WMH Call to Arm Update

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The Warmachine Call to Arms early bird period went well, and I’ve seen tons of cool posts from people in our Facebook group already of painted minis and cool ideals for conversions and lists.  The official start date for the Call to Arms is only this week!  There’s still tons of time to sign up, get involved, and paint some minis for the new edition this summer.

So now that we’re officially kicking this thing off, what are we doing this summer for Warmachine, how do you get involved, and what’s the new edition like?

Summer of Warmachine

We already had the first tournament of the new edition, which was a ton of fun and a lovely learning experience.  What else do we have planned?  The following is a list of fully-painted-required events.  Each of these gives free or discounted to Call to Arms participants, but is open to anyone to play in.

Jun 30 – Warcaster Mega Battle – Bring one caster and slug it out!
Jul 14 – Warjack Ninja Warrior – Play through an obstacle course with your favourite Warjack or Warbeast.
Jul 24 – Zero-Point Mega Battle – Bring a warcaster or warlock plus their battlegroup.
Jul 30 – 75 Point Tournament – Our second large tournament of the new edition, and our first painted required one.
Aug 7 – 35 Point Doubles Event – A small tournament where you bring a friend and battle two-v-two.
Aug 21 – Brush of War Painting Contest – Submit models from the Warmachine and Hordes range into a painting contest with three categories.
Aug 21 – Rumble – A new format designed by Privateer Press for faster games played on a 3×3 table.
Sep 4 – Victory Celebration – Show off what you finished painting, play some games, and pull names from the Victory Draw.

So as you can see, there’s a ton going on for Warmachine this summer.  We’re also having game nights every Thursday evening, and scheduling pick up games using the BKG Warmachine Facebook group (which you should join).

Getting Involved

Now is the time to join the Warmachine Call to Arms.  For only $30, you get free or discounted entry to all of the cool events we’re talking about, and you get to paint an army and share your accomplishment with the community.  If you spend $150 in a single purchase for your new army, you don’t even have to pay that $30 — you get in for free!

You can participate in the Call to Arms even if you live far away and can’t get into the store weekly.  There are several cool events, scheduled at different times in the week, and sharing painted models on our Facebook group is easy and interactive.

Each Call to Arms event you attend will earn you a ballot for the Victory Draw.  Over the next few months we’ll be spoiling some of the amazing prizes for the winners of this draw.  For now, let me just say there are lots of ways to get tickets for this draw, including participating, winning, painting, and playing games.  The giveaways from this draw are going to be VERY cool.

Warmachine and Hordes New Edition

The new edition of the game has significantly changes every faction.  Those old models you never painted before?  Maybe they’re great now.  That fun list you’d always wanted to play?  Here’s an opportunity to build that army you’ve always wanted.  The brand new edition is a great time to get involved in the game, to paint for the first time, to play more seriously, or even just to play more fun games.

We’ve got a store copy of the rulebook available for you to go through.  The core rules of the game are available for free online, and the physical printing of the new cards will be available from Wednesday, June 29th.  Jay already posted about the international shortages of product, so some decks might have to wait for reprintings.  A few battle boxes will be available in store, and we’ll be restocking as soon as possible.

Warmachine and Hordes – New Edition and Preordering!

Warmachine and Hordes is about to begin a brand new edition of the game.  If you haven’t heard anything about this yet, check out the teaser trailer Privateer Press put out a few weeks ago:

A brand new edition of a game is an exciting time for the game community, especially with Warmachine, a game built on well written rules and which hasn’t had a new edition in six years.  As previously posted we will be moving the start date of our Call to Arms for Warmachine to June 12th, to coincide with the global release of the rules for the new edition of the game.  Cards for all the models in each faction will also be available in new decks on June 29th.  New Battleboxes for nine of the factions, including a small copy of the rulebook, a playing mat, brand new warcasters/warlocks, and their battlegroups will be available at the same time.  To celebrate this release we’re offering players who purchase a deck of cards and a battlebox for their faction a free field kit–superglue, a dry erase marker, card sleeves, and an assembly guide (while supplies last).

