Coming Soon: Knightly Orders!!!

Stay tuned in for more info on a major new program we will be running at Black Knight Games.  Knightly Orders will give you, our valued customers, the power to create your own store events, gaming groups, rewards for gaming, and for teaching new gamers, and much much more.  We are very excited about this at Black Knight Games, and think that you will love this new program.

More information to come on how you can establish your very own Knightly Order, and all of the great perks that comes with doing so coming later this week!


~The Black Knight

New BKG Video: Introduction to Firestorm Armada

So our first real video is finished! That was certainly a learning experience. The video is an introduction to Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games. In it we cover the basic rules, as well as give an overview of the game. I’ve tried to put a good production value into it, filling it with images, charts etc. rather then just filming someone talking about the game. So please let us know what you think! We plan on making many more videos in the future. In our immediate plans we want to make some more game introduction videos, like this one, but we also plan on making videos for many other categories, like game reviews, painting & terrain tutorials, tactics and hobby guides.

So check out our YouTube channel, subscribe, and keep your eyes out for future videos!