Necromunda League: Welcome to the Shadow War

Black Knight Games will be running a league for Necromunda using rules from the starter set and the Gang War supplements. Gangs may be created from any Gang lists available from Games Workshop, as well as from Shadow Wars kill teams (point values will be used from Shadow Wars: Armageddon, updated profiles will be provided).

The Campaign: The campaign starts March 11th and runs for 5 weeks to be followed by a playoff. Players will be given one scheduled opponent per week, additionally they will be able to play up to one more game against an opponent of their choice each week. Games can be scheduled for any time during the week and can be planned using the Facebook group.

  • Week 1: March 11 – 17
  • Week 2: March 18 – 24
  • Week 3: March 25 – March 31
  • Week 4: April 1 – 7
  • Week 5: April 8 – 14

Playoffs: The campaign will end with a single elimination, swiss pairing playoff between the top 8 gangs by Reputation. In the event of a tie, the first tie breaker will be Head to Head, second will be turf size, then Gang Rating.

What you need: Players should have a gang (or kill team) of models to use during the campaign, as well as a set of Necromunda Dice, and any Gang cards they want to use during their games.

Entry: Sign up starts now and ends March 9th. The cost is $20.00, or entry is FREE with the purchase of a copy of Necromunda: Underhive (if you have already purchased a copy of Necromunda from Black Knight Games the entry fee will be waived). Stronghold Members will receive a Hero’s Reward when they register.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for 1stand 2nd place overall, as well as Best Painted Gang, and Best Painted Scenery Piece.  There will be some Hero’s Rewards as prizes too.

Blood Bowl BKBBL Season 13

Calling on all coaches – Blood Bowl Season 13 is here!!!

Season 13 Begins: February 3rd, 2018

Registration Deadline: January 26th, 2018

Entry Fee: $10.00

Organizaion: Each participant will be assigned opponents, one a week.  It is up to the coaches to arrange when to play their games with one another, and players are given a two-week window for each match to be completed.  The top teams will make the playoffs, and will get their chance to with the Championship!

Players need the following to play:

  • A Pitch
  • A Team, with the players properly numbered
  • At least one pack of Special Play cards
  • Blood Bowl Dice
  • Tokens to track re-rolls, turns, and score, as well a method to properly handle passes, and bouncing balls.  And, a ball.

Players are encouraged to have the following:

  • Deathzone Season 1 & 2 /or/ the Blood Bowl Almanac
  • A Fully Painted Team
  • Miniatures for their coaching staff

For established players please make sure your team is properly created and prepared on BKBBL.COM
New players should contact Commissioner Awesome to set up their first team.

All players should join our BKBBL Facebook Group if possible!


Rumbleslam Crackdown League

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Please direct your attention to the center ring, as we are about to begin our first match of the night!

The Rumbleslam Crackdown League is an ongoing league for Rumbleslam, the game of fantasy wrestling!  The league can be joined at any point, and is punctuated by the occasional big ‘Rumblemania’ event!


Participants register for the league, including a team name for their crew, registration in the league is FREE.  Participants can play exhibition matches any time they would like, with anyone else in the league, earning them a number of Star Points.  Once a participant has earned enough Star Points they can register a ‘Challenge’ for one of the title belts, forcing the current Champion to fight them for the title!  Occasionally we will host a ‘Rumblemania’ event, which will be a big one day event where all the belts will be up for grabs!

Playing Exhibition Matches:  Participants may play any number of exhibition matches (max 2 per day) against anyone else they wish.  Players agree on which Format they will play (described below).  Players get 1 Star Point for losing the match, 2 for a Draw, and 3 for a Victory.  Players also have the chance to get a bonus Star Point each match, based on which match format they play.

Challenging for the Title:  Each Format has a Champion, which is the participant that currently holds the title belt.  These Champions can be challenged.  To do so any participant may spend a number of points to register an official Challenge against the current Champion.  These challenges must be met.  If the challenger wins, we have a new Champion!  If the Champion defends their belt, they earn half the number of points the challenger used – either way the challenger loses the points used to issue the challenge.

Scheduling and Playing Games: It is recommended for each participant to join the BK Rumbleslam Facebook Group (HERE) as much of the league will be tracked and recorded there, and it will facilitate scheduling exhibition and title matches.


