LCG Cycle Subscriptions: GoT & Netrunner

The next wave of Cycles is here for Game of Thrones & Netrunner!  Black Knight Games is happy to announce a great option for making sure you are kept up to date on these monthly releases: Cycle Subscriptions!

Game of Thrones: Flight of Crows Cycle

As the name implies, the Flight of Crows cycle broadly follows the key events of A Feast for Crows, drawing on key characters and events from the fourth book in A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Flight of Crows Cycle will be comprised of 6 Chapter Packs, starting with The Archmaester’s Key, with one release a month.  Buy the Flight of Crows Cycle Subscription and guarantee yourself a copy of each chapter pack on release day (the new release system has changed, and will make certain that releases are always on time).  By subscribing to the cycle you will also get 2 Hero’s Rewards (which can be redeemed for a free event, or many other reward options), and you will save $22 off our regular price as well!

The Flight of Crows Chapter Pack Cycle Subscription: $109.99

Netrunner: Kitara Cycle

The Kitara Cycle will be comprised of 6 Data Packs, starting with Sovereign Sight, with one release a month.  Buy the Kitara Cycle Cycle Subscription and guarantee yourself a copy of each data pack on release day.  By subscribing to the cycle you will also get 2 Hero’s Rewards (which can be redeemed for a free event, or many other reward options), aand you will save $22 off our regular price as well!

Kitara Cycle Data Pack Cycle Subscription: $109.99

Game of Thrones LCG Tournament

Black Knight Games will be hosting a Game of Thrones LCG tournament this month.  Our goal is to get a regular pace of tournaments going that our community can get used to.

When: Saturday, September 2, begins at 12:00pm (Registration starts at 11am)

Entry Fee: $15, Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward

Rounds: This tournament will follow the usual rules from FFG for Swiss tournaments, including cut.

Prizes: We will be putting not one, but two Game Night Kits in to the prize pool!  One will be the current up to date season, the second taken from a previous season.  Depending on attendance we expect that each participant will get at least two promos out of the event, with the top players selecting theirs first.  We will add Store credit to the prize pool equal to the total entry fees after covering the cost of one GNK.

So join us in the battle for Westeros and choose your side!

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Trident

When: Begins at 6pm

Entry Fee: $7 ($6 for Stronghold Members)

You Get: Those players who sign up and compete in the Battle of the Trident tournament will receive a special promotional alternate art Summons Plot card.

Rounds: This concise tournament will only last until there is no more than one undefeated player. At the end, the winner will be crowned—using tiebreakers if necessary—and he or she shall claim their spoils

Prizes: A beautiful playmat with a grand view of The Red Keep is awarded to the winner, along with the right to help decide the fate of an upcoming release!  Additional prizes may be awarded based on attendance.

Game of Thrones Regional

Game of Thrones Regional

Black Knight Games is proud to be running the only Regional tournament for Game of Thrones in Ontario!  We expect to get players from all across Ontario, as well as from the US for this special event – so be sure to register!

When: Saturday, May 21st 2016, 11:00am (Sign-in begins at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $15.00

Format: Rounds are 55 minutes long.  The number of rounds is determined by attendance, but we expect 4-6 rounds of Swiss followed by a cut to Top 8.  Formal Tier & Advanced Tournament Structure (see here).  Tournament guidelines for Game of Thrones tournaments can be found here.

Preregister: Players are able to preregister to reserve their spot at the event.  You can preregister by dropping by the store, making payment over the phone, or by using the PayPal button below.  Event attendance will be capped at 64.

Prizes: The Regional Prize Kit includes some great prizes for our players.  Every player will get the alternate art Varys card.  The top 16 players will get an acrylic set of Stark tokens.  The top 8 players will all receive a Stark playmat.  The top 4 will receive  a wooden Stark house card.  The top player will win the trophy, as well as receive a BYE at the Nationals event!  Depending on attendance we may also add additional prizes.



Black Knight Games Game Nights

BKG Game Night

Thumbs UpIn addition to the many tournaments, leagues, and special events that we run at Black Knight Games we also host many weekly Game Nights.  Games Nights are important because they provide a specific time and place for our various gaming communities to meet and grow on a regular basis.  In the past our game nights were simply designated days where players from each community would meet, but now we are making them a bit more organized, and are rewarding our participants for helping us establish solid times where players can be sure to find an opponent.

When a player attends a Game Night they will sign in with the Staff.  Any Stronghold Members that do so will be entered in to a monthly draw where five of our lucky participants that month will win a $10.00 Credit at BKG!

Game Nights are FREE, and are open to all interested players.

Players are still welcome to play other games on these nights, and can certainly play these games on other nights, however only the listed games are official Game Night games on their designated nights.  Some games, like Magic: the Gathering will have regular nights with tournaments on them (like FNM), these are their own event type, and do not fall under the ‘Game Night’ category.



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