MTG: Unstable Drafts

It’s been thirteen years since our last joke-laden ‘Un’ set for Magic: the Gathering – but the wait is over!  Unstable is a set rife with silly cards, ridiculous rules, and hilarious meta-references.  Unstable will be a blast to draft, which is why we already have two Unstable Drafts on the books:


Friday, December 8th, 6:30pm
Friday, December 15th, 6:30pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members get 1 Hero’s Reward

Format: Booster Draft, 3 Rounds (Draft Pods)  Please note that these will be casual-ranked games as Wizards does not allow Un-Sets to be played in competitive play.  Unstable has some bizarre mechanics, so read up on the shenanigans HERE

Prizes: 1.5 Packs of Unstable in to the prize pool, distributed the same way as our regular FNM Booster Drafts.

Turn those cranks, and summons some squirrels – Unstable is here!

WMH World Ender S3 Tournament

Black Knight Games will be hosting two World Ender events for Season 3 of the Tournament Series!  Our first event is a point-only event, which will allow players an early opportunity to accumulate points towards the standings – in the hope of qualifying for the Invitational.

When: Saturday, November 25, 10:00am (Registration opens at 9:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00

Format: 75pts, Steamroller, D&C Zero

Facebook Event Page: Click Here

World Ender Points: 1st Place will earn 15pts, 2nd Place: 10pts, 3rd: 7pts, 4th: 6pts, 5th: 5pts, etc.  World Ender Points are used in an overall series ranking to select players for the Invitational.

Prizes: Top three places will earn a World Ender trophy.  Additionally we will add $15.00 to the prize pool for each participant.  The pool will be distributed to the top players.

Lunch: Most of the time we do pizza for lunch, included in the event.  This time, to keep the format consistent, lunch is not included.  However, anyone wishing to get in on a pizza order can pay $5.00 and get three slices and a drink!

Don’t miss this opportunity to pad your stats and earn some valuable World Ender points – and be sure to come out to our even bigger World Ender qualifier event in February!

X-Wing Tournament DEC

Join us for an X-Wing tournament at Black Knight Games!

When: Saturday, December 9th, 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 // 3 Hero’s Rewards

Pre-register: Anyone that pre-registers will be entered in to our monthly draw for a $50.00 Gift Card!

Format: This event follows the Basic Tournament Structure, 100pts, 75mins/round, ‘Relaxed Tier’, 3-4 Swiss Rounds (based on attendance).

Stronghold Members: Stronghold Members will get a Hero’s Reward (Membership has its perks!)

Prizes: We will have a Game Night Kit, which includes: Top 16 all get ‘Crack Shot’, Top four take turns choosing from ‘Omega Leader’ (2) and Acrylic Focus Tokens (2).  Left over Crack shots will be passed out to the 5th and lower players until we run out! (unless new kits come in, in which case we will make it a newer GNK kit!)

So get to your fighters, and join us!

Necromunda Preorder Special

Necromunda, the game of hive city gang warfare, and a long-time fan-favorite, is back for the first time in over a decade!

The new edition, Necromunda Underhive, is imminent, and we have the best way for you to get yours: the BKG Necromunda Preorder Special!


The Necromunda Underhive core set (which includes 2 gangs, the tile set, two sets of terrain, and all the stuff you need to play like dice and templates!), the Gang War book (which includes the rules for campaigns, and multi-level fighting – probably the most popular things about Necromunda), a Gang Card Set of your choice,

Pre-order Special: When you pre-order the special, you will also get a limited edition Gang Range Ruler, a set of Promo Cards, a free Hero’s Reward , and two ballots for our monthly Gift Card draw!  Additionally the first ten pre-orders will get a Necromunda poster!  –  All for a better price!

Canadian MSRP: $203.00 (Set $150, Gang War $35, Card Card Set $35)
Pre-Order Special Price: $184.99
You Save: $18.00 and get a bunch of great promo items!

Pre-order Deadline: You can get this special price on any preorder placed by Tuesday, November 21st

Stronghold Points: In addition to saving lots of money on the sale price, the promos, the Hero Reward, and the ballots, you will – as always – collect Stronghold Points on this sale – which will earn you even more discounts!  If you are a member that’s 925 points – which is almost a further $10 in discount!

MTG Iconic Masters Drafts

Iconic Masters is an exciting set of reprinted stables and iconic cards from the history of MTG.  It’s also a set built specifically for drafting, with extra care taken to make sure that drafts will be exciting – so, of course, we will be hosting a couple drafts!


Friday, November 17th, 6:30pm
Friday, December 1st, 6:30pm

Entry Fee: $55.00 (Anyone that is registered for the Iconic Masters PPTQ will save $5.00 on their draft entry!)

Stronghold Members get 2 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Booster Draft, FNM, 3 Rounds (Draft Pods)

Prizes: 1.5 Packs of Iconic Masters in to the prize pool, distributed the same way as our regular FNM Booster Drafts.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to draft with a very special set!

Warhammer 40,000 Charity Tournament 1850pts ITC

When: Saturday, December 16, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards – Includes a pizza lunch

Stronghold Members: Get a Hero’s Reward for participating.

Format: 3 Rounds, 1850 points, ITC Rules. Scenarios: Custom Holiday-Themed. We will use the Best Coast Parings program to track.

Prizes: All proceeds will go to charity!  Prizes will be fun stuff that has been donated by BKG, and other organizers.

MTG Iconic Masters Preorder Special

Iconic Masters is the next exciting premium reprint set from Magic: the Gathering, with some truly excellent staples being included in the set.

Included: Every box of Iconic Masters contains 24 booster packs—each with fifteen randomly inserted game cards, including one premium foil card in every pack. Get your friends together to embark on one of the most iconic and power-packed Draft experiences yet!

Pre-order Special: When you pre-order a booster box of Iconic Masters by the preorder deadline, you will get a better price, a free Hero’s Reward, and a pair of ballots for our monthly Gift Card draw!

Iconic Masters Canadian MSRP: $309.99
Pre-Order Special Price: $249.99
You Save: $60.00!

Pre-order Deadline: You can get this special price on any preorder placed by Monday, November 13th

Stronghold Points: In addition to saving lots of money on the sale price, the Hero Reward, and the ballots, you will – as always – collect Stronghold Points on this sale – which will earn you even more discounts!  If you are a member that’s 1250 points – which is a further $10+ Discount!

So pre-order you box today, and save in three ways!

SW Destiny Tournament DEC

When: Saturday, December 2nd, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:00am)

Entry Fee: $10.00, Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward

Prizes: We will be supplying a current Star Wars Destiny OP Kit which includes some great promos. We will also provide additional prizes based on the overall attendance, which might take the form of packs or store credit (based on stock levels). Overall we will pitch in $10 per player to the prize pool minus the cost of the OP kit.

Deck Building: Players follow the standard rules for deck-building.  Players are responsible for bringing any dice that go along with their cards.

Tournament Format:

Swiss: 3-4 Swiss Rounds (Depending on Attendance) / 1 Game per Round / Swiss Rounds are 35mins each, Cut to Top 4

Fore full details on the SW Destiny Tournament Guidelines check out the FFG Website.