MTG: Standard Showdown HOU Series

Black Knight Games is happy to announce that we will be running Standard Showdown each Saturday (except Game Day weekend) for the next couple months!

When: Saturday Evenings, beginning at 6:00pm (Registration begins at 5:30pm)

Entry Fee: $8.00 // $7.00 if you are a Stronghold Member // 2 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Standard, 3-4 Rounds based on attendance (usually 4), No Cut

Prizes: 1 Hour of Devastation Booster Pack/Player will be added to a Prize Pool to be split among the top players. Additionally at each event we will give out 9 Standard Showdown packs (Players that go at least x-1 player will each get at least one, and the rest will be passed out randomly among those that attended the previous week (or to anyone on the first week). We will host a bounty at these events like we do for FNM and Modern Wednesdays.  These events do not count towards the FNM Standard standings.

Standard Showdown Packs: The nine packs given out each event are a special 5-Card booster pack that will include two premium cards (1 Foil common/uncommon, and 1 Foil rare/mythic rare from a currently legal Standard set, including Hour of Devastation full-art lands), 1 Hour of Devastation full-art land, and 2 non-foil rare or mythic rare from a currently legal Standard set!

40K: Tournament 8th Edition Kick Off

It’s the first 8th edition tournament so if you’ve never been to a tournament this is a great time to come out!

When: Saturday, July 22, 11:00am (Registtration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards – Includes a pizza lunch

Stronghold Members: Get a Hero’s Reward for participating.

Format: 3 Rounds, 1250 points strait out of the rulebook nothing is banned. no rules tweaks. Forgeworld is allowed.  Just bring your models (painted or otherwise) and your index.

Prizes: $20.00 per person (minus the cost of lunch) is all put towards the prize pool.  Prizes given for Top three players, best painted and best sportsman.

MTG: Hour of Devastation Game Day

Hour of Devastation Game Day will be the final Game Day event in the old method, which also makes this our last Game Day with a Second Chance Tournament!  Moving forward Wizards is re-branding the Game Day as a ‘Store Championship’ event, and moving it to the end of the schedule.  So join us for the final ‘Game Day’!

When: Saturday, August 5th

Game Day: 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11am)
Second Chance Tournament: 3:00pm

Entry Fee:

Game Day: $10.00 // $8.00 for Stronghold Members // 3 Hero’s Rewards
Second Chance Tournament: FREE!

Game Day Event Prizes: All participants will get a promo card. We will add $10.00 to the Prize Pool for the Top 8 participants in the Game Day Event for each participant. Additionally the Top 8 players will receive a promo full art card, and a Hero’s Reward. In addition to their other prizes the winner will earn the Game Day Champion Playmat!

Second Chance Tournament: Our Second Chance Tournament gives players that missed the cut, or that couldn’t make the earlier event a second chance at all the great Game Day promos. Each participant will earn the promo (while supplies last), and the Top 8 players will win the top 8 promo card as well. The top player will win the second Champion Playmat too!

Imperial Assault Store Championship

When: Saturday, July 29th, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:00am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards

Pre-register: Anyone that pre-registers will be entered in to our monthly draw for a $50.00 Gift Card!

Format: Store Championships follow the Basic Tournament Structure, 40pts, 65mins/round, ‘Relaxed Tier’, 3-4 Swiss Rounds (based on attendance), typically followed by a Cut to Top 4 or 8.

Prizes: Every single participant will be given a Hero’s Reward, additionally Stronghold Members will get a second Hero’s Reward.  The Store Championship kit provides some excellent prizes based on where you finish:

Top 32: Alternate-Art ‘Unshakable’ Card
Top 8: Set of five Terminal tokens
Top 4: Acrylic point dial
Top 2: ‘Junk Droid’ extended art card and printed acrylic token
Champion: A Bye at a Regional event, and a Champion Plaque!

Additionally we will be adding $10/player to a prize pool, which will be divided up among the Top 4-8 players (Depending on attendance), based on how they finish.

So join us for our 2017 Imperial Assault Store Championship!

Imp Assault Store Champ

MTG: Draft Weekend (HOU)

Following the excitement of the Prerelease Weekend we are excited to announce our Draft Weekend Event!  Draft Weekend is a new event type from Wizards to celebrate the launch weekend of a new set.

This Draft Weekend we have decided to make it all about the Hero’s Rewards.  We will be giving out Hero’s Rewards like crazy at these events, so if you want to start saving up for something big like a box or a Prerelease Weekend, this is the single best opportunity for the next three months to load up on Hero’s Rewards!

