40K New Edition Flyer


The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is imminent, and this looks to be an incredibly exciting release! Black Knight Games is now taking preorders for everything that will be coming on relese day – and there is a lot!

We will also be having some bundles! Here are all the details:

Dark Imperium Starter Set: $189.99
40K Hardcover Rulebook: $69.99
Five Different Index Books: $29.99 each
Objective Markers: $39.99
Wound Marker Dice: $15.99

Get Dark Imperium, and any Index Book of your choice for $199.99 (SAVE $20.00!)

Get the Hardcover 40K Rulebook and any Index Book of your choice for $89.99 (SAVE $10.00!)


————————————-MEANWHILE AT BKG HEADQUARTERS————————————-

–Mike: “Wait…a Hero’s Reward?…We haven’t made that announcement yet…”

–Tim: “Yeah, as far as they know that’s just a Magic: the Gathering thing…”

–Jay: “…Well…uh…YOLO!”

BKG Featured on Geek & Sundry!


Black Knight Games has been featured on Geek & Sundry, a well known online gaming website, that features the well known show TableTop with Wil Wheaton, as well as loads of other great stuff!

It’s an honour to have them to a story on us, especially the day before International TableTop Day – their Gamer Holiday!

You can check out the full article by Teri HERE!

BKG 10 News: Konflikt ’47 & Indie RPGs Now In-Stock!

As part of our 10 Year Celebration, we announced that we will be carrying ten new product lines for ten years in business!  We are very happy to announce two of the ten (#6 & 7) right now!:

6/10: Indie Press Revolution RPGs:

Indie RPG2Indie Press Revolution is a distributor of fringe and independent role-playing games.  They distribute interesting, and experimental RPGs with a very different feel from your standard D&D or Star Wars RPGs.

Some games like Fiasco (basically a Cohen Brothers movie script – a game where you have some crime go wrong) have become more mainstream after successes – we’ve even carried Fiasco in the shop with regularity in the past, getting it through normal distribution channels.  Both Fiasco and Dread (a horror-themed RPG where you use a Jenga tower to make skill checks, adding lots of suspense) have appeared on Wil Wheaton’s Table Top show.

Indie RPG1Black Knight Games is happy to now have an account with Indie Press Revolution, allowing us to stock some more interesting and ground-breaking RPGS.  We intend to use this account as an excuse to continue to expand our RPG section with more of the classics you know and love, more accessories, and now – some interesting fringe RPGs!

The first wave of Indie Press Revolution goodies are here including Dread and Fiasco, as well as many others.  Give a glance at the new NoteBoard item – a pretty snazzy space-saving option for your DMs in need of dry-erase space!  If you see something you want on the Indie Press Revolution website that we don’t have in stock, let us know and we can order it for you!


Konflikt 47

7/10: Konflikt ’47:

Konflikt2Konflikt ’47 is a Wierd-War II game by Warlord Games, set in the alternative-history world of post-WWII when humans are suddenly gifted with advanced not-of-this-world technology  -which they inevitably use to try and kill each other.  Take on the classic WWII adversaries of Germany, the Soviet Union, the USA, and the Commonwealth of Britain – but this time with the added twists of mechs, Tesla weapons, mutants, and zombies.

Konflikt3One major added bonus to Konflikt ’47 is that it shares a significant part of it’s range with another Warlord Games title: Bolt Action – which we just announced we are carrying as the third of our ten new product lines!  Which means if you have a Bolt Action force, you are already half-way to having a Konflict ’47 force!  This will be really cool for Bolt Action players as it means that you can very easily add a dash of crazy to your existing collection without spending a lot, or having to paint a ton.

Black Knight Games now has the core range of Konflikt ’47 in stock, along side our Bolt Action selection, which will give you plenty of options to start up this exciting game – several of the staff are already planning our armies 🙂

Along with the other items we are carrying from Warlord, you can always place a customer order if you’d like something a little more fringe, or something we are out of stock on, as we will be making regular orders with Warlord Games.


Check out more BKG News for loads of exciting announcements!  #BKG10


BKG News: Final Fantasy TCG & Offworld Designs T-Shirts Now Available!

As part of our tenth anniversary preparations Black Knight Games has announced that we will be bringing in ten brand new product lines!  Here are the fourth and fifth:

OffWorld Designs

Offworld Designs T-Shirts & Accessories

Offworld1Offworld Designs makes some great T-shirts and accessories for gamer culture featuring clever and funny designs.  In their extensive catalog they have designs for Firefly, Malifaux, Star Wars, Roleplaying, and all kinds of nerdy references.

Black Knight Games has brought in a selection of our favorites from Offworld Designs, including eight T-Shirt designs, in four sizes, two hats, some dice bags, and a fun ‘Bag of Holding’ messenger bag.

