WMH Steamroller Tournament APR

Black Knight Games is excited to be hosting yet another Warmachine & Hordes Steamroller tournament this April!

When: Saturday, April 14, 10:30am (Registration begins at 9:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards (Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward for playing)

Format: 75pt Steamroller Tournament, 4 Rounds, Deathclock, Divide & Conquer 0

Lunch Provided: We will provide a pizza lunch (3 slices at least), including either 2 pops/water -or- 1 juice/energy drink

Prizes: We will put $20 per person, minus the overall cost of lunch, in to a prize pool.  There will be a prize for the ‘Best Painted’ army (as voted on by the participants), and the ‘Best Sportsmanship’ (as voted on by your opponents).  The remaining prize pool will be divided up among the top 3 players!

So bring your forces, preferably painted, to BKG and battle it out in our Steamroller Tournament!

MTG Dominaria Preorder Special

Dominaria, the next set of MTG, is coming and it’s coming in hot.  Here are the details of the BKG Preorder Special:

Dominaria Release:  Wizards has announced that Dominaria booster boxes will have a VERY special preorder perk – you will be able to get your box of Dominaria boosters a week early during Prerelease Weekend!

Dominaria Release Date: Friday, April 27
Dominaria Booster Box Early-Bird Pick Up: April 21-22

Dominaria Exclusive Buy-a-Box Card:  On top of that you will get the buy-a-box promo card which, for the first time, will be exclusively available as a buy-a-box card – there will be no other way to get it.  The card is ‘Firesong and Sunspear‘, and it will be limited to the first 60 people who order or buy a box of Dominaria from Black Knight Games.

Booster Box Preorder Price: $139.99 (Reg $159.99)
Pay with Hero’s Rewards: Have you been saving up those Hero’s Rewards from the events you’ve been attending?  Well you can always trade us 40 Hero’s Rewards and get a booster box for free!  So you can take advantage of this special using only Hero’s Rewards!

Buy-a-Box Booster Packs:  We still have some of the Ixalan Buy-a-Box booster packs, so when you preorder your Dominaria booster box through us you will also get a bonus booster pack of foils & rares!



MTG Dominaria Open House

Black Knight Games is pleased to be hosting another Open House, this time we return to the plane that started it all – Dominaria!

When: Sat, April 14th, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Participants Get: At Open House, new players get a Welcome Deck, and a tutorial and a showcase of the game in an open-play environment, they also get a Foil Full-Art Llanowar Elves promo!

Bring a Friend: If you are an established Magic player, you are invited to participate to teach new players, and to bring your friends in who would like to try MTG!  Established players will also be given a promotional Foil Full-Art Llanowar Elves if they bring a new player with them!

The Open House event  is a new tradition that precedes the Prerelease by a week, giving new players the perfect introduction leading in to the most exciting event each season!

MTG Rivals of Ixalan Store Championship

The long cycle of Ixalan & Rivals of Ixalan comes to a close with one last test – are you the Champion?

When: Saturday, April 7th, 12:00pm (Registration opens at 11am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members Get: A Hero’s Reward for participating

Format: Standard, 3-5 Rounds of Swiss (Based on number of participants), Cut to top 8

Game Day Event Prizes: All participants will get a first-peek at the next set with a foil rare, full-art promo card from Dominaria. Top 8 players win an exclusive Ultra Pro deck box and the store champion wins an exclusive playmat.  Additionally there will be a prize pool of $10/participant drawn from by the top players.

Star Wars Destiny Tournament

When: Saturday, March 31, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:00am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 (or 3 Hero’s Rewards), Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward

Prizes: We will be supplying a current Star Wars Destiny OP Kit which includes some great promos. We will also provide additional prizes based on the overall attendance, which might take the form of packs or store credit (based on stock levels). Overall we will pitch in $10 per player to the prize pool minus the cost of the OP kit.

Deck Building: Players follow the standard rules for deck-building.  Players are responsible for bringing any dice that go along with their cards.

Tournament Format:

Swiss: 3-4 Swiss Rounds (Depending on Attendance) / 1 Game per Round / Swiss Rounds are 35mins each, Cut to Top 4

Fore full details on the SW Destiny Tournament Guidelines check out the FFG Website.

40K Tank Fight

Battle of the Behemoths

Sudden battles between opposing forces of mobile scouts, armoured tanks, flying aces and monstrous creatures engage in a test of the vehicles crew, armour and armoured skin alike.  The roar of engines bellowing thick black smoke,the hammering blasts of cannons and the tearing of armour will be heard echoing throughout the debris-clogged streets of Hamilton.

