Customer Rewards


Black Knight Games has several customer reward programs in place to reward your loyalty.  Our Stronghold Points program rewards all purchases with points which can be redeemed for future discounts.  Our Stronghold Memberships reward regular customers who purchase a yearly membership with additional points, discounts, and perks.  Finally, our Hero’s Reward program rewards event participants with collectible rewards that can be redeemed for various prizes!


sm BK Writing ScrollNearly every single purchase at Black Knight Games is eligible for Stronghold Points.  To collect Stronghold Points simply make sure that we add the purchase to your account, usually by providing your name.  Stronghold Points are collected, and over time customers will be given the option to redeem some of their points for discounts on purchases.  This is automatically prompted when you have enough points.  The more points you redeem at once, the greater the discount.  Stronghold Points do not expire, and they are tracked on the bottom of your receipt.

Customers get 2 Stronghold Points for every dollar they spend in store.  Customers that have an active Stronghold Membership instead get 5 Stronghold Points for every dollar they spend!

Customers can redeem Stronghold Points to discount a purchase, each level of discount costs a certain number of Stronghold Points:

Stronghold Points Discount
300 $2.00 OFF
600 $5.00 OFF
1000 $10.00 OFF
2000 $25.00 OFF
3900 $50.00 OFF
5800 $75.00 OFF
7500 $100.00 OFF
 +1875 +$25.00 OFF



Regulars of the store can take advantage of the many benefits of a Stronghold Membership, an annual paid membership that grants that individual a variety of perks as a reward for their loyalty.

Cost: $30.00/Year
Knights of Blackwood Cost: $15.00/Year (members of our Youth Program get a discount)
Family Memberships: Each member beyond the first is only $10.00 (see below)

Expiry Date: Stronghold Memberships all expire at the same time: July 1st, 2019

Stronghold Points Time-Of Renewal Bonus: Since new members might sign up or renew at any point in the year, it wouldn’t be fair if they paid the same price for less time with no compensation.  For this reason depending on the time of the year that you renew you will get a number of bonus Stronghold Points automatically applied to your account to make up for the part of that year that you missed.  For Example: If you renewed in January (half-way through the year) you get 1600 Bonus Points – Enough to get $10 and $5 off purchases.

Perks of Membership:  There are several major perks of being a Stronghold Member

  • More Points: Members earn 5 Stronghold Points per dollar spent instead of 2 – that’s 2.5 times better!
  • Discounted Snacks & Drinks: All snacks and drinks are $0.25 cheaper for Stronghold Members!
  • Event Discounts or Rewards: Nearly every event will have a discounted entry fee, or a reward of some sort, for any Stronghold Members that join (like a Hero’s Reward for example).
  • Stronghold Membership Card: Members will be given a Stronghold Membership card, which will include several other perks that can be redeemed, each reward may be claimed once and your card will be stamped:
    • Get 10% off any one regular priced purchase, or order!
    • Play in an event, get a free snack or drink!
    • Activate your $20.00 Tab – this allows you to use up to $20.00 of credit that you don’t have.  You will need to pay back the tab at some point, like when you renew next year.
    • Fill out the Knights Code & Contact form acknowledging that you know what behaviors are expected at BKG – get a Hero’s Reward!
    • Get a Hero’s Reward if your renew your membership for next year before this year expires, and pay off your tab (if any).
  • Join the Stronghold Members Facebook Group: We have a Facebook Group that Stronghold Members may join.  The group will provide members with special sales and opportunities, early information on promotions, and other inside BKG info.  It is also a place where we will survey our most loyal of customers, to get feedback on how to continue to improve your experience at BKG.

Family Membership: For each membership you get beyond the first within a family, the cost will only be $10.00!  Each membership will be it’s own separate membership, with a card, points collected, account etc of it’s own.  The only difference is the price when you register.


Hero’s Rewards are a reward given out at events, and for special promotions.  Very often they will be given out to Stronghold Members that participate in an event.  Hero’s Rewards are cards that can be collected and redeemed for a variety of prizes.

Check out the entire Hero’s Reward page HERE.