Infinity Tournament this Saturday

INF Tournament 2

This Saturday we’ve got an Infinity Spec Ops tournament!  Check out all the details:

When: Saturday, September 13th, 12:00pm (registration 11:30am)

Force Size: 300pts Standard

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

Prizes: We’ve got an ITS kit and other cool prizes from GenCon to select from


Beacon Race

Infinity: Operation Ice Storm

Infinity lrgThe new starter set for Infinity is still weeks away, but you don’t have to wait until then to check it out!  One of the items we grabbed at GenCon was our own copy of Operation Ice Storm, and we’ve got it right here for you to look at and touch.  Want to try the game out?  Just grab one of the knowledgeable Infinity players we’ve got in the shop and play a quick demo match.  The set comes with two factions and some great ready to use scenery, and is available for pre-order now for $144.99.


Infinity Tournament this Saturday

INF Tournament

This Saturday we will be running an Infinity ITS Tournament.  It will be a great opportunity for all of those planning on participating in the Call to Arms & League to get some games in and test their metal against some established players!  Here are the details:

Sat, Aug 16 ITS Standard 300pts Standard $10.00/*$8.00 Scenarios:
Seize the Antennae
Emergency Transmission

3 Rounds,*StrongholdMembers



Don’t forget to join our Infinity Call to Arms as well – the absolute best way of starting a new force in Infinity!

Infinity: Call to Arms & ITS League

INF - Call to Arms 2013

Greetings everyone! Justin here, letting everyone know about the next Call to Arms event coming up in early August! The INFINITY CALL TO ARMS

What is the Call to Arms?
The Call to Arms is an event that is held at Black Knight Games, where people build, paint and participate in events within a specific time frame! Players are given 8 weeks to collect and paint a 300 point Infinity army!

How do I join?
Entrance is $70. Immediately after registering, you get $70 in store credit to spend on Infinity models or hobby supplies you may need for the challenge! For each person that joins, Black Knight Games will add $15 in store credit to the prize pool.

How do I win?
Show me a legal, fully painted and based 300 point list and attend two events. Once those are completed you will be given your share of the prize pool when the event finishes!

Is there more?
You are also automatically entered in to an ITS escalation league that’s for Call to Arms participants only! So on top of winning some credit for painting your army, you can also win some cool prizes by coming out on top of the league!

Can I use minis I already own?
Yes! You just need to show me that the models were not painted before the Call to Arms. Primed models are allowed.

The event will kick off August 12th, and Ends September 30th!

Infinity: Spec Ops Tournament

INF Tournament 2

This coming Saturday we will be running an Infinity Spec Ops tournament.  We’ve got some new tournaments kits, so be sure to join in for a crack at some great prizes!  Also please note that the start time for the tournament is incorrect on the Calendar, it will begin at 12:00pm as indicated below.

Sat, Jul 19 Spec Ops 400pts Spec Ops $10.00/*$8.00 Spec Ops: 12 ExperienceScenarios:
Antennae Field
Quadrant Control

3 Rounds,*Stronghold Members

12pm – 5pm

Infinity lrg


We have added Infinity to our Calendars on Tuesday nights.  So be sure to show up for pick-up games as we attempt to grow our Infinity gaming community.  Eventually we will also run leagues and campaigns on Infinity Game Night from time to time.  So join us this Tuesday at 6:00pm!


Infinity: Spec Ops Tournament

INF Tournament 2

This month we will be hosting another Infinity tournament, this time with a Spec-Ops theme.  Here are the details:

When: Sunday, March 16th, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: 300pts, Forces must include a Spec-Ops model

Rounds: Three

Scenario 1: Beacon Race
Scenario 2: Quadrant Control
Scenario 3: Supplies

Prizes: We will be using an Infinity Tournament kit for prizes, as well as supplementing additional store credit depending on attendance

Tabletop Day!

Tabletop Day 2014


April 5th is International Tabletop Day, the world-wide gaming holiday!  Last year was the first ever Tabletop Day, and it was a huge success at BKG.  This year will be even better, so you had better believe that Black Knight Games has you covered:

When: Saturday, April 5th, 10:00am – 10:00pm

Entry Fee: No Way!

Bring: All the gaming stuff you can!  Minis for a game of Warmachine, Board Games, RPGs, your latest Commander deck, it’s up to you!

We Reward You For Gaming: At Tabletop Day not only will you get a FREE chance to play as many games as you want around here, but we’ll actually reward you for it!  For every unique game you play on Tabletop Day you will get one point towards all sorts of great prizes, game expansions, and other goodies.  Last year there was a huge variety of great goodies to get including copies of The Resistance, expansions for Munchkin, Gloom, Catan, 7 Wonders, Buttons, and dozens of others.  This year is shaping up to be even better!!!

Demonstrate Your Favs: International Tabletop Day will be the perfect opportunity to teach new players your favorite games because everyone will be looking for new games to try.  So bring a demo set of your miniature or collectible game, or show off that hidden gem of a board game that you wish you could play more!

