Pokémon Prerelease: Lost Thunder

Trainers!  Be the first to battle for supremacy with the newest card set: Lost Thunder!

When: Sunday, October 21, 11:00am, Registration begins at 10:00am (be here by 10:45 at the latest)

Entry Fee: $35.00 -or- 9 Hero’s Rewards (Stronghold Members get 1 Hero’s Reward for participating)

Format:  Each player will receive a Prerelease Box which consists of a 22 card pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets, 4 Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder booster packs, and 1 of 4 alternate art promo cards!  Swiss, 3 Rounds.  Players will have 30 mins to open their Prerelease Pack, and build a 40 card deck (energy cards will be provided).  Once the tournament begins players may not alter their decks.  Players may not trade any cards until the event is over.

Prizes: At the end of the tournament, when each player returns their borrowed energy they will receive 3 Booster Packs as a prize.  Any undefeated players earn a bonus pack.

Bring: Your Player ID number (if you don’t have one, one will be provided to you)

Knights of Blackwood: We always have a ‘Junior’ division in our Pokémon Tournaments, so any members of our Knights of Blackwood Youth Program will be assigned to the appropriate division.  Pets may only be used in the Junior division.  All Knights of Blackwood members that participate in this event will get a free pet for participating!

Infinity ITS Tournament

When: Saturday, October 6th, Registration starts at 10:30am, games start at 11:00am

Entry fee: $20 (includes pizza lunch)

Format: Mid-Tier (300pts) Tournament

Prizes: Store credit; also, special prize for kills with Medium Infantry and Aerial Deployment models (see below)

-Engineering Deck
-Power Pack
-The Armory

(NOTE: The missions listed on the ITS site are incorrect– I’m waiting for CB to correct them)

-Soldiers of Fortune **ARE** allowed (see details on page 10 of the Season 9 ITS document)
-Spec Ops **ARE NOT** allowed

-Store credit prizes based on number of participants
-Extremely Medium: To celebrate the new Season 10 buffs to Medium Infantry, players are encouraged to track the following: (1) Models that they kill using a Medium Infantry model that is standing on the opponent’s half of the board, and (2) Models that they kill using an Aerial Deployment model (any level) that is standing in the opponent’s deployment zone. At the end of the day, the person who collected the most most heads in those two ways will receive a bonus mercenary prize of… jeez, are there even any merc MI other than Druze? If there aren’t, then I guess the prize is a box of Druze. I’ll figure this out by game day. 😛

Be sure to register on the ITS site at this link:


All players are responsible for bringing their own models, dice, tokens, measuring devices, classified decks, and printed army lists.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The classified deck has changed this season, but it’s possible that the new Season 10 classified decks may not be released by October 6th. Just to be safe, Spud will provide a classified objective table for players to roll on instead of using cards.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on October 6th! 🙂

Blood Bowl: Blingtoof Gitbash

Get your face-kickin’ shoes on – it’s time for the Gitbash!

When: Saturday, November 17, 10:00am.  Sunday will be the final rounds.

10:00 AM – Registration
10:30 AM – Game 1
12:30 PM – Lunch Break
1:00 PM – Game 2 
3:15 PM – Game 3
5:30 PM – Game 4
7:45 PM – Awards & Closing Ceremony

Please post on the Facebook page, or register in store:


All registration is being done through Black Knight’s till. You can register ahead of time by calling them at 905-296-3401 with your credit card number of, if you’re local, going there in person. Coaches that send me their roster by Wednesday August 17th will have their rosters printed for them and receive a Dirty Trick card that can be used once (i.e. once in the whole tournament, not every game).

– Tournament Champion (best record)
– Best Fouler (per “Kikkum Inna Beenz” rules below)
– Most TDs
– Most Casualties
– Best Sport
– Wooden Spoon
-Stunty Cup

– 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss

TIE BREAKERS (in order)
– Net TDs
– Net CAS
– Total TDs
– Total CAS
– Fouling Points
Best Painted


The term “Goblin Player” refers to a player with the title “Goblin”, “Underworld Goblin”, or “Goblin Renegade.”
Coaches will create a 1100 TV team using the LRB6, DZ 1 DZ 2 and the Almac rules Teams may purchase a star player but they must have the minimum 11 players. Teams may add the following,
All other teams MUST take 1 standard Goblins on their roster (MA 6 | ST 2 | AG 3 | AV 7 | Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty | Cost 40K | Normal: A | Doubles: GSP). You may purchases additional goblins for your team, up to 16.
– Goblin teams may purchase 0-3 bribes as permanent roster additions at a cost of 50K each instead of 100k each.
– Dirty Player is considered a Normal skill for Goblin Players on Goblin teams.
– Halfling teams may purchase a Halfling Master Chef for 100K as permanent roster addition.

