Family Board Game Night – HPL

Black Knight Games is very pleased to be working with the Hamilton Public Library to bring you a great Family Game Night!

When: Monday, April 16th, 6:00pm

Details:  Join us at the library with your family to learn a new game!  Black Knight Games will be there with an assortment of games for the whole family to enjoy – ready to teach you.

*Registration required (Register at the Library, not at BKG)
*Ages 6 years and up


Hamilton Public Library, Sherwood Branch
467 Upper Ottawa St
L8T 3T3

Family Board Game Night – HPL

Black Knight Games is very pleased to be working with the Hamilton Public Library to bring you a great Family Game Night!

When: Tuesday, March 20th, 4:00pm

Details:  Join us at the library with your family to learn a new game!  Black Knight Games will be here with an assortment of games for the whole family to enjoy.

*Registration required (Register at the Library, not at BKG)
*Ages 6 years and up


Hamilton Public Library, Sherwood Branch
467 Upper Ottawa St
L8T 3T3

Come out with your family and learn a new game!


Gloomhaven Preorder Special

Gloomhaven is perhaps the most highly anticipated game restock we have ever seen.  It is a dungeon crawl legacy game, which is a description that doesn’t do it justice.  Gloomhaven had a successful Kickstarter, and saw very minor stocking in stores before the hype completely exploded, overwhelming the new publisher’s ability to keep up.  A new much larger printing has been in the works for the better part of a year, and now – Finally – we will have a true restock of this exceptional game at BKG, and stores worldwide.

Gloomhaven is currently rated #1 ALL TIME on, and if you ask anyone that’s played they will tell you why – at length, I promise you.

So celebrate the best game ever joining our shelves in earnest, we will be taking preorders at a special price.  It’s time to get this game in to the hands of as many people as possible!

Release Date: Friday, January 19th

Price: $179.99
Preorder Price: $159.99

Preorder Deadline: Monday, January 15th


Board Game Night – Every Thursday!

Beginning tonight, Thursdays are officially a Board Game Night at BKG!

Join us for pick up games starting at 6:00pm.  Bring your own games, play those brought by others, or use those in the store open supply!  Some weeks will be more organized with specific games presented, however even if the Thursday evening includes a demo or mini-tournament of something specific, you are always welcome to play something else if you’d prefer.

When: Thursdays at 6:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

So join us, and your fellow board-gamers every week for some fun and games!

International TableTop Day 2017

Every year the folks at Geek & Sundry sponsor what amounts to a gamer’s holiday.  International TableTop Day is a day where gamers across the world get together and enjoy their favorite pass-time together.  Black Knight Games has been a part of ITTD from the beginning, and we will, of course, be participating tomorrow!

When: Saturday, April 29th.  We will open up our official ITTD gaming time from 12pm – 5pm, but you are definitely invited to play all day here, and at home!

What: You are encouraged to play any table-top games you wish, be they board games, card games, miniatures games, or roleplaying games!  For every unique game you play at BKG you will earn a point that can be spent on our prizes!

Prizes: Every year we put together a great selection of gaming promos, expansions, and goodies.  This year is no different, and you will be able to ‘spend’ the points you earn by playing a variety of games on whatever you wish!  Some prizes will be small, like a button, and will only cost 1 point.  Others, like a full game, might cost you ten or more!  One way or another you will walk away with some great stuff just for enjoying games on Table Top Day!

Entry Fee: It’s Free!  Black Knight Games saves up all kinds of promos we get throughout the year just to give away on this date!

So Join Us!  Whether it’s here or at home, we hope you have a very happy Table Top Day!

The 12 Games of Christmas

Each year we at Black Knight Games select twelve great entry-level games that we think would make an amazing gift for pretty much anybody.  These games are always priced in a price range that isn’t prohibitive, and are games that anyone – non gamers, and hard-core gamers alike – can enjoy together.  We keep our 12 Games of Christmas well stocked, and always have an open copy for you to try and check out – to make sure it’s the game for you!

For each of the 12 Games of Christmas you get you will be entered in to a draw for one of four $50 Gift Cards!  These prizes will be drawn in the new year.

The 12 Games of Christmas for 2016 are:


Winner of Game of the Year in 2016 – Give Codenames a Try!

Codenames: Winner of Game of the Year for 2016, Codenames is a clever clue-giving game where you have to get your team of spies to guess the correct combination of words.  We at BKG truly recommend this game for ANYONE!

Cockroach Poker: Cockroach Poker is the ultimate game for sneaky cheats and liars…but in a good way!  Trick your opponents in to believing your poker face and stick them with a set to eliminate them!