Rumblemania is the premier event in the Rumbleslam Crackdown League.  It is a special one day event, in which all the titles are put on the line!  Each Rumblemania will be a little different, but they will typically involve three rounds of play: an Exhibition round where everyone plays matches for bonus Star Points, a Royal Rumbleslam round where multiple players fight together in one match.  The results of the Royal Rumbleslam determines who gets to challenge for the various belts.  Finally there is a Title round, where many of the current titles, including the World Championship of the World, will be fought for!  Pay attention to the calendar for the next Rumblemania event!

For a full list of the Rumbleslam Crackdown League Formats, click HERE

MTG: Team League (Ixalan)

For this league season we will be trying something a little bit different for our League Play: a Team League!

When: Mondays (4 of them: Oct 2 – Oct 23), 6:30pm

Entry Fee: $35.00 or 9 Hero’s Rewards / Player

Teams: Players are divided in teams of 4.  You can register your foursome, or you can register and we will do our best to place you with other players to form a team – first come, first serve.

Players Get: A total of six booster packs, 1 Hero’s Reward (2 if they are a Stronghold Member!), an Ixalan Deck Box to hold their decks, and an ‘Unclaimed Territory’ Promo card.  In addition players have a chance to win prizes (2 Packs/Person in to the prize pool).

Event Format:

Team Sealed: Teams start by opening 12 booster packs together as a group, and form four decks from the cards opened. Teams open a further 4 packs in each of the following three weeks, adding to the team card pool, and modifying the decks.  The cards are owned by the team, and it is up to the team to decide how to split them.  If the team can’t agree on how to split, they will re-draft among themselves at the end of the league.

Weekly Gameplay: Each of the four weeks will feature a different type of gameplay.  Each week players will play three rounds, and will score points in each game based on the number of players in that game (for example if we are playing Two-Headed Giant one week each match win would be 4 points since there are four players in each match).

Week 1 (Oct 2) – Single Player Matches: Players play against members of rival teams 1 on 1 (matches are each worth 2 points)
Week 2 (Oct 9) – Two-Headed Giant: Players play as pairs against rival teams in the 2HG style (matches are each worth 4 points)
Week 3 (Oct 16) – Emperor + Solo: Players play in teams of three in ‘Emperor’ format, with the fourth players on each team playing one another in a 1 on 1 match (Emperor Match is worth 6 points, Solo Match is worth 2)
Week 4 (Oct 23) – Multi-Player: Players play in one of four multiplayer games, each team sends one player to each game – the last player standing wins it (Multi-player matches are worth 1 point/player in them – depends on number of teams overall)

This format means that each week there is the same number of points up for grabs.

Prizes: At the end of the four-week league the team with the most overall points will be the winner!  The winning team will win a Booster Box of Ixalan.  Additional prizes will be provided based on overall attendance (2 Packs/Person in total with the first 36 going to the top team).

Ix Set

BKG’s Inaugural Guild Ball League Starts Sep 4st. – Sign up today!

Guild Ball players (and folks thinking about the game)!  With the release of new starter sets for the game, we’re excited to announce that we’re running our first Guild Ball league.  Registration opens today!

When: The league will start on September 4th

Sign up: Register your team by August 30th, if you wish to participate in this season.

Entry Fee: $10.00 // 4 Hero’s Rewards (entry fee is discounted to $5 if you purchase or order one of the new 6 player starter boxes at the same time)

Format: At the beginning of the league we’ll announce a schedule of weekly games.  Over six weeks, you’ll play other people in the league and get points for winning and losing (if you don’t play a game you get no points).  You’ll also be able to play up to six pickup games with anyone else in the league (it could even be the same person).  You’re get slightly fewer points for these games.  At the end of the six week regular season, the folks with the most points will be seeded into a bracketed elimination to crown a Guild Ball Season Champion.

Blood Bowl: BKBBL Season 2

Coaches!  Now is the time to register your team for the second season of the new era of the BKBBL (Black Knight Blood Bowl League)!

When: The BKBBL S2 will begin on August 11th, and will last many weeks

Sign up: Register your team by August 4th, if you wish to participate in this season.

Entry Fee: $15.00 // $10.00 if you own your own pitch & cards // 4 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Our Blood Bowl seasons provide each coach with a weekly opponent.  It is up to the coaches to arrange the best time for them to play.  At the end of the regular season the top teams will be matches in an elimination playoff tree.

Do you have what it takes to be a champion? Do you think you can beat the Gipfel Smokers? If you even considered answering these two question then you need to sign up for BKBBL SEASON 2


MTG: League (HOU)

Black Knight Games is excited to announce the Hour of Devastation League!

