Gloomhaven Preorder Special

Gloomhaven is perhaps the most highly anticipated game restock we have ever seen.  It is a dungeon crawl legacy game, which is a description that doesn’t do it justice.  Gloomhaven had a successful Kickstarter, and saw very minor stocking in stores before the hype completely exploded, overwhelming the new publisher’s ability to keep up.  A new much larger printing has been in the works for the better part of a year, and now – Finally – we will have a true restock of this exceptional game at BKG, and stores worldwide.

Gloomhaven is currently rated #1 ALL TIME on, and if you ask anyone that’s played they will tell you why – at length, I promise you.

So celebrate the best game ever joining our shelves in earnest, we will be taking preorders at a special price.  It’s time to get this game in to the hands of as many people as possible!

Release Date: Friday, January 19th

Price: $179.99
Preorder Price: $159.99

Preorder Deadline: Monday, January 15th


Necromunda Preorder Special

Necromunda, the game of hive city gang warfare, and a long-time fan-favorite, is back for the first time in over a decade!

The new edition, Necromunda Underhive, is imminent, and we have the best way for you to get yours: the BKG Necromunda Preorder Special!


The Necromunda Underhive core set (which includes 2 gangs, the tile set, two sets of terrain, and all the stuff you need to play like dice and templates!), the Gang War book (which includes the rules for campaigns, and multi-level fighting – probably the most popular things about Necromunda), a Gang Card Set of your choice,

Pre-order Special: When you pre-order the special, you will also get a limited edition Gang Range Ruler, a set of Promo Cards, a free Hero’s Reward , and two ballots for our monthly Gift Card draw!  Additionally the first ten pre-orders will get a Necromunda poster!  –  All for a better price!

Canadian MSRP: $203.00 (Set $150, Gang War $35, Card Card Set $35)
Pre-Order Special Price: $184.99
You Save: $18.00 and get a bunch of great promo items!

Pre-order Deadline: You can get this special price on any preorder placed by Tuesday, November 21st

Stronghold Points: In addition to saving lots of money on the sale price, the promos, the Hero Reward, and the ballots, you will – as always – collect Stronghold Points on this sale – which will earn you even more discounts!  If you are a member that’s 925 points – which is almost a further $10 in discount!

MTG Iconic Masters Preorder Special

Iconic Masters is the next exciting premium reprint set from Magic: the Gathering, with some truly excellent staples being included in the set.

Included: Every box of Iconic Masters contains 24 booster packs—each with fifteen randomly inserted game cards, including one premium foil card in every pack. Get your friends together to embark on one of the most iconic and power-packed Draft experiences yet!

Pre-order Special: When you pre-order a booster box of Iconic Masters by the preorder deadline, you will get a better price, a free Hero’s Reward, and a pair of ballots for our monthly Gift Card draw!

Iconic Masters Canadian MSRP: $309.99
Pre-Order Special Price: $249.99
You Save: $60.00!

Pre-order Deadline: You can get this special price on any preorder placed by Monday, November 13th

Stronghold Points: In addition to saving lots of money on the sale price, the Hero Reward, and the ballots, you will – as always – collect Stronghold Points on this sale – which will earn you even more discounts!  If you are a member that’s 1250 points – which is a further $10+ Discount!

So pre-order you box today, and save in three ways!

L5R Imperial Cycle Subscription

The first Cycle in the new Legend of the Five Rings LCG is coming in hot!  Usually the packs in a cycle come out one a month, but to help get L5R to a decent card-base FFG announced that they will be releasing all six packs in the cycle over a six week span!  As always with LCGs the best way to make sure you get everything you want is to preorder the entire cycle with one of our Cycle Subscriptions!

Legend of the Five Rings Imperial Cycle

Change is coming to the Emerald Empire, as the Great Clans jockey for position in the Emperor’s courts and on the field of battle. From the opium dens in the City of Lies, to the Wall that still stands strong against the Shadowlands, to the High House of Light in the northern mountains, there are stories being told across all Rokugan—and in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, you have the chance to play a role in that story unfolding.

The Imperial Cycle will be comprised of 6 Dynasty Packs, starting with Tears of Amaterasu, with one release each week!  Buy the Imperial Cycle Subscription and guarantee yourself a copy of each dynasty pack on release day.  By subscribing to the cycle you will also get 2 Hero’s Rewards (which can be redeemed for a free event, or many other reward options), and you will save $22 off our regular price as well!

The Imperial Dynasty Pack Cycle Subscription: $109.99

LCG Cycle Subscriptions: GoT & Netrunner

The next wave of Cycles is here for Game of Thrones & Netrunner!  Black Knight Games is happy to announce a great option for making sure you are kept up to date on these monthly releases: Cycle Subscriptions!

