Age of Sigmar: Community Party

Since we have had a couple of groups sprouting up for Age of Sigmar in the past couple months, with the Call to Arms, and the Thursday night gamers, we have opened up what was formerly the Call to Arms Finale to all of the members in our AoS community!

When: Sunday, February 26th, 5pm

After the store closes all are invited for pizza, prizes, and gaming! We will also host a painting contest as well.

Entry: Free – to C2A Participants, $5.00 for everyone else

You Get: Pizza, Drinks, Gaming, Fun!

Painting Contest: All participants can submit an entry in all three catagories: Best single model, best large model, and best unit (fun prizes for winners)

Last Call for Call to Arms: For those that participated in the Call to Arms you will be awarded points for your efforts, which you will be able to spend on your choice of prizes. This is the new DEADLINE for finishing your armies – so you’ve got a couple more weeks!

Boxing Day Double Bundle Deals!

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and that you are all enjoying your holidays!

For the rest of December our fantastic Bundle Deals will continue to provide you with a great opportunity to get the most out of your holiday spending.  But for BOXING DAY ONLY we will be taking one insane step further and straight up DOUBLING everything about the Holiday Bundles!

It’s the perfect excuse to break out those Black Knight Gift Cards, and the $20 that Nana gave you for Christmas because when you spend $100 or more (before tax) you will get so much stuff!:


Doors open today at noon, and we close at 10pm – so drop by today for our best deals this December!

Holiday Bundles

Each Holiday Season we at Black Knight Games put together some promotions to make your holiday shopping easier, and to encourage you to buy locally this Holiday Season!






The 12 Games of Christmas

Each year we at Black Knight Games select twelve great entry-level games that we think would make an amazing gift for pretty much anybody.  These games are always priced in a price range that isn’t prohibitive, and are games that anyone – non gamers, and hard-core gamers alike – can enjoy together.  We keep our 12 Games of Christmas well stocked, and always have an open copy for you to try and check out – to make sure it’s the game for you!

For each of the 12 Games of Christmas you get you will be entered in to a draw for one of four $50 Gift Cards!  These prizes will be drawn in the new year.

The 12 Games of Christmas for 2016 are:


Winner of Game of the Year in 2016 – Give Codenames a Try!

Codenames: Winner of Game of the Year for 2016, Codenames is a clever clue-giving game where you have to get your team of spies to guess the correct combination of words.  We at BKG truly recommend this game for ANYONE!

Cockroach Poker: Cockroach Poker is the ultimate game for sneaky cheats and liars…but in a good way!  Trick your opponents in to believing your poker face and stick them with a set to eliminate them!

Zombie Dice: Zombie Dice is a simple press-your-luck game where you have to weigh your odds of continuing or keeping what you’ve got – plus you are a zombie!


Just look at those cool dice!

Star Wars Destiny Starter Set: Star Wars Destiny is a new dice/card game that has taken the shop by storm.  Whether you are looking for a fun game to play at home, or a new game to master in a tournament setting Star Wars Destiny will fit the bill.

Love Letter: Love Letter has become a classic.  This simple card game is perfect to fill 10 minutes or a couple hours.  Now you can play the classic game, or the Batman, Hobbit, Archer, Adventure Time, or Christmas themed variants!

Hanabi: Winner of Game of the Year in 2013, Hanabi is a charming co-operative card game where you hold your hand of cards backwards so that everyone knows what you have but you!

Star Realms: A great two player deck-building game of space combat.  If you can beat Mike at it you win a prize…seriously…he’s really good.


Sift through the Taco Cats to get Diffuser Cards to save yourselves from those naughty kittens!

Exploding Kittens: The most successful game on Kickstarter ever!  Exploding Kittens is a hilarious game from the makers of The Oatmeal comics where you manipulate the deck to make sure you don’t draw an exploding kitten!

Coup: A simple bluffing game with plenty of options to mix it up.  You can perform any action in the game…as long as people don’t call you out for it!

Dungeons & Dragon Starter Set: Ever since Stranger Things blew us all away D&D has blown up again!  This amazingly affordable starter set will get any group in to the game for a very good price!

3 Wishes: Many are calling this game the new ‘Love Letter.’  In 3 Wishes you have to get a set of three cards in front of you, but it’s harder than it looks since all the cards are face down!

