Infinity ITS Tournament

When: Saturday, October 6th, Registration starts at 10:30am, games start at 11:00am

Entry fee: $20 (includes pizza lunch)

Format: Mid-Tier (300pts) Tournament

Prizes: Store credit; also, special prize for kills with Medium Infantry and Aerial Deployment models (see below)

-Engineering Deck
-Power Pack
-The Armory

(NOTE: The missions listed on the ITS site are incorrect– I’m waiting for CB to correct them)

-Soldiers of Fortune **ARE** allowed (see details on page 10 of the Season 9 ITS document)
-Spec Ops **ARE NOT** allowed

-Store credit prizes based on number of participants
-Extremely Medium: To celebrate the new Season 10 buffs to Medium Infantry, players are encouraged to track the following: (1) Models that they kill using a Medium Infantry model that is standing on the opponent’s half of the board, and (2) Models that they kill using an Aerial Deployment model (any level) that is standing in the opponent’s deployment zone. At the end of the day, the person who collected the most most heads in those two ways will receive a bonus mercenary prize of… jeez, are there even any merc MI other than Druze? If there aren’t, then I guess the prize is a box of Druze. I’ll figure this out by game day. 😛

Be sure to register on the ITS site at this link:

All players are responsible for bringing their own models, dice, tokens, measuring devices, classified decks, and printed army lists.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The classified deck has changed this season, but it’s possible that the new Season 10 classified decks may not be released by October 6th. Just to be safe, Spud will provide a classified objective table for players to roll on instead of using cards.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on October 6th! 🙂

Blood Bowl: Blingtoof Gitbash

Get your face-kickin’ shoes on – it’s time for the Gitbash!

When: Saturday, November 17, 10:00am.  Sunday will be the final rounds.

10:00 AM – Registration
10:30 AM – Game 1
12:30 PM – Lunch Break
1:00 PM – Game 2 
3:15 PM – Game 3
5:30 PM – Game 4
7:45 PM – Awards & Closing Ceremony

Please post on the Facebook page, or register in store:

All registration is being done through Black Knight’s till. You can register ahead of time by calling them at 905-296-3401 with your credit card number of, if you’re local, going there in person. Coaches that send me their roster by Wednesday August 17th will have their rosters printed for them and receive a Dirty Trick card that can be used once (i.e. once in the whole tournament, not every game).

– Tournament Champion (best record)
– Best Fouler (per “Kikkum Inna Beenz” rules below)
– Most TDs
– Most Casualties
– Best Sport
– Wooden Spoon
-Stunty Cup

– 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss

TIE BREAKERS (in order)
– Net TDs
– Net CAS
– Total TDs
– Total CAS
– Fouling Points
Best Painted


The term “Goblin Player” refers to a player with the title “Goblin”, “Underworld Goblin”, or “Goblin Renegade.”
Coaches will create a 1100 TV team using the LRB6, DZ 1 DZ 2 and the Almac rules Teams may purchase a star player but they must have the minimum 11 players. Teams may add the following,
All other teams MUST take 1 standard Goblins on their roster (MA 6 | ST 2 | AG 3 | AV 7 | Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty | Cost 40K | Normal: A | Doubles: GSP). You may purchases additional goblins for your team, up to 16.
– Goblin teams may purchase 0-3 bribes as permanent roster additions at a cost of 50K each instead of 100k each.
– Dirty Player is considered a Normal skill for Goblin Players on Goblin teams.
– Halfling teams may purchase a Halfling Master Chef for 100K as permanent roster addition.

Teams may add skills to their players (which do not increase TV) per the chart below.

TIER 1: 70K for skills
TIER 2: 100k for Skills
TEIR 3: 130k for skills
TIER 4: 150k for skills
For the Love of the Game: Chose 3 players to receive Dirty player Sneaky Git.
See Below for the tier brake downs:

TIER 1: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardman, Necromantic, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elf
TIER 2: Chaos, Chaos Pact, (Pro) Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Slann, Bretonnian
TIER 3: Vampire, Nurgle’s Rotters, Underworld, Khorne
TIER 4: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre


Cheet to Win: Once per half, you may try and sneak a Goblin Player on to the pitch from the Reserve Box in this manner:

1. Place a Goblin Player currently in your Reserve Box in a square along the sideline on your side of the pitch.
2. Declare the action that you wish to take with this Goblin Player.
3. Roll a d8. If the result on the roll is less than or equal to the current turn # then you may

Infinity ITS Tournament AUG

Format: Mid-Tier (300pts) Direct Action Tournament

When: Saturday, August 18th, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:30am)

Entry fee: $20 (includes pizza lunch)

Prizes: Store credit; also, special prizes for melee kills (see below)