In addition to the items that we have in stock, we will be able to order and of their designs, in any style and size (sweaters, ladies Ts, etc.)  So if you see something that is on their site the speaks directly to you – we can get it for you!

Final Fantasy 2

Final Fantasy TCG

Final Fantasy1The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is set in the Final Fantasy universe, and explores the stories of many of the story lines featured in the video game.

The Finaly Fantasy TCG was released this past December in North America – but supply was brutally low.  At the time we were interested in carrying it, but we couldn’t get more than a box or two – so rather than make many people disappointed we elected to wait until their supply issues were resolved.

Final Fantasy 3That wait is over.

Black Knight Games will have stock of the new Opus II set, as well as the three current starter decks featuring the characters from Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy VII !

So for anime fans, and lovers of this storied video game series give this game a look!  It will be available in store this week.



BKG 10 News: Bolt Action Now in Stock!

Black Knight Games is thrilled to announce the third new product line that we are bringing in as part of our Year 10 Celebration: Bolt Action!

Bolt Action Logo

Bolt Action 1Bolt Action is a World War II table top miniatures game, scaled to 28mm (roughly the scale of games like Warhammer and Warmachine).  It is managed by the biggest companies in historicals: Warlord Games.  The game has loads of minis to choose from, and a ton of excellent plastic kits.

You can find out all about Bolt Action on the Warlord Games website.

We will be making regular orders with them, so if you see something you want from Bolt Action, or any of the other Warlord ranges like Black Powder, Dr Who, Pike and Shotte, and Hail Caesar, we will be able to order them in for you!

Bolt Action 2We’ve dabbled a little bit with Bolt Action in the past, but it’s been some time, so we are thrilled to be bringing in a large core range, which is officially in stock at BKG as of today!

Come on in and check out our new Bolt Action display, which includes the Band of Brothers Starer Set, Starter Sets for other armies as well, the Order Dice, and a bunch of tanks and infantry for the Soviet Union, Germany, the British, and good ol’ USA.  The Bolt Action Rulebook is also in stock – of course!

One additional feature of Bolt Action, that we think is pretty cool, is that it combines with another title from Warlod: Konflict ’47 (an alternate history Wierd War game set in post-WWII with mechs and robots) – so if you buy German Grenadiers they are usable in two games.

You: “But Jay, you don’t carry Konflict ’47!”

Jay: “Ah, well that is true…for now…”

Bolt Action 3


BKG 10 News: MTG Championships!

Playmat Champion Spring 2017

Black Knight Games will be crowning three Store Champions for Magic: the Gathering in the first ever season of our MTG Store Championships!  The top players from the following Weekly Game Nights will be designated ‘Champion’:

Wednesday Night Modern
Friday Night Magic: Standard
Friday Night Magic: Booster Draft

The Champion will be the single player with the most Match Wins over the course of the Spring Season.  In the case of a tie – the individuals will play-off for the honour.

The Champions will be rewarded with a Spring 2017 Champion playmat, that can only be earned by these three individuals – the art and exact design of that playmat will never again be used by us, so these will truly be a limited edition opportunity!

Additionally the current Store Champion for each Game Night will always have a bounty on their heads during that specific Game Night, in the same way that the previous week’s winner does!  That means that the first person to beat them each week wins a Hero’s Reward – and if nobody does they do!

The Spring Season will run from today, Wednesday April 5th to Friday June 30th.  Every one of the Game Nights within that window, including tonight’s, will count towards the overall standings – which we will post often.

Spring Playmat

The Championship Playmat for the Spring Season! – From our partners at Gamermats

For the most updated standings and details check out


BKG 10 News: Rumbleslam & Crit Success Join BKG Lineup!

As part of our 10 Year Celebration, we announced that we will be carrying ten new product lines for ten years in business!  We are very happy to announce two of the ten right now!:

Crit21/10: Crit Success Dice Rings:

Crit1Crit Success makes amazingly cool dice rings for everything from D6s to D20s, and for kinds of other fun themes like Rock Paper Scissor, and RPG Alignments!  Their dice rings come in a variety of colours, and all are durable, and extra cool.  They are the perfect accessory for the gamer in your life, and come in a variety of sizes.

They also have ‘counter rings’ that don’t spin freely, and instead interlock to stay at a certain spot.  These can be amazing for things like tracking life, or experience, or other things in your games.

crit3Black Knight Games will be bringing in the D20 selection, and 0-99 Counter Ring selection to start – their most popular two ranges, which includes a variety of sizes and colours to choose from.  We will be re-ordering from them, however, and can therefor get any style and size you may want as a special order!

