A Day of Thrones

With the big final season about to premier we couldn’t be more excited about Game of Thrones!  What better way to celebrate than an entire day of gaming in Westeros?

Join us for Game of Thrones gaming throughout the day, leading up to a communal viewing of the first episode of the last season after close.

When: Sunday, April 14,

Gaming: 2:00pm – 8:30pm
Viewing: 9:00pm – 10:00pm (Must be 17+)


We will be hosting pick-up games of the A Song of Ice & Fire, including intros, a session or two of the incredible A Game of Thrones Board Game, and games of The Game of Thrones LCG!

Normally we close at 5pm on Sunday, but for A Day of Thrones we will be hanging out past close to game – and of course enjoy the premier of A Game of Thrones S08E01!

Entry Fee: There us no static entry fee for the event, anyone can hang out and play games, but we may throw together a little tournament or two, maybe even a little something fun for the viewing too…

Prizes & Giveaways: We’ll have some fun prizes, and have a bunch of Promos for the Game of Thrones LCG to pass out to players as well!

Game Camps Summer 2019


This summer we will be hosting six weeks of summer Game Camps in four different categories!  Game Camps are week-long days camps, that focus on teaching a new gamer the basics of their preferred game, giving them the tools they need to play, and a beginner package in product to get them there.  Participants get focused attention from one of our expert games instructors in a fun, casual, and safe environment.  Select from our four types of Game Camp for more information:

July 22 – July 26
July 29 – August 2
August 26 – August 30

July 15 – July 19

August 5 – August 9

August 19 – August 23

A Song of Ice & Fire: Battle of Whispering Wood

The a Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game is an awesome new miniatures game that really captures both the brutal battles of the ‘Game of Thrones’ world, as well as it’s betrayal and politics.  At the store we’ve really become taken with the game, and it’s becoming more and more popular – so we’re eager to get people playing, and also help new players give it a go!  For that reason we a very excited to be running our first ever event for A Song of Ice & Fire!

When: Friday, March 8, 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Experience Required: None!  We will have everything we need to run the game with a staff to run it, and experienced and new players alike are welcome.

Bring: Yourself.  If you have miniatures already you may bring up to 20pts of any force (painted not required).  If you don’t you can use ours!

“How did it all get so confused? Lord Rickard’s fought at my side in half a dozen battles. His sons died for me in the Whispering Wood. Tion Frey and Willem Lannister were my enemies. Yet now I have to kill my dead friends’ father for their sakes.” Robb Stark – A Storm of Swords

D&D Beginner Session: Welcome to the Red Dragon Inn

As Dungeons & Dragons continues to grow in popularity one of the most common requests we get is for an intro session for D&D.  While you will find excellent and welcoming players at Wednesday Adventure League it still remains something many of our new or curious players ask for.  Se we are finally listening and are excited to be offering an Introductory Session to D&D.  No knowledge or understanding is required as we will help you build your character, and welcome you to the wonderful world of D&D!

When: Saturday, March 2, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Age Range: This event is for pretty much anyone, however for our younger participants we recommend attending our ‘Welcome to Blackwood’ intro event for our Youth D&D experience.

Entry Fee: $15.00 (includes a mini for your character!) -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards

Details: We will provide character sheets, and all materials you’ll need in addition to all adventure-specific minis, maps, etc.  We will also have an expert staff running the event, able to answer all your questions, give you advice, and run the session.

So if you’ve always wanted to get in to D&D, or just want to try out the new edition, give it a try at our Welcome to the Red Dragon Inn event!

MTG Ravnica Allegiance Open House

Black Knight Games is pleased to be hosting another Open House, this time we be kicking off the next set – Ravnica Allegiance!

Rakdos Firewheeler PromoWhen: Sun, January 13, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Participants Get: At Open House, new players get a Welcome Deck, and a tutorial showcase of the game in an open-play environment, they also get a Foil Full-Art Rakdos Firewheeler promo if you play at least two games!