So whether you are a wargamer, roleplayer, board gamer or prefer CCGs International Tabletop Day is coming, you you’re going to love it!


February Events

Welcome to February!  This month is exciting because we have now extended our Sunday hours from 12pm-5pm, and we are now open 11:00am – 7:00pm every Sunday!  This allows us to run major events on both Saturdays and Sunday!  This month in addition to the recent Magic Pre-Releases we’ve got all kinds of great events.  We are beginning game nights for painters and X-Wing enthusiasts. And, of course, many tournaments including those for Magic, Infinity, Warhammer (40K and Fantasy), and High Command.  Looking for a longer gaming experience?  We’ve got league play for Warhammer, Warmachine, Flames of War, Blood Bowl, Dungeons & Dragons, and we have a Warhammer 40K Call to Arms in the works that you can still register for.  Basically we’ve got your gaming fix covered this month!

Happy Gaming!

Special Events in February

Demo Day 2013 sm Battletech Demos & Battles
Sunday, February 9th, 10am
We’ve got two special scenarios of Battletech ready for beginners and veterans alike.  So grab a mech or borrow one, and arm them!
Demo Day 2013 sm X-Wing Game Nights Begin!
Tuesday Evening Game Nights at 6pm
We are starting X-Wing game nights every Tuesday!  So bring in your rebel scum, or Imperial baddies and fight among the stars!
Painting Night Begins
Friday Evenings at 6pm
Beginning on February 7th we will begin holding Painting Nights every Friday!  Join a group of gamers and bring some minis to paint!  It’s always more fun painting in a group!

Tournaments in February

Sat, Feb 15 Steamroller 2014 50pts $20.00/*$16.00 4 Rounds, 2014 Steamroller Rules, Price includes Pizza & Drinks, 2nd List Optional, *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm
High Command Tournament
Warmachine & Hordes High Command Game
Entry Fee: $6/$5 for Stronghold Members
Sunday, February 23rd, 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Prizes include special promo Warcaster Cards that are only available at Kingmaker Tournaments!

Sat, Feb 22 Valentine’s Day Massacre 2000pts $20.00/*$16.00 3 Rounds, Price includes Pizza & Drinks, *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

Sat, Feb 8 Doubles Tournament 1500pts / Player $20.00/*$16.00 3 Rounds, Teams of Two, Price includes Pizza & Drinks,*Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

Sun, Feb 16 ITS Tournament 400pts Standard $10.00/*$8.00 3 Rounds,*Stronghold MembersRound 1: Frontline
Round 2: Annihilation (Top-Tier)
Round 3: Antennae Field
12pm – 7pm

Commander Tournament
Commander/EDH Tournament
Entry Fee: $6/$5 for Stronghold Members
Monday, February 10th, 5:30pm – 9:00pm
DCI Sanctioned, Commander Format, 1 on 1 games
Sat, Mar 1 Born of the Gods Game Day Standard $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, All participants get a BKG ‘Hero Reward’ card which can be used towards several great prizes, as well as a special edition Game Day card, Top 8 Get a full-art limited edition Game Day card,*Stronghold Members 12:00 – 5:00pm

Wed, Feb 5 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Feb 12 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Feb 19 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Feb 26 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Mar 5 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm

Fri, Feb 7 Friday Night Magic Booster Draft $15.00/*$12.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, Price includes 3 Booster Packs, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Feb 14 Friday Night Magic Standard $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Feb 21 Friday Night Magic Booster Draft $15.00/*$12.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, Price includes 3 Booster Packs, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Feb 28 Friday Night Magic Standard $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm

Sat, Feb 22 The Dragon Major 50pts $20.00 Major Store Wars Event, Event held at The Dragon in Guelph. 10:30am

Leagues & Campaigns in February

Warhammer 40K Call to Arms
Call to Arms Army Building League
Deadline: March 16th
Call to Arms is the best way to start an army!  Get a deal, and compete with others to complete your army be the deadline!
Feb 8th Event: 7pm – Small Skirmishes
Feb 16th Event: 12pm – Hero Battle Royal
Feb 23rd Event: 12pm – Elite Painter Contest
Triumph, Treachery & Tomb Kings
Warhammer League
Wednesday Evenings, 6pm
A new Warhammer league begins on February 5th!  Grab your troops and form your plans as you battle for glory!
The Hinge of Fate
Flames of War League
January 6th – February 17
Escalation League, Each league is 2 weeks long.
Week 1: Mid-War, 1100pts
Week 2: Mid-Late War, 1250pts
Week 3: Mid-Late War, 1500pts
BKBBL Season 4
Blood Bowl League
Scheduled Play
Registration is now closed, but fear not for our Exhibition Play has begun once more!  Ask staff for details.
Legacy of the Crystal Shard
Dungeons & Dragons Encounters
Wednesday Evenings, 6:00pm
Baldur’s Gate is finished, so prepare yourself for the next adventure: Legacy of the Crystal Shard!
Knights of the Realm: Flames of War
Knights of the Realm Season
Ends May 19th
Knights of the Realm is a season of gaming linking tournaments, leagues, and events over the course of several months.  Players earn pts for events, and in the end the top players play off in a championship round!
Journeyman League
Warmachine & Hordes League
Thursdays, Beginning Jan 12th
Escalation League
Feb 6-12: 25pts (same caster)
Feb 13-19: 35pts (same caster)
Feb 20-26: 35pts (any caster)
Feb 27 Finale: 50pts (any caster)


Infinity Tournament: August 24th

 Infinity lrg

When: Sat, August 24th, 11am – 7pm.

