Holiday Shirt: BKG Ugly Sweater Design

Black Knight Games is getting in to the holiday spirit, and you can join us by grabbing one of these BKG Ugly Sweater style long-sleeved T-shirts!

It’s been a long time since we’ve made any of our custom T-Shirt designs available to you, our amazing customers, and we mean to change that with this shirt being the first offering going forward.

We will bring in these shirts in several sizes, but if you’d like to guarantee one for yourself you can by preordering through our PayPal button, or in person at the shop!  But, you only have until November 21st to place a preorder!


Thank you for supporting your local game store!

MTG: Ultimate Masters Preorder Special

Ultimate Masters, the ‘last planned Masters set’ is coming and it’s bringing some major reprints, and a very special promo is contained in every box.  Here are the details of the BKG Preorder Special:

Liliana of the VeilUltimate Masters Release & Box Topper:  Wizards has announced that Ultimate Masters booster boxes will have a special perk – Every box will include the ‘Ultimate Box Topper’ which includes one extremely limited promo taken from 40 of the best cards in the set.  Each box includes 24 packs of 15 cards, each pack

Booster Box Preorder Price: $459.99 (Reg $499.99) SAVE $40!

Deposit: This is a very premium item, and we recognize that it’s not cheap.  To help out we are only requiring a $150+tx deposit to reserve your item.  The difference is due on pick-up.

Pay with Hero’s Rewards: Have you been saving up those Hero’s Rewards from the events you’ve been attending?  For this item you can trade in 25 Hero’s Rewards to knock $100 off the price!  You can do this as many times as you’d like.

Check out the full announcement for the set, including the amazing list of cards that are possible Box Toppers.  Tarmogoyfs, Tutors, Lilis, and more!

40K: Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress Preorder Special

Timeless. Nigh indestructible. Immune to all natural law. The Blackstone Fortresses are one of the 41st Millennium’s most enduring mysteries – rumoured to be the Old Ones’ last and deadliest gift to the galaxy they once ruled, none can say they know the truth of their origin.

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is coming!  It is the first Warhammer Quest game to ever be set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  This game will take you through game after game of adventure, exploring the ancient and mysterious Blackstone Fortress.  It is both a stand-alone game, and an expansion for Warhammer 40,000 as all the miniatures in the game can not only be used in 40K, but the rules for them in Warhammer 40K are included!  To celebrate this release, we are offering a Preorder Special to help you get in on the action right away!

Preorder by November 21st and get:

–A guaranteed reserved copy of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress for $164.99 (SAVE $15.00)
–Additional limited run promotional items from the Launch Pack!

You’ll be able to pick up the game on release day: Black Friday, November 23rd

Check out all the details about Blackstone Fortress HERE!

MTG Guilds of Ravnica Preorder Special

The next set of MTG, Guilds of Ravnica, is coming and as we return to the most popular setting in Magic history.  There are a three great reasons that you might want to preorder a booster box, here are the details of our Special:

Impervious GreatwurmGuilds of Ravnica Release:  Wizards has announced that Guilds of Ravnica booster boxes will continue in Core 2019 and Dominaria’s shoes and have a special preorder perk – you will be able to get your boxes of Guilds of Ravnica boosters a week early during Prerelease Weekend – first come first serve.

Guilds of Ravnica Release Date: Friday, October 5th
Guilds of Ravnica Box Early-Bird Pick Up: September 29-30

Core 2019 Exclusive Buy-a-Box Card:  On top of that you will get the Standard-Legal buy-a-box promo card which will be exclusively available as a buy-a-box card – there will be no other way to get it.  The card is ‘Impervious Greatwurm‘, and it will be limited to the first 60 people who order or buy a box of Guilds of Ravnica from Black Knight Games.

Booster Box Preorder Price: $149.99 (Reg $159.99)

Pay with Hero’s Rewards: Have you been saving up those Hero’s Rewards from the events you’ve been attending?  Well you can always trade us 40 Hero’s Rewards and get a booster box for free!  So you can take advantage of this special using only Hero’s Rewards!

So get those orders for your Guilds of Ravnica booster boxes in soon to guarantee yourself one of the early boxes, with buy-a-box promo for a better price!