Age of Sigmar: Community Party

Since we have had a couple of groups sprouting up for Age of Sigmar in the past couple months, with the Call to Arms, and the Thursday night gamers, we have opened up what was formerly the Call to Arms Finale to all of the members in our AoS community!

When: Sunday, February 26th, 5pm

After the store closes all are invited for pizza, prizes, and gaming! We will also host a painting contest as well.

Entry: Free – to C2A Participants, $5.00 for everyone else

You Get: Pizza, Drinks, Gaming, Fun!

Painting Contest: All participants can submit an entry in all three catagories: Best single model, best large model, and best unit (fun prizes for winners)

Last Call for Call to Arms: For those that participated in the Call to Arms you will be awarded points for your efforts, which you will be able to spend on your choice of prizes. This is the new DEADLINE for finishing your armies – so you’ve got a couple more weeks!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tournament

Join us for a Warhammer Age of Sigmar tournament using the points from the General’s Handbook!

When: Saturday, February 4th, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16.00 for Stronghold Members) – Includes Pizza lunch

Rounds: 3 Rounds, 2 Hours & 20mins/Round. Scenarios: Three Places of Power (p.114), Blood & Glory (p.111), and Border War (p.113) – All scenarios from the General’s Handbook.

Bring: Your army, your rules, dice, two copies of your army list.

Armies & Guidelines:
Forces will be up to 2000 points, using the ‘Pitched Battle’ rules on p. 106 in the General’s Handbook. Forces must follow the minimums for a Battlehost force (1-6 Leaders, 3+ Battleline units, 0-4 Artillery, 0-4 Behemoths).

Players may set aside any amount of points as ‘Reinforcement Points’ (p. 108 Generals Handbook). It is from their Reinforcement Points that players may summon, or otherwise add units to the game – units added in this way DO NOT need to be decided beforehand, so players can draw from any legal miniatures they have on hand – and may even use miniatures that had died earlier in the game.

Forces must be composed exclusively from models from one of the four Grand Alliances (Order, Chaos, Death, & Destruction), and may either take Alliance Abilities from their Grand Alliance, or from their Battletome.

Warscroll Detachments may be taken, however you must pay the additional points for them from the Points section in the General’s Handbook.

Prizes: We will provide prizes for the Best General(s), Best Sportsman, and Best Presentation in the form of store credit (based on attendance).

40K: March ITC Tournament

In March Black Knight Games will be hosting another ITC tournament!

When: 11:00am, Show up a few minutes early to register please.

Format: 1850pts. 3 Rounds (2 hrs each). ITC Rules and Scenarios with Maelstrom of War objectives.

Prizes: A prize will be awarded for the Top 3 Players, Best Painted, and Best Sport.

Pizza and a drink are included in the entry fee and we’ll take a short lunch break

Entry Fee: $20 ($16 for Stronghold Members)

Find out more about the ICT HERE.

Hope to see you there!


MTG Standard Showdown (RIX)

The next series of Standard Showdown dates is coming up, this time in association with the Rivals of Ixalan era

When: Saturday Evenings, beginning at 6:00pm (Registration begins at 5:30pm) – Beginning SAT, Feb 3

Entry Fee: $8.00 // $7.00 if you are a Stronghold Member -or- 2 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Standard, 3-4 Rounds based on attendance (usually 4), No Cut

Prizes: 1 Rivals of Ixalan Pack/Player will be added to a Prize Pool to be split among the top players. Additionally at each event we will give out 9 Standard Showdown packs (Players that go at least x-1 player will each get one, any x-0 players will get 2, any remainder will be randomly given out).

Standard Showdown Packs: The nine packs given out each event are a special 4-Card booster pack that will include 2 rare or mythic cards from a current standard-legal set, 1 foil basic land with art by Rebecca Guay, and 1 foil card of any rarity from a currently legal Standard set.

40K: 1850 ITC Tournament

11am start time. Show up a few minutes early to register, please.

Format: 1850pts. 3 Rounds (2 hrs each). ITC Rules

Prizes: A price will be awarded for Best Overall, Best General, Best Painted, and Best Sport.

Pizza and a drink are included in the entry fee and we’ll take a short lunch break.

