MTG: Store Championships AUTUMN

Black Knight Games will be crowning three Store Champions for Magic: the Gathering in the third of our MTG Store Championships!  The top players from the following Weekly Game Nights will be designated ‘Champion’:

Wednesday Night Modern
Friday Night Magic: Standard
Friday Night Magic: Booster Draft

The Champion will be the single player with the most Match Wins over the course of the Autumn Season.  In the case of a tie – the individuals will play-off for the honour.

The Champions will be rewarded with a Autumn 2017 Champion playmat, that can only be earned by these three individuals – the art and exact design of that playmat will never again be used by us, so these will truly be a limited edition opportunity!

Additionally the current Store Champion for each Game Night will always have a bounty on their heads during that specific Game Night, in the same way that the previous week’s winner does!  That means that the first person to beat them each week wins a Hero’s Reward – and if nobody does they do!

The Spring Season will run from the beginning of October to the end of December.  Every one of the Game Nights within that window will count towards the overall standings – which we will post often.  Participation is FREE and automatic, so don’t worry about registering or anything!



Summer 2017

Wednesday Night Modern: Steve Conway
FNM Standard: Eddie Matteliano
FNM Booster Draft: Tristan Colterjohn

Complete Standings: Full

Spring 2017

Wednesday Night Modern: Seth Henderson
FNM Standard: Savino Capobianco
FNM Booster Draft: Tristan Colterjohn

Complete Standings: Top 40, 40+