When: Saturday, July 15, 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards

You Get: 3 Booster Packs to draft with, an Hour of Devastation Draft Weekend Promo Card (Ramunap Excavator), the chance at a bunch of Hero’s Rewards!

Hero’s Reward Prizes:

Participate as a Stronghold Member: 1 Hero’s Reward
Win a Match: 1 Hero’s Reward
Go undefeated in your pod: +3 Hero’s Rewards (for a total of 6 – which is a FREE draft if you want it!)
Attend your First Event: If this is your first event at BKG (other than other HOU events like Open House or Prerelease), or your first one in a year get 1 Hero’s Reward
Bring a Friend: If you bring a friend with you that quialifies for the ‘Attend your First Event’ reward get a Hero’s Reward
Random Winners: For every 5 participants in the event, we will give out one random Hero’s Reward (rounding up)

So load up on Hero’s Rewards and get the prize you really want – be sure to register now!


MTG: League (HOU)

Black Knight Games is excited to announce the Hour of Devastation League!

Begins: July 17th, lasts until August 13th

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members Get: A FREE Hero’s Reward for participating

Players Get: 3 Booster Packs, selected from either Hour of Devastation, or Amonkhet.

Additional Packs: Each week participants may purchase an additional booster pack of either set to add to their card pool.  Players may purchase a further pack for every three match losses they have.  Players may always purchases these packs in later weeks to catch up to the packs they were entitled to.

Decks: Players will have a deck registration sheet that they will leave at the store.  All cards opened in the initial three packs, and the additional packs, may be used to build your deck.  Basic lands may be added, and are supplied by the store.  Decks have a minimum of 30 cards.

Games: Games can be played against anyone else in the league at any time.  Players are encouraged to come out on Monday Night for ‘League Night’ where they will be even more likely to find opponents.  Matches are a single game, which makes getting lots of games in very easy!  Players may not play the same person more than twice a week.

Prizes: Anyone that gets at least 15 games played will get a FREE Booster Pack.  Anyone that gets to 10 wins will get a FREE Booster Pack.  Anyone that accomplishes both will also get a FREE Hero’s Reward.

The single player with the most wins at the end will win the Poster-sized Oath of Ajani Card we have!

The single player with the most games played will win the Poster-sized Oath of Gideon we have!

If it’s the same person for both they will have their choice of the two, and the second one will be given to the person with the highest total of wins + games played.

Magic League is a great way to explore the new set, and create a motivation to play new players and get some fun casual games in.  Plus you can win a cool giant-sized card!

BKG10 News: Pirate Labs Added to New Ranges

Our Anniversary Party may have passed, but we aren’t done celebrating out 10th just yet.  We still have a few new product line announcements to make, and one major announcement coming.  Here are two of the final three new product line announcements for our 10 New Lines for 10 Years:

Pirate Lab2

Pirate Lab3We met the folks at Pirate Labs while at GAMA in Las Vegas, and their collectible card game accessories really impressed us.  I really fell in love with their ‘Slice’ deck cases, as well as some of their upcoming deck boxes that we should have soon.

Pirate Labs also has inexpensive Deck Cases for 120 Cards and 80 Cards.

Pirate Lab1One of their specialties is nice carrying cases to hold many decks.  They have backpacks, messenger bags, which we may bring in next time.  The cases we decided to try out in our first order are their ‘Small Case’ that will hold a handful of decks, and have space for things like tokens and dice as well.

Our initial order is en route already, so come by in a week or so when it gets here and check them out!



Warlord Games makes two large ranges that we have already brought in as part of our 10 Product Lines for 10 Years: Bolt Action, and Konflikt ’47.

We have also brought in a nice selection of Warlord’s real specialty: Historicals.

Warlord Games distributes rules and miniatures from all eras of military history, from the Ancient Greeks to modern times.  They also distribute the miniatures of some other smaller historicals companies, including the popular Perry Brothers Miniatures.

We have brought in books and minis from the most popular settings, including Ancients (Romans & Greeks), Pike & Shotte, Black Poweder (including US Civil War, and Napoleonics), and the already mentioned Bolt Action (WWII).

The range is truly immense though, so if there is something you wish to have that isn’t already on our shelves, let us know.  From this point forward we will be making very regular orders from Warlord directly, so we should be able to accommodate any customer orders. in good time!

Warlord 2