X-Wing Tournament

X-Wing Tournament

This Sunday Black Knight Games will be hosting an X-Wing Tournament, as well as a Star Wars Imperial Assault Event – It’s a Star Wars Day!

When: Sunday, October 11th, 11am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $6.00 ($5.00 for Stronghold Members)

Forces: 100pts

Gameplay Rules: 3-5 Rounds depending on attendance, FFG Tournament Rules, 75min Rounds, 3’x3′ play area.

Option Lunch Buy: Anyone interested can buy in to our Pizza Order for $5.00.  This get you at least three slices and a pop.

So spend some of your long-weekend hours with us playing some X-Wing!

SWIA - Tournament Oct

 When: Sunday, October 11th, 11:30am (Registration at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $6.00 ($5.00 for Stronghold Members)

Event Format: Casual Event, 3 Rounds of Swiss – No Cut, Skirmish Tournament Rules (availableHERE), 55 Minute Rounds

Scenarios: Mos Eisley Outskirts, Massassi Ruins, and Moisture Farm

Bring: Your copy of Imperial Assualt, and a legal army.  An Imperial Assault army consists of figures with their corresponding Deployment cards, any Skirmish Upgrade cards, and a 15-card Command deck. The total cost for all of a player’s Deployment and Skirmish Upgrade cards cannot exceed 40 points. Each Command deck must contain exactly 15 cards, and the total cost of a player’s Command cards cannot exceed 15 points.


Prizes: We have the Summer Imperial Assault OP Kit which we will distribute to the winners.  Each player in the top 16 will get a special Alt-Art Trandoshan Hunter Card, the top 4 will get a Imperial Assault Token/Dice Bag and a set of acrylic focus tokens, the top 2 will get an alternate art IG-88 card, and the winner will also get a Champion Medal!

Store Wars: X-Wing at BKG

X-Wing Store Wars S2E1

The Second Season of the Store Wars X-Wing Gaming Circuit is underway!  Check out our first of two events in this circuit:

When: Saturday, August 15th, 11:00am (Registration at 10:30am)

Forces: 100pts, Normal FFG guidelines for new releases apply

Rounds: We will run between 3-5 Rounds with no cut (based on attendance), rounds will be set at 75 minutes. When time is called, players will finish the round (meaning all ships finish activating on both sides for that round).

Prizes: The top 25% of players will earn prizes in Store Credit.  All players will earn Store Wars points to help them attempt to qualify for the Store Wars Circuit Finale!

May the Force Be With You…and the Focus, the Target Lock, and the Dice too!



Miniature Madness!

Miniature Madness

On Saturday we will be hosting a celebration of Miniature Gaming!  Bring your minis and play as many games as you can in the hopes of winning some sweet door prizes!

When: Saturday, August 1st, ALL DAY

Entry Fee: Nope – Free to All!

Gaming: Participants in Miniature Madness can play as much as they want, against whoever they want, with any miniature game system they want.  Each participant will get a sheet to record their games, opponents, and game systems played.

Discount on Minis: Anyone that participates in Miniature Madness will get a 10% Discount on the purchase of any miniatures or hobby supplies they buy that day!  In-Stock Items Only

Prizes:  We will have a bunch of fun miniatures to give away through draws during Miniature Madness.  You can earn a lot of ballots for prizes during Miniature Madness, getting one:

  • For every game you play you will get a ballot.
  • For every different game system you play you will get a ballot.
  • For every different opponent you play you will get a ballot.

So if you play only one game of Infinity – and that is all – you would get THREE BALLOTS (One for the game, one for the opponent, and one for the game system).  If you played three games of age of Sigmar against three different opponents, and one game of 40K against one of the same opponents you would earn NINE BALLOTS (four for the games played, two for the two game systems, and three for the three unique opponents you played).

So join us on Saturday to celebrate Miniature Gaming at Black Knight Games!!!

X-Wing Tournament

X-Wing Tournament

When: Sunday, May 31st, 11:00am (Registration at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: 100pts, Standard Rules, 3’x3′ Play Area

Prizes: FFG OP Kit / Store Credit

May the 4th Be With You!

To celebrate all things Star Wars Black Knight Games will be having a week-long celebration ending in a Star Wars Game Day on Sunday, and a week-long sale!

Any purchases or orders you make for Star Wars product will be given a random discount at the time of purchase. You will get somewhere between (Slave-)1% Off and (IG-)88% Off! This sale applies only to the items you were about to buy, and only once you commit to the purchase (so if you bring up only one thing and you draw ’12 Parsecs Percent Off’ you can’t then add new items).

So join us for some Star Wars fun, and May the Fourth Be With You!

May the 4th

X-Wing: Warm-Up Tournament

X-Wing Tournament Jan 11

This Sunday players will have the chance to warm-up (both a chance to flex their skills, and a chance to get in out of the weather!).  This will be our last X-Wing tournament before our big Store Championship in February, so players will be able to hone their skills before the big dance.

When: Sunday, January 11th, 11:00am (register at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $5.00 ($4.00 for Stronghold Members)

Forces: 100pts, Standard FFG Tournament guidelines

3’x3′ play area

75 Minute Swiss Rounds, no top cut

Everything up to and including Wave V allowed.

Don’t forget to mark down February 22nd as our big Store Championship tournament – and we hope to see you out on Sunday!


