Jay’s Big Bet: Terrain Sets

A couple of months ago I initiated the first Jay’s Big Bet to finally get myself over the hump, and finish our Infinity Table.  At the time I bet the Infinity players of Black Knight Games that I could get the table completely finished by April, or I would have to give everyone a discount on Infinity for the month.  I am proud to say that I was victorious!  The table is complete, and our local players have been enjoying what is now a real centerpiece table.

Since I felt that the bet really did help me to stay motivated, I am doing it again.  This time my goal is not a single massive table, rather a series of matching sets of terrain.  I would very much like to begin getting our available terrain to a place where we have amazing premium tables like the Infinity one, as well as high quality matching scenery for the rest of the tables – rather than the hodge-podge mix of stuff we have now.

So to that end here is my next Big Bet!:

I must complete three new sets of terrain, one each month, for the next three months (including this one).  A set of terrain does not necessarily include a table, rather it is a set of terrain pieces that go together, and would make for enough terrain for one table.  The sets will be thematic in some way, which should add some nice variation to the every-day terrain we already have.  Each set must be done by the end of the month.

If I fail to complete a new set of terrain on any given month I will buy a fully painted set of terrain instead.

Either way our gamers get more nice scenery, so it’s Win-Win!  So let me know what you think, and let me know if you have any great ideas for future bets, or for the terrain I should make now!

Jay's Big Bet Terrain Sets

Jay’s Big Bet: Infinity

So I have been looking at the number of special store projects I have been wanting to sink my teeth in, and have failed utterly to make any progress on, and it got me thinking,  Why is it that I have such a hard time completing some of these tasks.  Tim, in his guru-like way, explained to me that there were a couple of factors: I needed to get myself in a regular routine of working on special projects, I need to remove the temptation to slink back to the office and start working on other things, and I need to be accountable somehow.

In the past I have tried having a routine for projects like terrain.  I planned to be working Friday evenings every week on these kinds of projects.  It failed – and quickly too.  The problem was that Fridays are busy in the evening, and it was often hard to pull myself away from a work project that I had started working on earlier in the day – plus it was payday and for some reason the humans that work here insist on regular deposits for their efforts.  It was just too easy to justify working on something more pressing, and I often took the excuse to not work on these special long-term projects.

So I now have a new plan.  I will address the routine by working every Thursday morning on terrain and other special projects.  I will address the temptation by removing regular work projects from Thursdays entirely, and by not starting anything until I’m done my special project time at about 2pm.  But I know myself, and while this plan is solid it lacks one major thing – the accountability – and that’s where you come in.

As the owner of my own store I am the boss, and if I choose to flake there really isn’t anyone that can do anything about it.  I’m really only beholden to my family, and to my customers.  So to keep me motivated I am going to begin a series of ‘Big Bets’ where I give myself a project and a deadline, and if I can’t make it I have to give something up – something for those that were let down by my failure, so without further ado I present:

Jay’s Big Bet for the Infinity Table

I have been working on this Infinity Table for a long time – basically as long as we’ve been in the new store, and it’s embarrassing that it’s not done.  Sure, the main buildings are there, and it looks kinda neat, but I have so much more in store for it.  This table needs to be a masterpiece.  So I am betting all of my Infinity Gamers that I can finish this table – for realz – by the end of March.  If it isn’t done 100% by then, I will be offering all Infinity products – both in stock and through orders – for 20% Off for the entire month of April!  Just to clarify, it’s one or the other: if I can get the table done there’s no discount – but you will finally have an amazing table to play on.  That’s the deal.  And yes I realize that the deadline is April 1st, but this is no joke.

Jay's Big Bet Infinity

So can I do it?  Well I certainly hope so!  But even if I can’t, at least I’ll be punished like the no good, table-promising, deadline-failing, punk I am…just don’t be too sad if I make it!