All Crit Success rings will be only $29.99, and include a LIFE TIME EXCHANGE POLICY for any possible future defects!




2/10: Rumbleslam:

rumbleslam3Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner we have the newest extreme fantasy sports miniatures game: Rrrruuuummmmbblllleeeslammmm!

Rumbleslam is a mash up of Blood Bowl and the WWE.  This fast paced high action gaming as goblins jump off the turnbuckles, dark elves bounce from the ropes, and dwarfs pick up werewolves to throw out of the ring!

rumbleslam2The game has been developed by TTCombat, who make some of the amazing terrain we sell, and the minis are really great, and the game looks hilariously fun.

Black Knight Games has brought in the entire range, and it will be available for sale later this week!  That includes, the core sets, the team boxes, and all the Star Players packs!

rumbleslam1This game will make an excellent side-game, since you only need a single team of five to play.  If you like wrestling, or blood bowl, we believe that you will love this game.  And if you like both!?  Well this might be the perfect game for you!

We have a very cool 3D ring that we will be putting together, and very soon you will be able to come by the shop for a demo of the game – so drop in soon and give Rumbleslam a try!


So – There we have the first two brand new ranges coming to BKG as part of our celebration, stay tuned to BKG 10 News for another eight – and even more exciting announcements!


BKG 10 News: Ten New Product Lines

Black Knight Games is turning 10!  As mentioned in our announcement we will be using this milestone to do all kinds of fun stuff, and intend to announce all this amazing insanity over the next month or so, so here is our first big announcement:

In celebration of ten years in business, Black Knight Games is excited to announce that we will unveil ten new product lines that we will be carrying in the shop!  These lines will vary from new miniatures ranges, new supplies, and even some stuff we’ve never carried before!

What better way to celebrate ten years than to kick off the next ten with even more awesome!?!


Product Line #1: Crit Success
Product Line #2: Rumbleslam
Product Line #3: ???
Product Line #4: ???
Product Line #5: ???
Product Line #6: ???
Product Line #7: ???
Product Line #8: ???
Product Line #9: ???
Product Line #10: ???

You Can Kickstart Rising Sun Through BKG!

Yes, you read that right, you can actually Kickstart the amazing Rising Sun game by CMON, Guillotine Games, and Studio McVey through Black Knight Games!  We have officially partnered with CMON to offer our customers CMON Kickstarters right through our shop!

Why Would I Do That?

If you are interested in the Rising Sun game, you can Kickstart it now.  However, by pledging through Black Knight Games instead you get several benefits:

  1. You don’t need to pay shipping!  Normally you would need to pay a separate shipping fee when the item ships, this can often be as much as $50+ Canadian!  Pledging through us means you don’t pay that, nor do you need to remember to check your email to make the payment – or risk missing out!
  2. Support your FLGS!  One hang up for many people when using Kickstarter is that you are bypassing your Friendly Local Game Store.  By cutting out the FLGSs you aren’t doing anything to keep their doors open to you and the other members of the local gaming community.  But, through this Kickstarter you DO support your FLGS – AND – you support the game you are excited about!
  3. Get the game early, just like if you had Kickstarted it on your own!
  4. Get any of the add-ons you want, just like if you had Kickstarted it on your own!
  5. Gain the flexibility of making a pledge, changes to a pledge, or additions up to a month after the Kickstarter!  As a partner store we are able to modify our order as long as their pledge manager remains open, so pledging with us allows you all kinds of flexibility – even the ability to pledge late!
  6. Do it all for no added cost!  Our agreement with CMON requires us to sell you all pledges and add-ons at exactly the same price as the Kickstarter.  So, you will pay $100 USD (based on that days exchange rate) for any Daimyo Pledge, and the equivalent for any add-ons!

How Do I Pledge?

Simply come in to BKG, or give us a call, and we will sell you the pledge just like any customer order!

But, I Already Pledged Online – I Didn’t Know This Was An Option!

Kickstarter allows you to cancel Pledges before the cut off date, and CMON is really good about that kind of thing too.  Simply cancel and re-pledge with us!  Either way they’re getting the sale, and this way you gain all the above benefits!  If it’s after the cut off you can message them, explain you want to pledge with a participating partner retailer, and they shouldn’t have an issue with cancelling the pledge.

So get this amazing game, and help out your FLGS in the process!

Check Out the Rising Sun Kickstarter HERE

10 Years, and We’re Just Getting Started!

Black Knight Games is turning 10! In preparation for our 10th anniversary in business we will be going to be making a series of very exciting announcements over the course of the next month.

Basically we are using our 10th anniversary as an excuse to do all kinds of awesome things, so stay tuned for an abundance of news pouring out of your Friendly Local Game Store!

Announcement #1: Ten New Product Lines for 10 Years!