Game of Thrones: Flight of Crows Cycle

As the name implies, the Flight of Crows cycle broadly follows the key events of A Feast for Crows, drawing on key characters and events from the fourth book in A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Flight of Crows Cycle will be comprised of 6 Chapter Packs, starting with The Archmaester’s Key, with one release a month.  Buy the Flight of Crows Cycle Subscription and guarantee yourself a copy of each chapter pack on release day (the new release system has changed, and will make certain that releases are always on time).  By subscribing to the cycle you will also get 2 Hero’s Rewards (which can be redeemed for a free event, or many other reward options), and you will save $22 off our regular price as well!

The Flight of Crows Chapter Pack Cycle Subscription: $109.99

Netrunner: Kitara Cycle

The Kitara Cycle will be comprised of 6 Data Packs, starting with Sovereign Sight, with one release a month.  Buy the Kitara Cycle Cycle Subscription and guarantee yourself a copy of each data pack on release day.  By subscribing to the cycle you will also get 2 Hero’s Rewards (which can be redeemed for a free event, or many other reward options), aand you will save $22 off our regular price as well!

Kitara Cycle Data Pack Cycle Subscription: $109.99

BKG10 News: Pirate Labs Added to New Ranges

Our Anniversary Party may have passed, but we aren’t done celebrating out 10th just yet.  We still have a few new product line announcements to make, and one major announcement coming.  Here are two of the final three new product line announcements for our 10 New Lines for 10 Years:

Pirate Lab2

Pirate Lab3We met the folks at Pirate Labs while at GAMA in Las Vegas, and their collectible card game accessories really impressed us.  I really fell in love with their ‘Slice’ deck cases, as well as some of their upcoming deck boxes that we should have soon.

Pirate Labs also has inexpensive Deck Cases for 120 Cards and 80 Cards.

Pirate Lab1One of their specialties is nice carrying cases to hold many decks.  They have backpacks, messenger bags, which we may bring in next time.  The cases we decided to try out in our first order are their ‘Small Case’ that will hold a handful of decks, and have space for things like tokens and dice as well.

Our initial order is en route already, so come by in a week or so when it gets here and check them out!



Warlord Games makes two large ranges that we have already brought in as part of our 10 Product Lines for 10 Years: Bolt Action, and Konflikt ’47.

We have also brought in a nice selection of Warlord’s real specialty: Historicals.

Warlord Games distributes rules and miniatures from all eras of military history, from the Ancient Greeks to modern times.  They also distribute the miniatures of some other smaller historicals companies, including the popular Perry Brothers Miniatures.

We have brought in books and minis from the most popular settings, including Ancients (Romans & Greeks), Pike & Shotte, Black Poweder (including US Civil War, and Napoleonics), and the already mentioned Bolt Action (WWII).

The range is truly immense though, so if there is something you wish to have that isn’t already on our shelves, let us know.  From this point forward we will be making very regular orders from Warlord directly, so we should be able to accommodate any customer orders. in good time!

Warlord 2

BKG Kickstarters Update

Black Knight Games has partnered with Cool Mini Or Not to bring all their big Kickstarter projects to you right through your FLGS!  Here is an update on some of those projects:




Rising Sun was the first CMON Kickstarter that we have partnered with.  Many of you have pledged through us already, but it’s not too late to do so.  The Rising Sun Pledge Manager closes on Friday, July 7th, which means that anyone wishing to pledge, or to modify their pledge, must do so by the end of Wednesday, July 5th to give us time to process the pledges!

This Kickstarter looks like a huge success, and its an incredible deal – definitely give our original post a look to see why it’s awesome to pledge through us!


Zombicide: Green Horde is an exciting major expansion to the Zombicide: Black Plague game.  It is stand alone, but can also be mixed with the original.  The Kickstarter has ended for it, but the Pledge Manager hasn’t even opened yet, so there is still plenty of time to pledge through us, or to modify your pledge through us!

Give our original post on Zombicide Green Horde a look, and find out why it would be a great addition to your collection, and why pledging through BKG is the best way to get it!


UPDATE: This KS is now live!  Check out our page for all the details!

The next Kickstarter by CMON will be a VERY big one.  The Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game looks to be a juggernaut, as it has been growing in hype since GAMA.  You can be sure that loads of stretch goals will be unlocked on this one, so it’s going to be a phoenominal deal (especially if you pledge through us and save yourself that shipping!).   So keep your eyes out for that one- expected this summer, and remember to pledge through BKG to save shipping, and support your Friendly Local Game Store!

Kickstart Zombicide: Green Horde Through BKG!