Entry Fee: $20 ($16 for Stronghold Members)

SWIA Imperial Assault Tournament January 28th

A new year is upon us! While the weather outside may feel more like Hoth it’s time to bust out all the new Jabba’s Realm figures you got for Christmas, Life Day, or whatever holiday you just celebrated. Black Knight Game will be hosting a 40-point skirmish tournament. Bring your Rancors, Dewback Riders, and Alliance Rangers!

What you need to bring:
• 40-point squad with cards and figures (official Imperial Assault miniatures only, no tokens or proxies)
• 15-card Command deck totaling no more than 15 points
• Maps (or tiles), Scenario cards and setup diagrams for the following legal maps: Nelvaanian Warzone, ISB Headquarters, Coruscant Landfill
• Dice, doors, and all required tokens
• Two printed copies of your roster. “It’s on my phone” is not acceptable. Please be courteous and arrive with these filled out. Players who fill in their rosters at and e-mail links to on or before Thursday, January 26th do not need to bring rosters

Entry Fee: $6 ($5 for Stronghold Members)

Prizes: We will be awarding the contents of an FFG Tournament kit that includes alternate art character cards and tokens. If we have more than enough attendees to cover the cost of the kit we’ll also be giving out store credit prizes.

We will do Swiss pairings and the number of 65 minute rounds will depend on the number of attendees. There will not be a cut to single elimination. Players will be ranked based on VPs with the first and second tie-breakers being strength of schedule and extended strength of schedule, respectively. Please ensure that you are completely registered and ready to play at least ten minutes before the stated start time.

Except for miniatures, deployment cards, command cards, and dice, third-party gaming components may be used at the discretion of the tournament organizer and staff of Black Knight Games.

No third-party reference materials may be used. As a reminder, FFG’s organized play rules prohibit the writing down of information (except for VPs scored) during a game. This includes writing down the names of Command Cards your opponent used.

MTG: Aether Revolt Prerelease Weekend

Entry Fee: $39.00 ($35.00 for Stronghold Members) or hand in 9 Hero’s Reward Cards

You Get: Everyone gets a Prerelease pack.  All participants get a FREE Hero’s Reward Card for each event they participate in. Additionally there will be door prizes, snacks, and more fun.

Prizes: We will add two MTG Aether Revolt booster packs into the prize pool per participant. Prizes in the past have been divided into balanced and original formats, but this year we’re doing something a little different.

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about our system of rewarding a pack for each match win, but players have sometimes missed the big payout factor of going undefeated and getting an exciting stack of packs. We’re listening to you. We’ve made some adjustments.

In the first round of play, winners will be awarded a Hero’s Reward. In every round thereafter, the winner of each match will get a booster pack of Aether Revolt. Then, undefeated players after the 4th round will get an even split of a number of packs equal to half the participants.

This means we’re giving out more than at previous events, at the same price as previous prereleases. We want to be your destination of choice for Aether Revolt, as we know Magic players have lots of options. We appreciate your continued loyalty to BKG and want you to know that we always think about our customers first when creating great events.

Midnight Madness – Friday, January 13th
11:59pm, Sealed Deck

Saturday, January 14th
9:00am, Sealed Deck
2:30pm, Sealed Deck
8:00pm, Two-Headed Giant Sealed

Sunday, January 15th
10:00am, Sealed Deck
3:00pm, Sealed Deck

Happy Birthday Mike Sale!

It’s Mike’s birthday today, and he’ll be here all day.  So he decided that the thing he wanted most for his birthday (apart from a new airbrush) is to give everyone the chance to get some great games at a great deal!  But, like most gamers, Mike is pretty opinionated and he’s only willing to doll out deals to people buying his FAVORITE games.

So – today we will be offering to anyone that wishes Mike a happy birthday 10% off any purchase of Mike’s favorite games!  What are Mike’s favorites?  Well you’ll have to ask him (or maybe convince him) as to what those are, but you can bet they’ll include stuff like Star Realms, and Dungeons & Dragons, and Blood Bowl, and pretty much anything Mantic (dude loves that company…)

So drop by today, wish Mike a happy birthday, and grab yourself some of his favorite games at a discount!