Gloomhaven New Wave Preoder Special

Gloomhaven is probably the most successful new game this year.  It is a dungeon crawl legacy game, which is a description that doesn’t do it justice.  Gloomhaven had a successful Kickstarter, and saw very minor stocking in stores before the hype completely exploded, overwhelming the new publisher’s ability to keep up.  A new much larger printing came out many months ago, and even though we brought in a ton of them, they all disappeared into the mists insanely fast.  The next printing been in the works for months, and now – Finally – we will have a restock of this exceptional game at BKG, and stores worldwide.

Gloomhaven is currently rated #1 ALL TIME on, and if you ask anyone that’s played they will tell you why – at length, I promise you.

So celebrate the best game ever returning to our shelves, we will be taking preorders at a special price.  It’s time to get this game in to the hands of as many people as possible!

Re-Release Date: Friday, June 19th

Price: $179.99
Preorder Price: $169.99

Preorder Deadline: Friday, June 15th

Please Note: If you are one of the many people that already pre-ordered this with is before this announcement, we will be applying the $10.00 savings to your account to be used on whatever you’d like in the future – thanks for your order!

Stronghold Membership Renewal Drive

Our Stronghold Memberships are our longest-serving customer promotion, launching on day one of BKG.  All Stronghold Memberships are set to expire on July 1st, which makes June our renewal drive!

Why Would I join?

All the details about our Stronghold Member program can be found here, but in short – because you get all kinds of great stuff for being a member!  Stronghold Members earn way more points on their purchases, get discounts on snacks & drinks, get discounts or extras when they play events, and get a Membership Card with some cool extras on it!  These extras change every year, so what will our members get this time!?

New Membership Card Details

We’ve made a couple changes we really think you’ll like.  We’ve kept the popular 10% off any one purchase or order spot, and you can still get a Hero’s Reward for renewing early.  You will also be able to get a Hero’s Reward for both attending an event, and for signing out Knight’s Code (a code of conduct that makes sure you and other know what behavior to expect in the store).

Our favourite addition this year is the Tab.  Yep, if you want you can activate a $20.00 tab on your account.  This effectively allows you to go into the negatives on your store credit.  The Tab will not have any kind of interest or penalties on it, it’s simply us giving you – our loyal customers – up to $20 of wiggle room to buy things.  Running late for an event?  Call in and we can charge you on your tab!  Buying a drink and don’t want to use debit for $1?  Throw it on you tab!

Free Month & Renewal Bonus

If you are signing up for the first time, or for the first time in a while, by signing up in June you’ll get whatever time is left in the month for free!

If you are an existing Stronghold Member take a look at your card, you’ll see that there is a bonus Hero’s Reward stamp you can earn for re-registering this month!

So sign up for your Stronghold Membership today, and make the most of what BKG has to offer!

40K Tournament JUN

When: Saturday, June 16th, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards – Includes a pizza lunch

Stronghold Members: Get a Hero’s Reward for participating.

Format: 3 Rounds, 2000 points, ITC Rules. We will use the Best Coast Parings program to track.  Scenarios will be chosen from the ITC scenarios, rulebook, and/or Chapter Approved.

Armies: We encourage our players to have all their models be WYSIWYG (What you see it what you get) to avoid possible confusion for your opponents. Simple conversions are allowed, but anything more extreme, or model substitutions, must be approved by the event organizer. We encourage you to always double check with us in advance before using non WYSIWYG models.

Prizes: $20.00 per person (minus the cost of lunch) is all put towards the prize pool. Prizes given for Top three players, best painted and best sportsman.

So grab your bolter, and paint up those minis, and join us for this month’s Warhammer 40k 

MTG Battlebond Release Draft

This Friday, during FNM, our players will have the chance to play a Two-Headed Giant draft using Battlebond!  This will be an option for our regular FNM draft time, so if there are enough players interested we will run both the Battlebond Release draft, and the regular Dominaria draft.

When: Friday, June 8, 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards (the same are our regular FNM draft)

Two-Player Draft: For a 2HG draft players with with their team mate, and we run pods of 8 players (4 teams) ideally.  Teams get 4 packs for Battlebond, and open one pack at a time, and select two cards from each pack as they are passed.  Matches are a best-of-one.  We will play 3 rounds, just like our usual FNM Drafts, and prizes are distributed similarly.

Battlebond Launch Promos & Bonus Pack: In a typical FNM Draft our players draft with 3 packs each.  Since Battlebond recommends only 4 packs for a team draft, players will each get a Battlebond booster pack at the end regardless of how they do.  Additionally we will pass out, at random, special Battlebond Promo packs, which contain a pair of partner cards in them, to each team.  These promos WILL be passed out before drafting, and teams CAN use the promos in their draft decks.

Prizes: Like our regular FNM drafts we will put 1.5 boosters in to a prize pool for each player, and those packs will be distributed among the teams that go 2-1 and better.  This is an FNM event too, so it does qualify for our FNM promo cards (Cast Down) as well.

So be sure to jump on this rare opportunity at a Two-Headed Draft, and celebrate the first ever multiplayer focused set!


Knights of Blackwood – Learn to Paint

Join us for an afternoon of miniature painting!  All levels of experience are welcome from total beginners to experienced painters – there’s always more to learn!

Knights of Blackwood: This event is open to all Knights of Blackwood members (our FREE Youth program for those 6-16 years old, so join now if you aren’t a member!)

When: Sunday, July 29, 11:00am-3:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 (Or 2 Hero’s Rewards)

Details: Bring your brush, and any miniature(s) you want to paint!  Don’t have a brush and/or mini? – we will provide them to you!  We will have a dedicated staff here to teach you how to paint miniatures, from the basics to more advanced techniques.  Paints, stations, water cups etc are all supplied by us.  Parents and guardians are welcome to join too!

Prizes: All participants will get a Knights of Blackwood Pet, and have the chance to earn other prizes too!