Teams may add skills to their players (which do not increase TV) per the chart below.

TIER 1: 70K for skills
TIER 2: 100k for Skills
TEIR 3: 130k for skills
TIER 4: 150k for skills
For the Love of the Game: Chose 3 players to receive Dirty player Sneaky Git.
See Below for the tier brake downs:

TIER 1: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardman, Necromantic, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elf
TIER 2: Chaos, Chaos Pact, (Pro) Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Slann, Bretonnian
TIER 3: Vampire, Nurgle’s Rotters, Underworld, Khorne
TIER 4: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre


Cheet to Win: Once per half, you may try and sneak a Goblin Player on to the pitch from the Reserve Box in this manner:

1. Place a Goblin Player currently in your Reserve Box in a square along the sideline on your side of the pitch.
2. Declare the action that you wish to take with this Goblin Player.
3. Roll a d8. If the result on the roll is less than or equal to the current turn # then you may

Warhammer Underworlds Tournament

Black Knight Games is very excited to be hosting another Warhammer Underworld tournament.

When: Saturday, October 20, 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $10, Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward

Format:  Swiss, 3-4 Rounds depending on attendance, Rounds are best of 3, 90mins.  Full tournament rules can be found HERE

Prizes: We will be putting $10/Player in to a prize pool, which the top players will get in the form of Store Credit (minus any door prizes).  We will also be passing out some of the prizes from the Warhammer Underworlds OP kit!

Bring: One Warhammer Underworlds Force, and a legal deck of cards to accompany them.  Bring boards, and any tokens you wish to use.

Pokémon League Challenge Tournament

Black Knight Games is excited to be hosting a Pokémon tournament later in September, and we’d love to have you join us!

When: Sunday, September 23rd, 11:00am start (Registration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards

Format: EXPANDED FORMAT.  This includes all sets from BLACK & WHITE -> CURRENT! Decklist will be required if you do not have one we will have blank ones for you to fill out.
Juniors / Masters Divisions

Details: Celestial Storm Season #2 League Challenge!

Prizes: $10 entry will go towards prize pool of Pokemon Booster Packs.  Top players in each division will receive a special stamped promotional Pokemon card!  All Knights of Blackwood members will get a free Pet for participating!

MTG Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease (Youth)

The Knights of Blackwood is our FREE to join Youth Program.  Our goal is to provide great events for the younger players in the shop to participate in, and to that end we are very excited to bring you a Youth-Focused Prerelease event for Magic: the Gathering!

When: SUN, September 30, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Entry Fee: $35.00 -or- 9 Hero’s Rewards

Event Details: This is a Prerelease Event, which means that you get cards from the new Guilds of Ravnica set a WEEK before they are released!  Participants will get packs, and build a deck at the event.  They will then play games with others and win prizes!  Play is open, but we will help players find opponents.

What You Get: All Participants will get a guild-specific Prerelease Pack that includes 6 Booster Packs, a Dice, and a Foil Pomo Card (taken from the Rares/Mythic Rares of the set).  Additionally all participants will get an extra Booster Pack, and a Hero’s Reward for participating.  Lastly, all Knights of Blackwood members will get a free Knights of Blackwood Pet!

Adult Mentors: The Knights of Blackwood is a program for kids ages 6-16, however anyone can participate in this event.  If you are older than 16 years old, you will be a ‘mentor’ helping out the younger players with rules and being a good example of a good sport.  Mentors will get all the same rewards as younger players, except the Pets.

Prizes: Everyone that plays a game will earn another Guilds of Ravnica booster pack, and when you win your first match you earn another!  Combine that with the free pack you get for joining in and every player gets 3 packs!  Anyone that plays at least 3 matches will get another Hero’s Reward (and will get that third pack if they didn’t win any).

So join us and all the other cool kids for some Prerelease fun, at our Knights of Blackwood prerelease for Magic!

MTG Guilds of Ravnica Draft Weekend

To celebrate the Guilds of Ravnica release weekend Black Knight Games will be running another special MEGA-SIZED Draft Weekend Event!