Extras: Soldiers of Fortune **ARE** allowed (see details on page 10 of the Season 9 ITS document).  Spec Ops **ARE NOT** allowed

-Store credit prizes based on number of participants
-Stabbingsmanship Award: As a bonus, players will be given a scoresheet at the start of the day where they can record any MELEE kills they score during the three games. This is strictly optional, and you can ignore the melee kill tracker and play normally if you prefer. Two prizes will be awarded at the end of the day: one to the player with the most MODELS killed in melee, and the other to the player with the most POINTS killed in melee. Each winner will be awarded a mercenary model of their choice out of a pool of melee-oriented models– currently Mushashi and Massacre, but I’ll likely add a few other choices. 🙂

Be sure to register on the ITS site at this link:

All players are responsible for bringing their own models, dice, tokens, measuring devices, classified decks, and printed army lists.

We look forward to seeing everyone out on August 18th! 🙂

Rumbleslam Rumblemania III

Be the heel, be the champ, get that intro music ready because Rumblemania is back Brotherrrr!!!

When: Saturday, July 28th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $8.00 // or 2 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members get: 1 Hero’s Reward for participating

Format: Rumblemania is the premier Pay Per View event of the Rumbleslam Crackdown League, and this one is special as it will issue the first ever title belts, including crowning our first World Champion of the World!  Rumblemania will have three rounds on the card:

Round 1: Exhibition – Everyone is paired randomly and play a game of exhibition for the Crackdown League.  Each player that plays in this round will earn a bonus point towards the league (in addition to the points acquired for the game itself).  The game format is decided by the players together, if they can’t agree they will use the World Champion of the World format.

Round 2: Royal Rumbleslam – Everyone plays in a multi-player royal rumble – a special format for up to four players.  Players bring a team worth 1,000,000 Dosh, limit one ‘Tag Team’ and they play a four-player game using the Tag Team rules.  The order in which players are eliminated decides the title matches they will fight for.

Round 3: Title Matches – The winners of Round 2 pick first, followed by the second place players etc, performance in Round 1 breaks ties.  The players pick from a selection of title matches determined by the event organizers, but everyone will be fighting for a title of some sort.  The World Champion of the World will be one of the titles up for grabs, and the others will be determined by overall attendance (1 Title per 2 players will be up for grabs).  Participants play games using the format rules for the Title they are going for.  The winners of these rounds will be our first title holders, who may then be challenged by players who spend enough Star Points in the Crackdown League in the future!

Prizes: In addition to the possible pride of becoming a title holder, players will have an opportunity to win a door prize or two.  We will pick some good Rumbleslam stuff to give away, and each player will get a ballot for each round they play, and for each victory they earn.

So tag a team-mate, bring those belts, and defend them with all your might!

Guild Ball League: Season 2

Guild Ball Season Two is happening this summer!  Registration opens today!

When: The league will start on July 1st

Sign up: Register your team by June 28thth, if you wish to participate in this season.

Entry Fee: $10.00 // 4 Hero’s Rewards

Format: At the beginning of the league we’ll announce a schedule of weekly games.  Over six weeks, you’ll play other people in the league and get points for winning and losing (if you don’t play a game you get no points).  You’ll also be able to play up to six pickup games with anyone else in the league (it could even be the same person).  You’re get slightly fewer points for these games.  At the end of the six week regular season, the folks with the most points will be seeded into a bracketed elimination to crown a Guild Ball Season Champion.

Scoring:  Scheduled games are worth 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 point for a loss.  Players may also play pickup games scheduled on their own initiative with league members. Players may play up to 6 pickup games, and they are worth 1 point each. Points are to be used to seed the playoff brackets at the end of the league.

Scheduling: On Mondays, there will be a post on Facebook and an email sent out to all participants with all games on it. Coordinate with your opponent (via either Facebook or email) to find a good time to play a game. All games must be played at Black Knight. After completing your game, report the results on either the Facebook BKG guild ball group or via email to Craig.

Absences: If you or your opponent is unable to make a game, then your game can be deferred. Please let the commissioner know as soon as possible. If you wish, you may be able to play a game the week before it is scheduled, if that works better. If, after a reasonable period of time, the game is unplayed, the game is counted as either a draw or a forfeit.

Prizes: We have kits from releases, and other goodies, so players will all get some kind of sweet promo prize.  Additionally the champion will win some store credit (depending on attendance)

MTG Battlebond Release Draft

This Friday, during FNM, our players will have the chance to play a Two-Headed Giant draft using Battlebond!  This will be an option for our regular FNM draft time, so if there are enough players interested we will run both the Battlebond Release draft, and the regular Dominaria draft.