Begins: July 17th, lasts until August 13th

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members Get: A FREE Hero’s Reward for participating

Players Get: 3 Booster Packs, selected from either Hour of Devastation, or Amonkhet.

Additional Packs: Each week participants may purchase an additional booster pack of either set to add to their card pool.  Players may purchase a further pack for every three match losses they have.  Players may always purchases these packs in later weeks to catch up to the packs they were entitled to.

Decks: Players will have a deck registration sheet that they will leave at the store.  All cards opened in the initial three packs, and the additional packs, may be used to build your deck.  Basic lands may be added, and are supplied by the store.  Decks have a minimum of 30 cards.

Games: Games can be played against anyone else in the league at any time.  Players are encouraged to come out on Monday Night for ‘League Night’ where they will be even more likely to find opponents.  Matches are a single game, which makes getting lots of games in very easy!  Players may not play the same person more than twice a week.

Prizes: Anyone that gets at least 15 games played will get a FREE Booster Pack.  Anyone that gets to 10 wins will get a FREE Booster Pack.  Anyone that accomplishes both will also get a FREE Hero’s Reward.

The single player with the most wins at the end will win the Poster-sized Oath of Ajani Card we have!

The single player with the most games played will win the Poster-sized Oath of Gideon we have!

If it’s the same person for both they will have their choice of the two, and the second one will be given to the person with the highest total of wins + games played.

Magic League is a great way to explore the new set, and create a motivation to play new players and get some fun casual games in.  Plus you can win a cool giant-sized card!

Shadow War Armageddon League


Start: Tuesday May 16th

Duration: 6 Weeks + Playoff

Registration fee: $10.00 (free if bought the Shadow War Rulebook or Boxes Set from us)

Register by: Sunday, May 14th

Black Knight Games will be hosting a league for Shadow War: Armageddon starting Tuesday May 16 using the rules found in the Shadow War book. The league will run for six weeks, followed by a playoff for the top eight players. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 players, as well as awards for the best painted kill team, and the best sport.

Each participant will start the league with a new kill team of up to 1000 points made from any of the lists printed in the rulebook, also available at

Players will be assigned a weekly game against a specific opponent, and these weekly games will have a scenario assigned by the organizer. The role of Attacker/Defender will be assigned in relevant scenarios. Players will have one week to organize and play these games with their opponent. Games may be played any time during the week, a Facebook group will be created where players are encouraged to organize their games. In the event that a time cannot be arranged despite sufficient effort from both players, those players will be allowed to play a game against another participant in the league in place of the assigned game. In addition to assigned games, each player may play up to one additional game per week against an opponent of their choosing. These extra games will follow all of the normal rules and participating kill teams will suffer casualties and gain experience as usual.

After the 6 weeks of assigned games are completed, the 8 players with the highest Promethium Cache on their roster will advance to a bracketed playoff (1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7 etc.) In the event of a tie, head to head results will be the first tie breaker, followed by total games played, followed by number of rostered team members, finally decided by a coin flip.

Best Sport and presentation awards will be voted for in poles on the Facebook page and awarded at the end of the league.

MTG: Amonkhet League

Black Knight Games will be running an Amonkhet Magic League, starting this Monday!

When: Amonkhet League games can played at any time, ‘League Night’ will be Mondays, but other official MTG event days will be a great time to get games in before/in between rounds as well – plus you can pretty much always find a game of MTG at Black Knight.

League will be four weeks long.

Play With: Players build a 30 card deck from their cards, so it’s like a mini-sealed deck event.  Each week players may buy more packs (1 per week, and also 1 for each three match-losses).  Basic lands are provided.

Entry Fee: To join players simply buy 3 Amonkhet Boosters for their entry fee.  Players will be permitted to buy more as the league goes on if they wish.

You Get: Players that join up get a cool Amonkhet Card Box, and a Match Card (after playing 1 match)

Prize: At the end of the League we will give out a massive poster-sized magic card, as well as some booster packs for the top 3 players overall (we will award 1 point per match played and 1 point per match win).

So join us for some Amonkhet fun, fit in whenever you wish!



Age of Sigmar: Path to Glory League

Starting Thursday March 9th I will be running a Path to Glory campaign at Black Knight Games.

Path to Glory is a narrative campaign that focuses around a hero and their warband. You can find the rules for this kind of campaign in the Generalds Handbook (p. 64)

Stormcast players are encouraged to use the options in their fancy new Battletome.

If your army does not have specified rules (eg. Seraphon) then we can work together to create a list

Entry Fee: FREE!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!