The new edition will feature free rules for the game online, but they are also releasing a rulebook for both Warmachine and Hordes entitled Prime and Primal.  These high-end hardcover rulebooks will include printed copies of the rules available digitally, but will also include a world setting overview, Faction setting overviews, Faction model entry sections, a hobby section, and a model gallery.

We strongly encourage pre-ordering the new products for the newest edition of Warmachine and Hordes.  These items will be hot sellers, and if you want to ensure you have everything for your faction, or the awesome new battle boxes on release day, get your pre-order in ASAP.

Warmachine Prime – $79.99
Hordes Primal – $79.99
Battle Boxes – $54.99
New Faction Decks – $26.99

These prices are somewhat subject to change as we get more accurate information on costs from our distributors.  Order now at these prices and you’ll get your stuff even if prices go up.  If the price goes down before release, we’ll still credit you the difference.

WMH: Challenge Board League Starts Today!


Full rules and details posted here!

Today makes the start of the BKG Challenge Board league.  To help coordinated games, Facebook users can join the new group we created.

Entry to the challenge board is only $10.  In addition, talk to the staff about ordering a premium tag.  For only $10 extra, you can have an engraved faction logo and name and caster name.  Ordering for the first wave of premium tags closes Thursday, March 3rd, so get your requests in soon.

Black Friday Weekend Deals

Black FridayThis weekend only, get some of your early Christmas shopping done with some hot deals from Black Knight Games.  All prices and deals are available only as supplies last, so get here early to get in on some savings.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar starter sets regularly priced at $149.99 on sale for $99.99

Star Wars X-Wing Hound’s Tooth regularly priced at $54.99 on sale for $29.99

High Command Rapid Deployment regularly priced at $16.99 on sale for $9.99

15% BKG Pre-Played and pre-sorted board games

Buy $100 of Magic Singles, get a free Battle for Zendikar booster pack.

On top of these specially priced products, all purchases in store earn double points for all purchases.  Saving add up fast when you shop on a double points weekend, so stop waiting and grab that new army, set of paints, or board game you’ve been pining after.

MTG: FNM Clarification & Midnight Prerelease Tonight!

MTG FNMJust a clarification about times for tonight’s FNM events.  We mistakenly posted different times for the events on the calendar and on the main page.  Tonight’s Standard tournament will begin at the usual 6:00pm time.  The Booster Draft will begin later at 8:30pm since we will be able to run it until midnight.  This should allow players to play in both if they wish.


MTG Fate Reforged

The Fate Reforged Prerelease Weekend begins tonight with our Midnight Prerelease event!  We have six events total throughout the weekend, so be sure to join in as many of those as you wish.  We also have a bonus Heros Reward Card for anyone that preregisters for at least one event – so make sure to do that if you want the bonus!

All the details for the Fate Reforged Prerelease Weekend can be found HERE.  Have fun, and good luck!

Merry Christmas!


D&D Encounters: Scourge of the Sword Coast

D&D Encounters Sword Coast

Savage humanoids raid the countryside around Daggerford, causing victims of their attacks to seek out the shelter of the town. Stressed from the weight of the refugees, it’s up to a brave group of adventurers to end the raids and free Daggerford from its plight. 

Scourge of the Sword Coast is the latest entry in the D&D Encounters play season. Utilizing the final playtest rules for D&D Next, this season’s encounters will give you a preview of what to expect when D&D Next finally hits the shelves.

When: Wednesdays at Black Knight Games, 6:00pm

Character Creation Begins: February 19th

Play Sessions Begin: February 26th

Do you have what it takes to brave the Sword Coast?