When: Sunday, April 1st, 2018 from 11 am to 2 pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 (or 2 Hero’s Rewards)

Bring: Up to 500 points of a single tank, flyer or monstrous creature to this battle of the titans and see if you can survive until the end.

Prizes: There will be a prize pool from the entry fees ($5/participant) and prizes will be awarded using this pool. Prizes for BEST PAINTED (tank or monster voted by participants entered in the event) as well as MOST SUCCESSFUL (tank or monster with the most points at the end of the event) will be awarded.


1) Bring a single Vehicle, Flyer or Monster (must have Vehicle, Fly and/or Monster Keyword) of up to 500 points – the points total will be deducted from your starting score (so if you bring a BIG vehicle you have more ground to make up)

2) Forgeworld vehicles and monsters are allowed

3) Conversions are accepted but must be WYSISWG or approved before being able to be used.

4) Models do not need to be painted to join the event

5) Most important rule, HAVE FUN

Pokémon Foolish Egg-Stravaganza Challenge

Join us for an Easter-Themed Tournament.  Streamer SMSH14 will be streaming live from our store!  We will have fun events for the kids going on throughout the event, all included in the event.

When: Sunday, April 1st, 11:00am, Registration begins at 10:00am

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards -or- FREE for Knights of Blackwood (our new Youth club)

Format: Masters Standard Format, Swiss/Top Cut (Junior and Senior divisions).  Pokémon player ID is required, if you don’t have one we can provide it.  Deck lists may be required, we will have blank forms on hand to fill out.

Prizes: Based on the total entries, everyone will get a prize for playing!  We will add 2 boosters/player in to a prize pool.

X-Wing Tournament MAY

Join us for an X-Wing tournament at Black Knight Games!

When: Saturday, May 5th, 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 // 3 Hero’s Rewards

Pre-register: Anyone that pre-registers will be entered in to our monthly draw for a $50.00 Gift Card!

Format: This event follows the Basic Tournament Structure, 100pts, 75mins/round, ‘Relaxed Tier’, 3-4 Swiss Rounds (based on attendance).

Stronghold Members: Stronghold Members will get a Hero’s Reward (Membership has its perks!)

Prizes: We will have a Game Night Kit to distribute, and based on attendance we will add store credit to a prize pool ($10.00 per participant minus the cost of the prize kit).

Yes Disintegrations!

Knights of Blackwood: D&D Welcome to Blackwood

I am very excited to be running our first ever Dungeons & Dragons event for kids!  This event will be structured to teach the game, and introduce our participants to the world of Blackwood, a setting of our own.

When: Sunday, April 15th

Session 1:  10:00am – 1:00pm
Session 2:  2:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 per participant

Player Slots: We only have 8 slots maximum for players for each session, so sign up now and reserve your spot!  We require at least three players in a session to proceed with it.  If we are full we can add you to the reserve list.

Age Restriction: This is a Knights of Blackwood event, so age is restricted to 6 – 16 years old.  However, parents or guardians are welcome to register as well if they wish to join in the fun!

You Get:

Every participant gets a Hero’s Reward card for participating, which can be used on a variety of rewards including a free Pet, or a snack or drink!

Option (+$12.00): Get a set of RPG Dice and a miniature representing your character – both chosen from our huge variety of stock!

The Game: Welcome to Blackwood’ is our introductory D&D session storyline – this is the perfect entry event for new players, and any kids that haven’t yet played D&D at our store.  The region of Blackwood is introduced, the basics of role-play are explained, and the adventure begins!  This session will have a dedicated Game Master (Jay, the shop’s owner) who will guide the players through the session.

All pages, maps, enemy characters, and other necessary items will be provided by the store – the only thing players must have is a miniature for their character, and a set of RPG dice (see the ‘Option’ above if you don’t already have these.

“Roleplaying games are an amazing way for players to craft a story together.  They foster team-work and creative thinking, and are an amazing experience for gamers of all ages!” – Jay

Shadespire Tournament

Black Knight Games is very excited to be hosting another Shadespire tournament!

When: Saturday, March 31, 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $15, Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward

Format:  Swiss, 3-4 Rounds depending on attendance, Rounds are best of 3, 90mins.  Full tournament rules can be found HERE

Prizes: We will be putting $15/Player in to a prize pool, which the top players will get in the form of Store Credit (minus any door prizes).  It is also possible that the new Shadespire OP kits arrive, if so part of the prize pool will be replaced by awesome promos!

Bring: One Shadespire Force, and a legal deck of cards to accompany them.  Bring both Shadespire boards, and any tokens you wish to use.

So journey to the cursed city of Shadespire and claim what is yours!