CMON continues with their retailer partnership when it comes to Kickstarters, and we are very pleased to once again partner with CMON to bring you Zombicide: Green Horde!

Why Would I Do That?

Zombicide: Green Horde continues on Zombicide: Black Plague, and is a stand-alone set that can also be mixed with other Black Plague releases.  If you are interested in this exciting release, you can Kickstart it now.  However, by pledging through Black Knight Games instead you get several benefits:

  1. You don’t need to pay shipping!  Normally you would need to pay a separate shipping fee when the item ships, this can often be as much as $50+ Canadian!  Pledging through us means you don’t pay that, nor do you need to remember to check your email to make the payment – or risk missing out!
  2. Support your FLGS!  One hang up for many people when using Kickstarter is that you are bypassing your Friendly Local Game Store.  By cutting out the FLGSs you aren’t doing anything to keep their doors open to you and the other members of the local gaming community.  But, through this Kickstarter you DO support your FLGS – AND – you support the game you are excited about!
  3. Get the game early, just like if you had Kickstarted it on your own!
  4. Get any of the add-ons you want, just like if you had Kickstarted it on your own!
  5. Gain the flexibility of making a pledge, changes to a pledge, or additions up to a month after the Kickstarter!  As a partner store we are able to modify our order as long as their pledge manager remains open, so pledging with us allows you all kinds of flexibility – even the ability to pledge late!
  6. Do it all for no added cost!  Our agreement with CMON requires us to sell you all pledges and add-ons at exactly the same price as the Kickstarter.  So, you will pay $120 USD (based on that days exchange rate) for any ‘Horde Pledge’, and the equivalent for any add-ons!

How Do I Pledge?

Simply come in to BKG, or give us a call, and we will sell you the pledge just like any customer order!

But, I Already Pledged Online – I Didn’t Know This Was An Option!

Kickstarter allows you to cancel Pledges before the cut off date, and CMON is really good about that kind of thing too.  Simply cancel and re-pledge with us!  Either way they’re getting the sale, and this way you gain all the above benefits!  If it’s after the cut off you can message them, explain you want to pledge with a participating partner retailer, and they shouldn’t have an issue with cancelling the pledge.

So get this amazing game, and help out your FLGS in the process!

Check Out the Rising Sun Kickstarter HERE


40K New Edition Flyer


The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is imminent, and this looks to be an incredibly exciting release! Black Knight Games is now taking preorders for everything that will be coming on relese day – and there is a lot!

We will also be having some bundles! Here are all the details:

Dark Imperium Starter Set: $189.99
40K Hardcover Rulebook: $69.99
Five Different Index Books: $29.99 each
Objective Markers: $39.99
Wound Marker Dice: $15.99

Get Dark Imperium, and any Index Book of your choice for $199.99 (SAVE $20.00!)

Get the Hardcover 40K Rulebook and any Index Book of your choice for $89.99 (SAVE $10.00!)


————————————-MEANWHILE AT BKG HEADQUARTERS————————————-

–Mike: “Wait…a Hero’s Reward?…We haven’t made that announcement yet…”

–Tim: “Yeah, as far as they know that’s just a Magic: the Gathering thing…”

–Jay: “…Well…uh…YOLO!”

BKG News: Final Fantasy TCG & Offworld Designs T-Shirts Now Available!

As part of our tenth anniversary preparations Black Knight Games has announced that we will be bringing in ten brand new product lines!  Here are the fourth and fifth:

OffWorld Designs

Offworld Designs T-Shirts & Accessories

Offworld1Offworld Designs makes some great T-shirts and accessories for gamer culture featuring clever and funny designs.  In their extensive catalog they have designs for Firefly, Malifaux, Star Wars, Roleplaying, and all kinds of nerdy references.

Black Knight Games has brought in a selection of our favorites from Offworld Designs, including eight T-Shirt designs, in four sizes, two hats, some dice bags, and a fun ‘Bag of Holding’ messenger bag.

In addition to the items that we have in stock, we will be able to order and of their designs, in any style and size (sweaters, ladies Ts, etc.)  So if you see something that is on their site the speaks directly to you – we can get it for you!

Final Fantasy 2

Final Fantasy TCG

Final Fantasy1The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is set in the Final Fantasy universe, and explores the stories of many of the story lines featured in the video game.

The Finaly Fantasy TCG was released this past December in North America – but supply was brutally low.  At the time we were interested in carrying it, but we couldn’t get more than a box or two – so rather than make many people disappointed we elected to wait until their supply issues were resolved.

Final Fantasy 3That wait is over.

Black Knight Games will have stock of the new Opus II set, as well as the three current starter decks featuring the characters from Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy VII !

So for anime fans, and lovers of this storied video game series give this game a look!  It will be available in store this week.