WMH: Journeyman League Begins in January

WMH Journeyman League

Beginning on January 12th and for six weeks following, BKG Warmachine and Hordes players will compete for prizes by earning league points.  We did this last year and it was a fantastic success, so this year we hope to have even more players out!  Bring your friends, bring your new faction, bring your old faction, try out that caster you never play.

There are three types of league points: Game Points, Hobby Points, and Journeyman Points.  Game Points are earned for playing against other players in the league using that week’s rules, Hobby Points are earned for painting models, and Journeyman Points are the total of Game Points and Hobby Points.

Each week, rules are set to restrict the size and style of players’ armies.  This helps to encourage an enjoyable environment for players getting used to the rules of the game.  While the league is aimed at that friend you’ve always wanted to teach warmachine to, it’s also perfect for a seasoned player to become an expert at the game essentials.

How does it work?  Each week the size of games played increases:

January 12th – 18th
Battlegroup box set (or 11 point army of only warcaster and jacks or warlock and beasts)

January 19th – 25th
15 point armies using the same caster as week one

January 26th – February 1st
25 point armies using the same caster as week one

February 2nd – 8th
25 point armies

February 9th – 15th
35 point armies

February 16th – 22nd (Finale Day)
35 point armies, and the list may be changed as much as you want all week

At the end of the six week league we’ll be giving out special Journeyman Badges to everyone achieving certain point levels, as well as badges for most hobby points, most game points, and top overall.

How do I earn Game Points?  Each win in a given week is worth 3 points, and a loss or a draw is worth 2 points.   You may play as many games in a week as you can fit in, but players may not score points for a game played against the same opponent until he plays a different opponent.

How are Hobby Points earned?  Players earn Hobby Points for painting models from their faction in the league.  These models do not have to be used at any time during a league game.  For a painted model to score Hobby Points, it must primed, basecoated, painted with a reasonable diversity of colour, and based.  Models are worth differing points based painting requirements as follows:

  • Warcasters, warlocks, warbeasts, warjacks, and solos: 3 points for a large-based model, 2 points for medium-based model, and 1 point for small-based model
  • Battle engines: 5 points
  • Units of two models: 2 points
  • Units of three to six models: 3 points
  • Units of seven or more models: 4 points
  • Units of only medium-based models: 1 additional point
  • Units of only large-based models: 2 additional points

How much does this cost to play in?  $5 ($4 for Stronghold Members), but you may register for free if you purchase a Battlebox at Black Knight Games.

I still have questions.  Who do I ask?  A lot of the details are listed on the , but for anything not listed there, or any of our house rules (like the option of starting with a non-battlebox caster) feel free to email me:  Tim (at) BlackKnightGames (dot) com

WMH: Combined Arms Tournament

WMH Combined Arms

When:  10:30am – 7pm, January 4th.  The first tournament of 2014!

Entry Fee:  $20 ($16 for Stronghold Members) gets you entry to the event and pizza and two pop or hot drink.

Format 50 point lists using Steamroller Rules (Either SR 2014 or SR2014 Beta, depending on timing), second list optional.  Come with a partner and play separate games, but final standings will be based on your combined tournament score.  You will never be paired against your partner during the tournament.

Prizes:  We will be giving out store credit prizes to the first, second, and third place teams.  We will also be giving away Steamroller coins to each member of these teams.  Everyone who brings at least one fully painted list will also be placed into a draw to win a fully painted store-credit prize.

MiniWarGaming Warhammer League

warhammerleagueforbkgHey everybody,

I’m looking for players who would be interested in playing in a MiniWarGaming Warhammer Fantasy League. The purpose of this is to create more Warhammer Fantasy battle reports, which means the following:

  1. You must have at least 2000 points fully painted.
  2. You must be willing to be on camera.
  3. Games will be played either at MiniWarGaming or at BlackKnightGames.
  4. You must be willing to play at least 5 games over a 10 week period.

If you are interested either post here or email me at matthew@miniwargaming.com.


Matthew from MiniWarGaming