Bring a Friend: If you are an established Magic player, you are invited to participate to teach new players, and to bring your friends in who would like to try MTG!  Established players will also be given a promotional Foil Full-Art Boros Challenger if they bring a new player with them, or are found to be helpful teachers to new players.

The Open House event  is a new tradition that precedes the Prerelease by a week, giving new players the perfect introduction leading in to the most exciting event each season!

Thanks for making Demo Day awesome!

Our Demo Day this year was a huge success thanks to you! Here are just a few clips from the event, and if you couldn’t come out for it this time around, we hope you’ll be able to join us Black Friday weekend 2019!

Demo Day Goody Box Preview!

Today Evan is giving you folks a preview of what you can expect in the Demo Day Goody box! Check out the video below to get some of the details on Demo Day and see some of the awesome stuff you’ll be getting with your entry!

Demo Day 2018 – Try All the Games!

Try more Games!  Demo Day is the best time to give new games a go, as it is sort of like our own mini-convention floor!  We will have a ton of staff & volunteers around to show you how to play all kinds of different games.  Basically it’s the best time of the year to try new games, because you can try a bunch at once, then you can use the coupons and goodies in the Goody Box to help you get into the games you like the best!

When: Saturday, November 24th, 12:00pm – 5pm.

Entry Fee: $10.00

You Get: The BKG Goody Box (filled with awesome samples and goodies), a free ballot for the Demo Day Draws,  and access to all of the demonstration games.

Demo Day Draws: We will be drawing for a free $50.00 Black Knight Games gift card, as well as some other fun prizes.

Game Demonstrations:
We will have many stations where a BKG staff member, Standard Bearer, or volunteer will be running a games demonstration.  Simply go up to them and ask to play and they will teach you the basics for the game!  In addition to that they will give you another ballot for the Demo Day Draws!

You Can Help!:
If you would like to volunteer to teach a game that you love to those attending Demo Day contact Jay and let him know!

Keyforge: Launch Tournament

Keyforge, the world’s first unique-deck game is almost here, and we are very excited!  We will be running a Launch Event, including a tournament, to celebrate this new game:

When: Thursday, November 15, 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 4 Hero’s Rewards

Format:  The event will have two parts:

Learn to Play: Everyone that participates will need a Keyforge deck either from the starter set (not the demo decks) or that they purchased separately, and tokens from the starter (or a suitable substitute).  Players will be paired off for a round of gaming to try out the rules.  We will have a staff on hand to help explain and clarify during this first round.  This round will not count towards the tournament, and is just to help players get their feet under them.

Tournament: After the demo round we will play a 3 Round Tournament.  Anyone that finishes at least 2-1 will win another Archon Deck!  It also gives you a chance to claim your third Active House card and a House poster. Finally, each of the event’s top three players will designate one House for the store’s Create-an-Archon poster.

Keyforge App: Don’t forget to register your deck(s) on the Keyforge App!  This amazing feature will allow all decks in tournament play to be tracked and rated/ranked – which will really help you earn some bragging rights!

So join us for the first tournament in what we believe will be a very successful new game at BKG!

Keyforge: Early Access Event

Black Knight Games has been selected as a very exclusive number of locations to host a Keyforge Early Access event!

When: Sunday, November 11, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE

Format:  Attend a KeyForge Pre-Launch, and you’ll get a better sense of what this game is all about.  During the Pre-Launch, you’ll have your chance to sample all the game’s wild and explosive back-and-forth action with a Keyforge Demo Game.  Some will also be able to buy an early access deck, allowing you to continue the fun with pick-up games!

Swag:  Join the rush of players looking to collect their KeyForge decks at the Pre-Launch, and you can even claim some cool swag!

After you learn to play the game in the store, you can collect a special KeyForge lanyard and glossary card (while supplies last). Then, after you purchase your Archon Deck, you can claim a pin for your favorite House (again, while supplies last).

Buy Early: We will have a limited number of Keyforge decks available to purchase on the day of the event (max 1 per person).  These will be in short supply, so sign up now to reserve yours!

Keyforge releases on Thursday, November 15th.  Check out our Launch Tournament as well!