International Table Top Day is Coming to BKG – April 11th

Table Top Day is April 5th

We will be making out own announcement on our plans for Table Top Day shortly, so stay tuned and mark it off on your calendars!!!

Awesome New Magic: the Gathering Show!

Those stone-cold gamers over at Geek & Sundry have done it again, with a great new show about Magic: the Gathering. Spellslingers just aired its first ever episode where Sean Plott (aka Day[9]) plays games of Magic with his friends. The show is fun, and informative so if you are a Magic player enjoy!

We’re Looking for an Event Planner for Apocalypticon!

If interested please apply to, and help us make this year’s Apocalypticon event the best ever!

Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse is Coming!

The new 40K Apocalypse Book is coming out shortly.  The video indicates the date that the White Dwarf will reveal all, while the actual release date for Apocalypse will be July 13th.  This is perfect timing to get everyone excited about our Apocalypticon event which is only a couple of weeks later!

New Episode of Table Top: Smash Up

The good folks at Table-Top tackle one of our favorites at Black Knight Games – Smash Up!

New Episode of Table Top: Forbidden Island

This week the good folks at Table Top show us a great, and very affordable, game called Forbidden Island.  The game shares some mechanics with Matt Leacock’s other popular masterpiece: Pandemic.  It’s definitely a great co-operative game, so give it a view!  You can find Forbidden Island on the shelves of BKG and on our online store!

We Did It!!!

Wow, what a ride!

A couple days ago I was talking about how I hoped we could hit the $7500 Stretch Goal, and suddenly we are beating the big one, the final goal, the $10,000 albatross.  Our final total was $10,041.00, and the final donation came with only hours to go.  It is truly amazing, and I am so very grateful.

Now our attention will turn to two big things: Preparing for the big move, and fulfilling all the rewards our contributors deserve.  For those that have contributed please check your email for a survey that we have sent out – and complete it as soon as possible!  If you don’t see it check your spam, or link to it directly HERE.  The surveys will give us important information like T-shirt sizes and what you want us to write on the Founder’s Wall.  It will confirm your rewards, and give you a chance for feedback as well – so please take a few minutes and respond.

I can not wait for you to see the new space, and put your generous contributions to good use!

~The Black Knight

Indiegogo Campaign: The Final Day

UPDATE 11.23pm:  Our current total is $10,041.00!  With 3 hours left we have achieved our final goal!!!  Big update tomorrow, and a big thanks to everyone!

You can contribute to our campaign here or in the shop!

There are fewer than two days remaining in our fundraiser for the Stronghold Game Lounge!  We are down to the home-stretch, so anyone still considering contributing or upping their contributions please make sure to do so by Friday at midnight!

Things have gone very well overall, and we are thrilled by the amount of support our community has given us.  We currently sit just shy of the $7500.00 stretch goal, so hopefully we can achieve that, and if we have a really good run over the next two days we may even have a shot at the final stretch goal as well!

Fundraiser Update: Only One Week Left!


Grand Total Update: $6141.00

There is one week left, so it’s time for us to make that final push! We are still aiming at that big $7500.00 level where we unlock ‘The Keep’ private gaming room. There is also still a chance that we get to the $10,000 goal and earn the liquor license.

So, if you have been considering contributing – or if you want to convince your buddies to contribute there is still some time – but only 1 week!

I filmed a walkthrough so you can see the new space, and how the renovations and other work is progressing. We’ve done a ton of work, but everything is still on target for a move in late May.

If you’d like to get your name on the big Founder’s Wall shield that we will be mounting in the new space the only way to get it is by contributing!

Thank you to everyone that has contributed, and worked on this massive move, I really can’t wait to share the new store with everyone!

You can contribute either in store, or on our indiegogo campaign!