Lost in R’lyeh: In this simple yet strategic game you are trying to get rid of all your cards first.  Easier said than done as the Elder Things tend to mess things up for you – and don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the name – C’thulhu likes it that way!

Black Friday Weekend Deals

Black Friday heralds the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  This year Black Knight Games has some tremendous deals to offer for the entire Black Friday Weekend (Friday Nov 25th – Sunday Nov 27th).

BK Rolling DiceBonus Points All Weekend

Most of the purchases you make on a regular day earn Stronghold Points that can be redeemed for $$$ off any purchase.  Members earn even more points on everyday purchases.  Throughout Black Friday Weekend we will be giving 30% MORE POINTS on ALL PURCHASES!  These add up really fast.  Spend as much as you can this weekend on the crazy deals, and have a stockpile of points to give you crazy deals later!  Ask about becoming a Stronghold Member to get even more points!

10% Off All MTG Singles

We have the best stock of MTG singles we’ve ever had including Expedition Lands, Invention Artifacts, Dual Lands, and Modern Staples.  As our regular customers will attest, these aren’t something we put on sale or discount regularly.  This weekend only, all purchases of Magic: the Gathering singles will be 10% OFF.  No exceptions!  Been saving up store credit all year?  Now’s the time to spend it.  As already mentioned, because of the busy weekend we will only accept trade-ins from our Hotlist during the sale.

Black Knight Strongbox Dice Only $4.99!

Get any of the Black Knight Games branded RPG Seven Piece Dice sets for only $4.99!  That’s a savings of up to 64%!

HBK Christmasoliday Bundles Stack with Black Friday!

During the Holidays any time you spend $100 or more before tax you will get an additional amount of FREE Store Credit, and a ballot for our Holiday Draw!  Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for the details on our 2016 Holiday Bundles and 12 Games of Christmas.  Holiday Bundles DO STACK with Black Friday deals!

Board Game Buy One Get One 20% Off

The holidays are the best time to get friends and family together for a board game or ten.  When you buy ANY in-stock board game at Black Knight Games you can get a second in-stock board game of equal or lesser value for 20% OFF!  This deal even applies to doorcrashers (detailed below).

Tons of Doorcrasher Deals!

The following items are on at an amazing prize for Black Friday Weekend while supplies last:

Even Kaladesh Booster Boxes will be on sale - and we never do that!

Even Kaladesh Booster Boxes will be on sale – and we never do that!

MTG: Kaladesh Booster Box $124.99 (22% OFF!) – While supplies last each booster box comes with TWO Holiday Buy-a-box booster packs. These special packs contain a foil from one of the standard sets and at least one rare or mythic rare

MTG: From the Vault Lore $34.99 (40% OFF!) – We still have a handful of this amazing collector’s product with 15 foil cards from the storytelling history of Magic.  A great gift, or just buy one for yourself.

MTG: Kaladesh Gift Box $27.99 (22% OFF!) – A nice large box to wrap under a tree, and the best way to store cards long term, plus some booster packs is available this weekend only at the best price we’ve ever sold it for.

Warhammer: AoS Starter Set $74.99 (50% OFF!) – Just in time for Call to Arms, we’re practically giving away a starter set chock full of amazing models.  We’ve never priced a starter set for a miniatures game this aggressively before, and the deal is this weekend only.

Warhammer: Gorechosen $59.49 (15% OFF!) – In the last year Games Workshop has released some amazing stand-alone games.  Gorechosen is perfect if you’re a fan of the Warhammer world, or if you’d like to become one.

Get Burning of Prospero for 25% OFF!

Get Burning of Prospero for 25% OFF!

40K: Burning of Prospero $134.99 (25% OFF!– This gorgeously detailed 30+ model starter set for Warhammer 40K (or 30K!) will almost certainly sell out fast.  It’s brand new, a great deal, and for the first time ever, on sale at 25% off.

40K: Stormcloud Attacks $71.99 (40% OFF!– A stand alone game that includes two amazing Warhammer 40K Flyers at a crazy price.  Even if you’re starting 40K for the first time, painting up a flyer is an exciting way to get in on the action.

