth Warhammer Tournament
  • Game Camps
  • Family Game Nights

Parents and Guardians of the Knights of Blackwood members are welcome to attend any of these events as well!

We will also inform you of any of the store’s regular events, sales, and promotions that we believe would be suitable for this age group as well!  Check out the Events Page and look for the Knights of Blackwood section for a list of all upcoming events.

Is this a safe environment for my children?

Black Knight Games is a safe environment.  Any staff or volunteers running the events will have passed vulnerable persons background check, and we make an effort to create a positive and inclusive space.

Most of our Knights of Blackwood events will be on Sundays, when the majority of the players using the space are kids and parents, and any other players that day will be required to behave appropriately.

Why do we need this kind of community?

The Knights of Blackwood is our best attempt at connecting with the next generation of gamers.  Providing kids the opportunity to explore all sorts of games will open doors for them, and allow them to find the best kind of ‘fun’ for them.  Organized play, run by patient and friendly adults, is a way for kids to make friends, learn fair play, develop a strategic mind, and practice reading, math, and critical thinking without even realizing it!  Doing so in a safe environment, where parents and guardians can trust that their kids are in good hands, is a must.

After all developing a new generation of smart, kind, and social gamers is crucial for the future of game stores like Black Knight Games, so it is our responsibility to help foster it!