When: Friday, June 8, 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards (the same are our regular FNM draft)

Two-Player Draft: For a 2HG draft players with with their team mate, and we run pods of 8 players (4 teams) ideally.  Teams get 4 packs for Battlebond, and open one pack at a time, and select two cards from each pack as they are passed.  Matches are a best-of-one.  We will play 3 rounds, just like our usual FNM Drafts, and prizes are distributed similarly.

Battlebond Launch Promos & Bonus Pack: In a typical FNM Draft our players draft with 3 packs each.  Since Battlebond recommends only 4 packs for a team draft, players will each get a Battlebond booster pack at the end regardless of how they do.  Additionally we will pass out, at random, special Battlebond Promo packs, which contain a pair of partner cards in them, to each team.  These promos WILL be passed out before drafting, and teams CAN use the promos in their draft decks.

Prizes: Like our regular FNM drafts we will put 1.5 boosters in to a prize pool for each player, and those packs will be distributed among the teams that go 2-1 and better.  This is an FNM event too, so it does qualify for our FNM promo cards (Cast Down) as well.

So be sure to jump on this rare opportunity at a Two-Headed Draft, and celebrate the first ever multiplayer focused set!


Blood Bowl: BKBBL Season 14

The ball is in the air, the crowd roars, and all you have to do is not roll a 1…

Blood Bowl Season 14 will kick off on Saturday June 9th.  If you’re an avid sports fan or miniature gamer, who like a real challenge and enjoys developing characters in any game, then Blood bowl is the game for you.

Season 14 Begins: Saturday, June 9 2018

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 1st 2018

Entry Fee: $10.00

Organizaion: Each participant will be assigned opponents, one a week.  It is up to the coaches to arrange when to play their games with one another, and players are given a two-week window for each match to be completed.  The top teams will make the playoffs, and will get their chance to with the Championship!

The season will be a minimum of 10 weeks long, and a maximum of 14 weeks.  Don’t miss your chance to be a champion or at least the chance to stomp your friends into the turf!

Players need the following to play:

  • A Pitch
  • A Team, with the players properly numbered
  • At least one pack of Special Play cards
  • Blood Bowl Dice
  • Tokens to track re-rolls, turns, and score, as well a method to properly handle passes, and bouncing balls.  And, a ball.

Players are encouraged to have the following:

  • The Blood Bowl Almanac
  • A Fully Painted Team
  • Miniatures for their coaching staff

For established players please make sure your team is properly created and prepared on BKBBL.COM
New players should contact Commissioner Awesome to set up their first team.

All players should join our BKBBL Facebook Group if possible!

Bolt Action Gaming & Demos

Demo, come as you are and learn from experienced player(s)!

When: Sunday, April 29th, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Details: Bolt Action Battle, new and experienced players welcome.  We are happy to discuss Terrain making tips, and Painting tips.  Our goal is to get more players playing Bolt Action, in order to establish a dedicated play time/day.

Participation Prize: We will be giving away a Bolt Action tank to one lucky participant!

Campaigns may be organized when enough players are available.

Infinity Tournament: TAG Stomp

Format: Mid-Tier (300pts) Direct Action Tournament

Date: Saturday, March 17th

Time: Registration starts at 10:30am, games start at 11:00am

Entry fee: $20 (or 4 Hero’s Rewards)

Entry includes a Pizza Lunch, Stronghold Members get a FREE Hero’s Reward for participating

Prizes: Store credit; also, a Scarface TAG for doing TAG stuff (see below)


-Show of Force
-Deadly Dance


-Soldiers of Fortune are allowed (see details on page 10 of the Season 9 ITS document)

-Spec Ops are **not** allowed


-Store credit prizes based on number of participants

-TAG Stomp: A set of TAG-themed achievements will be available for players to earn. The player with the most achievement points at the end of the day will receive a Scarface TAG. Note that the TAG achievements are strictly separate from overall tournament scoring– if you want to ignore them and concentrate on winning your games normally, you are completely free to do so. 🙂


You can preview the complete list of TAG achievements Here

Be sure to register on the ITS site at this Link

All players are responsible for bringing their own models, dice, tokens, measuring devices, and printed army lists.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on March 17th! 🙂

Guild Ball Tournament MAY

When: Saturday, May 26, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Swiss, 3-4 Rounds based on attendance, no cut, Deathclock

Prizes: We have a Guild Ball OP Kit which includes patches, a custom die & certificates for our Top 3 Players, a custom die & certificate for Best Presentation, and a custom die and certificate for the individual with the Best Goal Design!  We will also randomly draw one winner of a limited edition ‘Mist’ miniature at the end of the event!  We will add $10 in store credit (minus the cost of the kit) to a prize pool to be divided by the Top 3 in the tournament.