40K: Lost Patrol $59.49 (15% OFF!– Predator the board game!  Play as a small squad of 40K space marine scouts lost in the jungle, or as the murderous genestealers jumping out at them in the dark.  This is a spectacular small game that gets played over and over.  Pick it up at a deal!

We have brought in six different kinds of Pokémon Tins - Get one this weekend for 33% OFF!

We have brought in six different kinds of Pokémon Tins – Get one this weekend for 33% OFF!

Pokémon Tin Sets: $19.99 (33% OFF!) – The Pokemon Trading Card Game at BKG has been taking off like crazy.  This weekend only pick up something special for the Pokemon enthusiast in your life — or just get one for yourself!

Netrunner: Core Set $41.99 (30% OFF!) – Netrunner is a stand alone board game and a collectable LCG.  The core set is the perfect way to get started in the world of steampunk cyber criminals and murderous mega corporations.  Try it out for a great deal, or buy it for a friend to play together.

Salem Board Game $19.99 (50% OFF! – Who’s a Witch and who is just being paranoid?  The story surrounding the Salem witch trials has become something of a legend, every character in this game is based on a real person whose life was directly touched and in some cases torn apart or taken away by the events surrounding the Salem witch trials.  Pick up this beautifully crafted game of deduction and superstition for an incredible price.

Seafall is the latest Legacy game! Get it now for $30 OFF!

Seafall is the latest Legacy game! Get it now for $30 OFF!

T.I.M.E. Stories Board Game $49.99 (31% OFF!) – Nominated for Game of the Year last year, Time Stories lets you become a Time Agent, correcting mistakes in history and solving complex puzzles.  The base game comes with an entire module for you and your friends to work through and explore, but multiple expansions keep the possibilities for new stories expanding.

SeaFall Board Game $89.99 (25% OFF!) – Take sail on the high seas with up to 4 friends.  In this Legacy style game, every time you play the board changes, the islands appear, the characters grow and change — all based on the choices you make.  This creative new take on board gaming really lets you feel connected to an ongoing story.  This is a perfect game to give as a gift to a group who might play it with you, or just pick it up for yourself and make your own group.


By shopping at Black Knight games for your holiday gift-giving you are helping support a small and local business – Thank you!

Black Friday Weekend is Coming

Black Knight Games will be having an entire weekend of sales to kick off the holiday season.  Our Black Friday Weekend will run from Friday to Sunday, and all of our promotions and deals will last that entire duration, and while supplies last.

We will announce exactly what will be on sale at 6pm on Thursday, so definitely check out our announcement at that time foe even more details.  There are some things I can share now however:

Thumbs UpDoor Busters
We will be selecting several items that will be on sale for a really good price.  These specific items are ones we will have a good amount of stock on, but that will be limited to first come first serve.

Bonus Points
All purchases will earn a number of bonus Stronghold Points

Holiday Deals & Draws
Beginning on Black Friday we will launch our always popular Holiday Bundles Program, including the 12 Games of Christmas and our Holiday Draws.  All purchases on Black Friday Weekend will be entitled to BOTH the Black Friday benefits, AND the Holiday Deals benefits.

Limitation on Magic: the Gathering Trade-ins
We will be very busy this weekend with our sale and eight different events (!), so we will be limiting MTG trade-ins to only cards on the Hotlist for the duration of the Black Friday Weekend.  Fear not MTG players we will have some great promotions to make it up to you!  If you really need to trade in singles we suggest you drop by over the next couple of days to do so.

Hero’s Rewards Updated

heros-reward-handOur Hero’s Reward program for Magic: the Gathering is one of our most successful promotions ever.  For those that aren’t familiar we give out special Hero’s Reward cards as promotional giveaways, prizes, and rewards at our various Magic: the Gathering events.  You can trade in those hero’s reward for a variety of different prizes, each one requiring a certain number of Hero’s Rewards as payment.

With each block we update the look and style of our Hero’s Rewards, and we are proud to introduce to you our new Kaladesh-Themed Hero’s Reward set!  With our new Kaladesh look we have, in my opinion, our nicest looking Hero’s Reward card yet.  We also have one change to our reward options:

We replaced the ‘Spend 3 Hero’s Rewards to get a discount on a Booster Box’ option (by far our least popular) with a new ‘Spend 1 Hero’s Reward to get a Free Chip, Candy, Pop, or Water –or– Spend 2 Hero’s Rewards to get a Free Energy Drink or Juice.’  We hope that this new option will appeal to the many players that we have, and will provide another easy option while you hang out in the shop.

