Keyforge Tournament: Sealed Deck

We are very excited because it’s time for a Sealed Deck tournament!

When: Saturday, May 25th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards, Entry includes 1 Keyforge Deck

Format:  Sealed Deck, Best of 3 Rounds, 3-4 Rounds Solo Play (depending on the number of players)

Prizes: We will be providing a Keyforge Discovery Kit towards the prize pool (please note they have been delayed and there is a small chance it won’t arrive in time).  In addition $5.00 per participant will be added to a ‘prize pool’ of BKG Store Credit (after deducting $25 for the kit).

Prize Distribution: The top players in the tournament will split the Prize Pool.  From the Discovery Prize Kit the top player overall will win a Playmat, the Top 4 will each win a damage coin set, and we will also distribute Aember and Damage cards while supplies last to as many participants as we can!  Additionally the top 3 players will all win a Black Knight Games custom GAMA Keyforge Deck!!

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