When: Saturday, October 6, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards.  Stronghold Members receive a Hero’s Reward for participating.

Prizes: Drafts will add 1.5 packs per player to a prize pool.  Prizes are distributed based on record, so all 3-0s receive the same prize as each other, all 2-1s receive the same prize, etc.  Additionally, Wizards has provided us with a special draft weekend promo Firemind’s Research to pass out to participants as well!

Format: Our Draft Weekend events will be just like normal drafts here, except participants will get 4 BOOSTER PACKS instead of 3 to draft with, for the same price!

So join us to celebrate the latest return to the most popular setting in Magic!

Firemind's Research

MTG Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Weekend

We will be celebrating an exciting new set as we go back to Ravnica, one of the most popular MTG settings ever!  Join us for an entire weekend of Prerelease fun!  Here are the details:

When: There will be six regular Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease events over the weekend, as well as a Youth event on the Sunday!

Friday, September 28 – MIDNIGHT (Sealed Deck)

Saturday, September 29 – 9:00am (Sealed Deck), 2:30pm (Sealed Deck), 8:00pm (Two-Headed Sealed)

Sunday, September 30 – 10:00am (Sealed Deck), 3:30pm (Sealed Deck)

Format: Sealed Deck (the third event on SAT is a Sealed Two-Headed Giant), 4 Rounds

Entry Fee: $39.00 // $35.00 for Stronghold Members // 9 Hero’s Rewards

You Get: Everyone gets a Guild-Specific Prerelease pack.  Prerelease Packs include five regular boosters of Guilds of Ravnica, and one Guild-Specific seeded booster pack, a foil promo card (could be any rare/mythic from the set), a countdown die, a checklist, and a box to hold it all.  All participants get a FREE Hero’s Reward Card for each event they participate in. Additionally there will be door prizes, delicious snacks, and more fun.

Prizes: We will add three Guilds of Ravnica packs into the prize pool per participant.  Each match (aka round) a player wins will earn them a pack.  Remaining packs (1 per person) are distributed among undefeated and 3-1 players (3-1 players get +1 pack, undefeated players split the rest, usually that means between 12-16 packs).  We will also randomly distribute a second Hero’s Reward for every 5 participants (including one to any winless players – which means everyone wins something!).

Kids Event: We have recently introduced the Knights of Blackwood Youth Program (to encourage our players ages 6-16 to participate in games), and we will be hosting a fun and casual MTG Prerelease event for our younger players on the same weekend!  Check out the Knights of Blackwood Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease event for more details.

Preorder Special:  Just like with Core 2019 and Dominaria, when you preorder you’ll be able to pick up your booster box at the prerelease weekend!  Check out our Preorder Special for all the details!

MTG Core 2019 Store Championship

Core 2019’s turn as the main set in Magic is coming to an end as we prepare for Guilds of Ravnica.  To close out the Core 2019 Season we have one last test – are you the Champion?

Emmara, Soul of the AccordWhen: Saturday, September 15, 12:00pm (Registration opens at 11am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members Get: A Hero’s Reward for participating

Format: Standard, 3-5 Rounds of Swiss (Based on number of participants), Cut to top 8

Store Championship Event Prizes: All participants will get a first-peek at the next set with a foil rare, full-art promo Emmara, Soul of the Accord card from Core 2019. Top 8 players win an exclusive Ultra Pro deck box and the store champion wins an exclusive playmat.  Additionally there will be a prize pool of $10/participant drawn from by the top players.

M19 Store Championship Playmat

WMH Steamroller Tournament OCT

Black Knight Games is excited to be hosting yet another Warmachine & Hordes Steamroller tournament!

When: Saturday, October 27th, 10:30am (Registration begins at 9:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards (Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward for playing)

Format: 75pt Steamroller Tournament, 4 Rounds, Deathclock, Divide & Conquer 0

Lunch Provided: We will provide a pizza lunch (3 slices at least), including either 2 pops/water -or- 1 juice/energy drink

Prizes: We will put $20 per person, minus the overall cost of lunch, in to a prize pool.  There will be a prize for the ‘Best Painted’ army (as voted on by the participants), and the ‘Best Sportsmanship’ (as voted on by your opponents).  The remaining prize pool will be divided up among the top 3 players!

So bring your forces, preferably painted, to BKG and battle it out in our Steamroller Tournament!