Two Big Sunday Events

Tomorrow we have a couple of amazing options for you to spend some of those holiday hours gaming:  The Hammer Hunger X-Wing Charity Event, and the Warhammer One Day Double Blind event!  Check out the details:

X-Wing Hammer Hunger 2014

Date: Sunday December 28th

Format: 100 pts Standard 3′ x 3′ play area

Time: 11:00- 5:30

Entry fee:  $10/$8 Stronghold members or waived entirely if more than $10 in various donation shenanigans are purchased (see below).

This event will be four rounds and will follow the standard rules from the SWX rulebook and the current FAQ’s and Tournament Rules.

This is a special event and I would like the focus to be on two things: first that the proceeds of this event all go to the Hamilton Food Share, second as the event is geared around the idea of gaming for a good cause I would like these games to be more about having a good time and less about the competitive atmosphere. This is not to say these aren’t going to be challenging games as this tournament may take you out of your normal comfort zone.

The Hook: That’s right there is always a catch.  For the full Hammer Hunger event Packet CLICK HERE!


WFB Logo


One Day Double Blind

Date: Sunday December 28th

Format: Everyone brings a legal 2000 point list (End Times rules are now standard as are the armies that the books introduce). Then you split that list into two 1000 point warbands to be used in a one day map campaign.

Entry Fee: FREE!

Rumor has it that a powerful artifact capable of severely weakening Nagash has been unearthed somewhere in the land of Khemri. The armies of the world are now racing to the deserts to try and find and use it for their own purposes be they noble or nefarious in nature.

The players will be searching an area of the ancient kingdom to try and find this artifact among the many other comparatively useless  trinkets and baubles that are scattered throughout the sands.

Winning battles gets you clues to which artifact is the real deal, certain map points will hold artifacts whoever has the correct piece at the very end is the winner.

As it is triumph and treachery based there is much opportunity for teaming up and backstabbing. Ideally since there are 1000 points involved everyone will get to play at least 3 games and hopefully 4.

X-Wing Furball Free For All

X-Wing Furball Free for All


When: Sunday, November 30th, 11:00am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $5.00 ($4.00 for Stronghold Members)

Special Format: Furball Free For All

Games: The tournament will consist of 3 90 minute rounds, where up to 6 players per 3′ x 3′ play area all zoom around shooting each other up for fun and points! Scoring as follows 10 pts per Shield or Damage done, 25 pts per Critical Landed and 45 pts per mini squad eliminated from the game.

Forces: Each player brings a stable of THREE 40 pt mini squads that can consist of 1 to 3 ships each. Each mini squad can be of either faction but they may not use the same Pilot more than once. Wave 5 Ships and Upgrades will be permitted for this event -self printed cards and dials will be permitted if you don’t own the new stuff yet.

How it Works: The 6 Asteroids are evenly distributed amongst the players for deployment no closer than Range 2 from the edge or Range 1 from each other. In a case where their is an odd Asteroid the large one is placed dead centre of the mat.

Players deploy in ascending Pilot Skill with the back of their base flush with the edge order no closer than Range 3 from another player’s ship.

In Ascending Pilot Skill Order (from lowest in the squad) at the end of the End Phase players can opt to switch out their current squad for another in their stable in the closest possible position. The removed squad cannot return to play. If a player loses all the ships in their squad in a round, the following round they may deploy another squad from their stable along any edge with the back of the base flush against the edge no closer than Range 3 to any other players ships.

If a player loses all the ships from all 3 squads in their stable they’re out of the game.

Combat and Movement are resolved in regular Pilot Skill order. In case of tied Pilot Skill, Squad with fewest points has the Initiative and goes first. In case of TIE flip a coin and the winner of the coin toss will have Initiative for that squad for the duration of the game.

Winner of the tournament will have accumulated the most points over all 3 rounds.

Players do need to bring their own Pilot and Upgrade Cards, Tokens and Damage Deck. It is recommended to bring your own dice and movement templates, but players may use the other players for the sake of limiting clutter.

Store Wars X-Wing

X-Wing SW Major

The X-Wing page on StoreWars.ca has been updated and includes full standings for the circuit as is.  With only one minor tournament left (at X-Planet this Saturday) we are about to enter Majors territory, where the points get bigger and so do the stakes!  The first X-Wing Major is in just under two weeks at Black Knight Games so be sure to put it on your calendar as there is still plenty of time to earn one of the Limited Edition Store Wars Mats (which go to the top 16 players) as well as a Free spot at X-Wing Canadian Nationals right here in Hamilton, and hosted by ourselves and the other Store Wars participating stores.  Looking at the standings it might only take attending a few Majors to qualify, so grab your Tie-Fighters and some eight sided X-Wing dice and join us on August 30th for the BKG Major!

Sat, Aug 30 BKG Store Wars Major 100pts $20.00 Major Store Wars Event, Registration:


X-Wing Battle for Borlieas (Doubles Tournament)

X-Wing Tournament

This Sunday will be an X-Wing Doubles Tournament!  Find a friend and join forces to claim the skies for a rare opportunity to win some amazing prizes BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED!  The winning team will get one YT-2400 and one VT49 Decimator to split however they see fit.  These are some seriously cool minis that will not even be released for several weeks – so you can  be the first to have them!

When: Sunday, August 24th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 ($4.00 for Stronghold Members) /player

Teams: Players should register in pairs to reserve a spot, however they may show up alone in the hopes of being paired with someone else (this does not guarantee playing however).  Teams must play the same faction, with no duplicates of uniques throughout the two lists.

Force Size: 75 pts/player (Total of 150pts/team)

Prizes: The top team will win one YT-2400 and one VT49 Decimator.  Additional prizes may be added depending on attendance.


The winning team wins these well before they are released!!!