Rumbleslam Rumblemania I

Put on your spandex, and adopt your best boastful growly voice because Rumblemania is coming Brotherrrr!!!

When: Saturday, November 4th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $8.00 // or 2 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members get: 1 Hero’s Reward for participating

Format: Rumblemania is the premier Pay Per View event of the Rumbleslam Crackdown League, and this one is special as it will issue the first ever title belts, including crowning our first World Champion of the World!  Rumblemania will have three rounds on the card:

Round 1: Exhibition – Everyone is paired randomly and play a game of exhibition for the Crackdown League.  Each player that plays in this round will earn a bonus point towards the league (in addition to the points acquired for the game itself).  The game format is decided by the players together, if they can’t agree they will use the World Champion of the World format.

Round 2: Royal Rumbleslam – Everyone plays in a multi-player royal rumble – a special format for up to four players.  Players bring a team worth 1,000,000 Dosh, limit one ‘Tag Team’ and they play a four-player game using the Tag Team rules.  The order in which players are eliminated decides the title matches they will fight for.

Round 3: Title Matches – The winners of Round 2 pick first, followed by the second place players etc, performance in Round 1 breaks ties.  The players pick from a selection of title matches determined by the event organizers, but everyone will be fighting for a title of some sort.  The World Champion of the World will be one of the titles up for grabs, and the others will be determined by overall attendance (1 Title per 2 players will be up for grabs).  Participants play games using the format rules for the Title they are going for.  The winners of these rounds will be our first title holders, who may then be challenged by players who spend enough Star Points in the Crackdown League in the future!

Prizes: In addition to the possible pride of becoming a title holder, players will have an opportunity to win a door prize or two.  We will pick some good Rumbleslam stuff to give away, and each player will get a ballot for each round they play, and for each victory they earn.

So join us for Rumblemania I Brotherrrrr!  Or you’ll be sorry – OH YEAH!

Rumbleslam Crackdown League

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Please direct your attention to the center ring, as we are about to begin our first match of the night!

The Rumbleslam Crackdown League is an ongoing league for Rumbleslam, the game of fantasy wrestling!  The league can be joined at any point, and is punctuated by the occasional big ‘Rumblemania’ event!


Participants register for the league, including a team name for their crew, registration in the league is FREE.  Participants can play exhibition matches any time they would like, with anyone else in the league, earning them a number of Star Points.  Once a participant has earned enough Star Points they can register a ‘Challenge’ for one of the title belts, forcing the current Champion to fight them for the title!  Occasionally we will host a ‘Rumblemania’ event, which will be a big one day event where all the belts will be up for grabs!

Playing Exhibition Matches:  Participants may play any number of exhibition matches (max 2 per day) against anyone else they wish.  Players agree on which Format they will play (described below).  Players get 1 Star Point for losing the match, 2 for a Draw, and 3 for a Victory.  Players also have the chance to get a bonus Star Point each match, based on which match format they play.

Challenging for the Title:  Each Format has a Champion, which is the participant that currently holds the title belt.  These Champions can be challenged.  To do so any participant may spend a number of points to register an official Challenge against the current Champion.  These challenges must be met.  If the challenger wins, we have a new Champion!  If the Champion defends their belt, they earn half the number of points the challenger used – either way the challenger loses the points used to issue the challenge.

Scheduling and Playing Games: It is recommended for each participant to join the BK Rumbleslam Facebook Group (HERE) as much of the league will be tracked and recorded there, and it will facilitate scheduling exhibition and title matches.


Rumblemania is the premier event in the Rumbleslam Crackdown League.  It is a special one day event, in which all the titles are put on the line!  Each Rumblemania will be a little different, but they will typically involve three rounds of play: an Exhibition round where everyone plays matches for bonus Star Points, a Royal Rumbleslam round where multiple players fight together in one match.  The results of the Royal Rumbleslam determines who gets to challenge for the various belts.  Finally there is a Title round, where many of the current titles, including the World Championship of the World, will be fought for!  Pay attention to the calendar for the next Rumblemania event!

For a full list of the Rumbleslam Crackdown League Formats, click HERE