Warmachine and Hordes – New Edition and Preordering!

Warmachine and Hordes is about to begin a brand new edition of the game.  If you haven’t heard anything about this yet, check out the teaser trailer Privateer Press put out a few weeks ago:

A brand new edition of a game is an exciting time for the game community, especially with Warmachine, a game built on well written rules and which hasn’t had a new edition in six years.  As previously posted we will be moving the start date of our Call to Arms for Warmachine to June 12th, to coincide with the global release of the rules for the new edition of the game.  Cards for all the models in each faction will also be available in new decks on June 29th.  New Battleboxes for nine of the factions, including a small copy of the rulebook, a playing mat, brand new warcasters/warlocks, and their battlegroups will be available at the same time.  To celebrate this release we’re offering players who purchase a deck of cards and a battlebox for their faction a free field kit–superglue, a dry erase marker, card sleeves, and an assembly guide (while supplies last).

The new edition will feature free rules for the game online, but they are also releasing a rulebook for both Warmachine and Hordes entitled Prime and Primal.  These high-end hardcover rulebooks will include printed copies of the rules available digitally, but will also include a world setting overview, Faction setting overviews, Faction model entry sections, a hobby section, and a model gallery.

We strongly encourage pre-ordering the new products for the newest edition of Warmachine and Hordes.  These items will be hot sellers, and if you want to ensure you have everything for your faction, or the awesome new battle boxes on release day, get your pre-order in ASAP.

Warmachine Prime – $79.99
Hordes Primal – $79.99
Battle Boxes – $54.99
New Faction Decks – $26.99

These prices are somewhat subject to change as we get more accurate information on costs from our distributors.  Order now at these prices and you’ll get your stuff even if prices go up.  If the price goes down before release, we’ll still credit you the difference.

WMH: Challenge Board League Starts Today!


Full rules and details posted here!

Today makes the start of the BKG Challenge Board league.  To help coordinated games, Facebook users can join the new group we created.

Entry to the challenge board is only $10.  In addition, talk to the staff about ordering a premium tag.  For only $10 extra, you can have an engraved faction logo and name and caster name.  Ordering for the first wave of premium tags closes Thursday, March 3rd, so get your requests in soon.

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Black Friday Weekend Deals

Black FridayThis weekend only, get some of your early Christmas shopping done with some hot deals from Black Knight Games.  All prices and deals are available only as supplies last, so get here early to get in on some savings.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter sets regularly priced at $149.99 on sale for $99.99

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High Command Rapid Deployment regularly priced at $16.99 on sale for $9.99

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Buy $100 of Magic Singles, get a free Battle for Zendikar booster pack.

On top of these specially priced products, all purchases in store earn double points for all purchases.  Saving add up fast when you shop on a double points weekend, so stop waiting and grab that new army, set of paints, or board game you’ve been pining after.

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Black Knight Games Summer Sale

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We will be marking down several ranges, and offering tons of products at a 10% – 60% Discount!  Have a look in our Discount Bin for some amazing deals, and browse the store to find all kinds of ranges on sale!

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