Game Size: Games will be played using 300 point armies with correct Special Weapons Costs.

Entry Fee: $20 per person ($16 for stronghold members) buys you entry to the event, two pop, and a pizza lunch supplied between rounds.  Quite a good deal, when you think about it.

Prizes:  Because the event uses the Infinity Tournament System (ITS) all participating players will receive ranks and points based on performance.  We will also be awarding prizes from an Infinity tournament kit, supplemented by store credit based on attendance.

And don’t forget that we have an Infinity Call To Arms ongoing.  If you want to bring out a force you’re still painting, here’s your chance!

Call to Arms: Infinity

INF - Call to Arms 2013

If you haven’t tried Infinity yet, you should!  Infinity is a tactical miniatures game set in a high-tech sci-fi universe.  The game is quickly gaining traction at the store, and is probably the fastest growing game at Black Knight Games.  We are working on a great premium city table to play it on, and we are offering a great opportunity to get started with Infinity: a Call to Arms army-building league!  Typical forces are only about 5-10 models, so painting that up in the deadline should be a cinch.  The other great thing about Call to Arms is that is gives you a chance each week to meet up with the other participants to assemble, paint, and play together.  This is great for building a community of gamers – so expect to see Infinity flourishing at BKG in the months to come!  Join Now!

sm BK Painting Mini

When: Call to Arms: Infinity 2013 begins on Monday, August 12th – but you can sign up now!

Entry Fee: $65.00

Deadline: Sunday, September 15th, 12:00pm

You Get: $75.00 worth of miniatures for the army.  You can put this credit towards anything that helps you get the army finished, including paint, tools, flock, etc.  Just by signing up you get a deal!

Victory Conditions: It is the goal of all participants to complete a 300 point Infinity force from scratch.  If the force is completed by the deadline they will be eligible for a cut of the Victory Pool prize!  Participants must also attend a minimum of two Call to Arms Events during that time.  There will be at least one Call to Arms event each week.

Victory Pool: Black Knight Games will put $5 in Store Credit per participant in to a Victory Pool.  This pool will be split among the participants that complete the victory conditions by the deadline.


Armies:  Armies must be a legal 300 point Infinity force.  The miniatures used for the force may be new (either from your entry fee start-up, or bought separately) or they may be miniatures you already have.  If you wish to use miniatures you already owned before the Call to Arms began you must show the BKG staff that they are not yet painted (either in person or send us a picture).

Call to Arms Events: Each week we will run Call to Arms events (often on Sunday, but not always).  These will be a mix of things from painting-groups, to gaming, to special scenarios.  Each participant must attend at least two Call to Arms events before the deadline to satisfy the victory conditions.  The Call to Arms events will give you a great opportunity to meet, play, and paint with other gamers at BKG that are working on Warhammer armies too.  Together we will motivate each other to get these armies done!


PanoceaniaEngineersHoloEvent 1: Kick it off Right

When: Sunday, August 18th, 12:00 – 5:00pm

Open to: All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details: Join Justin & Shayne by bringing some minis to assemble and/or paint.  Get to know your competition and share your plans for the force.

Event 2: Squad Leader

When: Thursday, August 22nd, 5:30 – 9:00pm

Open to: All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details: Bring in no more than 100 points from your army list to participate in a big mega-battle!  The last team standing wins a $10 BKG Credit!

BK Rolling Dice

Event 3: Skirmish

When: Tuesday, August 27th

Open to: All, not just participants of Call to Army, August 27th, 5:30 – 9:00pm

Details: Bring your assembled 300 point force to participate in a series of 1 on 1 games.


Event 4: Wet Paint

When: Sunday, September 1st, 12:00 – 5:00pm

Open to: Participants of Call to Arms only

Details: Bring one  unpainted miniature from your force to paint up.  At the end of the day the nicest freshly painted miniature (as voted by the staff) will win a $10 BKG credit!

Event 5: Skirmish II 

When: Wednesday, September 11th, 5:30 – 9:00pm

Open to: All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details: Bring your assembled 300 point force to participate in a series of 1 on 1 games.

sm BK Jumping HappyEvent 6: Finale & Deadline Gaming

When: Sunday, September 15th, 12:00 – 5:00pm

Open to: Participants of Call to Arms only

Details: Bring in your fully painted 300 point Infinity force and gloat to those around you!  We will be playing some games and maybe even a tournament if enough of you finish!  Victors split the Victory Pool!