Check out the full complement of Hero’s Reward options HERE

Black Knight Anniversary Saturday!

BKG Anniversary Nine

It’s hard to believe, but Black Knight Games has now been open for nine years!  As always we plan on celebrating with our favorite people in the world: you – the BKG customers!  On July 2nd we will be hosting an Anniversary Party, along with our always-popular Auction!

Draws: Just by showing up you get a ballot for the draws.  You get an extra ballot for every $10 you spend that day including the auction!

Auction Lot Submission: We are accepting auction lots from customers until 9pm on Friday July 1st, so if there is anything you’d like to unload getting some sweet BKG credit in exchange be sure to bring it in soon!  This is an amazing chance to get rid of old games and miniatures – and you get 100% of the value it sells for in store credit!

Parking: As you probably know our parking lot is not nearly big enough.  Please arrange drop-offs, or car pools when able.  Also please be aware of the few spots that are reserved for our neighbors!

The Auction: This year we will be running a similar auction to last year – one that includes both items from the shop, and items from customers wanting to unload things they not longer need.  Last year went great, and now that it is tried and tested we expect this to be our biggest auction yet!  Be sure to bring your wallets as there will be some great deals available.  The first step is the silent auction at 1pm.  Any items that have received at least two bids by 2pm are advanced to the live auction.

Silent Auction: 1:00pm, All items are available for viewing, and you can bid on any items you want.  If you are the only bid you win, if there are at least two bids it will proceed to the live auction.

Live Auction: 2:00pm Every lot with at least two interested parties will be resolved one at a time through a live auction.

Remember that some items will have a Reserve Bid which means that unless the bidding reaches this hidden number, the lot will not be sold.  Bids are binding, and can only be made in dollar values.

Cake: Of course!

X-Wing: I Am Your Father’s Day


X-Wing I am your Fathers Day

Join us on Father’s Day, June 19th, for a celebration of Fathers and Star Wars!

Get a Cool Promo!: Drop by the shop and participate in some kind of X-Wing  gaming to earn a special double-sided promotional Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker card!  These promos will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis (32 total will be available).  X-Wing gaming would include playing a casual game, giving our X-Wing demo game a try, or participating in the Hangar Bay tournament!

So join us for Father’s Day, enjoy some great X-Wing gaming, and get a sweet Father’s Day reward too!

X-Wing Tournament6


When: Sunday, June 19th, 11:00am

Entry Fee: $6.00 ($5.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: The Hangar Bay format is a brand new way to display  even more of your collection, broaden your expertise, and destroy your  enemies!

To play Hangar Bay format events, you will need to bring two standard  squads that follow the 100-point maximum. These squads will use the same  damage deck and obstacles.  We will also be using the Rival Rule: each  player’s two squads must belong to different factions.

Hangar Bay format rounds each begin by placing your first squad on your  left, and your second squad on your right. After evaluating your opponent’s  squads, both of you will secretly select which squad to field for this  round by using a maneuver dial.  Rotate to a 1-speed maneuver to select  your first squad on your left, or a 2-speed maneuver to select your second  squad on your right, and then place your maneuver dial facedown. Next, each  player reveals their dial simultaneously, and removes their unselected  squad from the table.

Players normally make all of the decisions about what ships they will  deploy for each game before they even come to the tournament. But with the  Hangar Bay format, players get to experience that strategic excitement  prior to each round of play!

75 minute rounds
3’x3′ play area

Prizes: We will have a Spring OP Kit available as prizes in addition to the I am your Father’s Day promos participants will be getting, if there are enough participants we will add to the prize pool with store credit.

Lunch: We will be taking a pizza order that participants can get in on if they wish for lunch.  $5.00 gets you three slices and a drink.

Mark Your Calendars!

9th Anniversary 2

The biggest event on the Black Knight calendar is coming on July 2nd: our 9th Year Anniversary Party and Auction!  More details will be forthcoming, but it will be a day full of fun, games, deals, giveaways, an auction (where you can actually sell your own stuff and get BKG credit for whatever it sells for!), and – of course – CAKE!