Zombie Dice: Zombie Dice is a simple press-your-luck game where you have to weigh your odds of continuing or keeping what you’ve got – plus you are a zombie!


Just look at those cool dice!

Star Wars Destiny Starter Set: Star Wars Destiny is a new dice/card game that has taken the shop by storm.  Whether you are looking for a fun game to play at home, or a new game to master in a tournament setting Star Wars Destiny will fit the bill.

Love Letter: Love Letter has become a classic.  This simple card game is perfect to fill 10 minutes or a couple hours.  Now you can play the classic game, or the Batman, Hobbit, Archer, Adventure Time, or Christmas themed variants!

Hanabi: Winner of Game of the Year in 2013, Hanabi is a charming co-operative card game where you hold your hand of cards backwards so that everyone knows what you have but you!

Star Realms: A great two player deck-building game of space combat.  If you can beat Mike at it you win a prize…seriously…he’s really good.


Sift through the Taco Cats to get Diffuser Cards to save yourselves from those naughty kittens!

Exploding Kittens: The most successful game on Kickstarter ever!  Exploding Kittens is a hilarious game from the makers of The Oatmeal comics where you manipulate the deck to make sure you don’t draw an exploding kitten!

Coup: A simple bluffing game with plenty of options to mix it up.  You can perform any action in the game…as long as people don’t call you out for it!

Dungeons & Dragon Starter Set: Ever since Stranger Things blew us all away D&D has blown up again!  This amazingly affordable starter set will get any group in to the game for a very good price!

3 Wishes: Many are calling this game the new ‘Love Letter.’  In 3 Wishes you have to get a set of three cards in front of you, but it’s harder than it looks since all the cards are face down!

Lost in R’lyeh: In this simple yet strategic game you are trying to get rid of all your cards first.  Easier said than done as the Elder Things tend to mess things up for you – and don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the name – C’thulhu likes it that way!

Agricola Release Event

Agricola Release Event

Agricola is one of the top-rated board games of all time!  Join us for the launch of the new edition of Agricola and play in our a mini-tournament!

When: Sunday, May 22nd, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00

Prizes: We will have the impressive Agricola OP Kit to provide some really great prizes for all those who participate!


The 12 Games of Christmas

12 Games of Christmas

This December we have selected twelve games that we will be featuring as our 12 Games of Christmas!  These games are games that we intend to keep very well stocked, and that make great small gifts for the gamers in your life.  They are excellent stocking-stuffers, and perfect for Secret Santas, or gifts on a budget as none of the 12 Games of Christmas are more than $29.99.  They have also been selected as games that most gamers will enjoy, and include many of our own favorites.

In addition to just being great games that should be in stock, these games will earn you a ballot for our Holiday Draws where 4 winners will get a $50.00 Black Knight Games gift card!

Lastly, all twelve games will be available to try out, with an open copy easily accessible at the front of the shop.

So give the gift of games and fun this year with our 12 Games of Christmas!

Not So Board Gaming: October

NSBG October 2015

Our first Not So Board Gaming event for Sheriff of Nottingham was a ton of fun, and we can’t wait to do more!  Join us every other Saturday in October for some more great board gaming!

Entry Fee: Each participant puts in a $5.00 deposit which immediately becomes store credit for them which can be used on a game, snacks, whatever!

Featured Games: At each event Ryan will have a couple of copies of the featured game to play.  Players are encouraged to try out the featured game, and Ryan will be on hand to teach it to those that have never played it before.

October 3rd, 4pm: Libertalia – a set collecting pirate game – Yaaar!

October 17th, 4pm: Smallworld – an area control euro game with amazing combinations of races & abilities.

October 31st, 4pm: Halloween Themed Games – A mix of some great spooky horror titles

Keep Playing!: After running the group through the featured game participants are encouraged to keep playing!  Bring your own, or try any of the games on out open games wall!


Not So Board Gaming – Begins Sep 19th

NSBG - Sheriff of Nottingham

Black Knight Games is proud to announce our new Board Gaming Club, happening every couple Saturdays.  Our board gaming guru Ryan will be here to demonstrate and teach a different game at each event.  So join us for the first installment where Ryan will be playing one of the biggest hits from the past year: Sheriff of Nottingham!

When: Saturday, September 19th, Starting at 4:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 per player, and each player immediately gets $5.00 in BKG Store Credit!

How it Works: Players that join in are welcome to play Sheriff of Nottingham – with Ryan teaching those that have never played before.  Players are also welcome to bring their own games, or pull games from our massive wall of open board games and play whatever they wish!

So join us for the first edition of Not So Board Gaming, and help us start up a great new community of board gamers right here at Black Knight Games!