MTG: Young Planeswalkers Sundays

MTG Young Planeswalkers

Join a fun group of other young Magic: the Gathering players every Sunday at Black Knight Games! Instruction for new players is available, as well as advice on deck-building and guidance on rules.

Most Young Planeswalkers events are FREE, and involve pick-up games with other players in a league-type format.

On the final Sunday of each month we will host a Young Planeswalkers tournament with the following guidelines:

Entry Fee: $2.00
Decks must be Standard legal
All participants will get a FOIL promo card! Winners win Hero’s Rewards!

MTG Eldritch Moon Prerelease Weekend

MTG Eldritch Moon Prerelease Weekend

We will be celebrating the sescond release of Magic: the Gathering: Shadows Over Innistrad block – Eldritch Moon – with an entire weekend of prerelease fun!

Entry Fee: $39.00 ($35.00 for Stronghold Members) or hand in 9 Hero’s Reward Cards

You Get: Everyone gets a Prerelease pack. All participants get a FREE Hero’s Reward Card for each event they participate in. Additionally there will be door prizes, and more fun (like taking Emrakul down with a horde of zombies!).

Prizes: We will add two MTG Eldritch Moon booster packs in to the prize pool per participant. Prizes will be distributed in one of two different ways.

Some tournaments will use an Original Prizing format like we’ve done in the past (prizes based on overall record with those winning the majority of their games getting the entire prize pool).

Other tournaments will use a new Balanced Prizing format, where tournaments will be 4 rounds, and each player wins a pack for every match they win (this will give less prizes to the top players, but will spread the packs out more). So double check which events have which prizing method and be sure to attend the one you prefer!

Midnight Madness – Friday, July 15th
11:59pm, Sealed Deck, Balanced Prizing

Saturday, July 16th
9:00am, Sealed Deck, Original Prizing
2:30pm, Sealed Deck, Balanced Prizing
8:00pm, Two-Headed Giant Sealed, Balanced Prizing

Sunday, AJuly 17th
10:00am, Sealed Deck, Original Prizing
3:00pm, Sealed Deck, Original Prizing

All events are DCI Sanctioned, and registration begins a half hour before the event. Pre-register to reserve your spot!

SW Imperial Assault Regional Tournament

SWIA - Regional Tournament

On Saturday, July 9th Black Knight Games will be hosting a Regional Championship Event for Star Wars: IMPERIAL ASSAULT. Whether you’re fighting for the daring Rebels, oppressive Imperials, or conniving Mercenaries, your squad will be put to the test!

When: Saturday, July 9, 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11:30am)

Entry Fee: $15.00


First Place: The winner of each Regional Championship receives a Regional Champion trophy and one card granting the winner a first-round bye at a country’s National Championship.

Top Four: The top four players at the end of the tournament each receive a metal, Mercenary-themed challenge coin with the Mandalorian “Kyr’bes” symbol on it.

Top Eight: The top eight players at the end of the tournament each receive a set of translucent green attack dice and white defense dice.

Top Sixteen: The top sixteen players at the end of the tournament each receive one pack of acrylic crate tokens. Level up your game and spice up your mission maps with these crate tokens!

Top Sixty-Four: The top sixty-four players at the end of the tournament each receive one copy of the alternate art C-3PO card. A mainstay in many Rebel armies, you won’t want to miss out on a copy of this card!


This tournament will follow the current Imperial Assault tournament rules available at the link below:

The tournament will consist of multiple Swiss-paired rounds, cutting to single elimination final rounds (the number of rounds depending on attendance). Each round will be 65 minutes long. Each player must bring a tournament-legal army with corresponding figures and deployment cards and a 15-card Command deck. Proxies are not allowed. The total cost for all of a player’s Deployment and Skirmish Upgrade cards cannot exceed 40 points. Each Command deck must contain exactly 15 cards, and the total cost of a player’s Command cards cannot exceed 15 points. Each player must also bring two copies of their army sheet to be inspected by our TOs for tournament legality. In addition to miniatures, each player is required to bring support materials including: dice, map tiles, and skirmish map sheets and Mission cards.

– Between 4 and 8 players: 3 Swiss rounds, no cut
– Between 9 and 12 players: 4 Swiss rounds, cut to top 4
– Between 13 and 24 player: 4 Swiss rounds, cut to top 8
Payment: You can reserve your spot by signing up in store, calling us and paying over the phone (905-296-3401), or by paying through PayPal:

Happy Canada Day!

BKG Canada

Happy Canada Day!

We will be open today, so join us with your day off for some fun and games!

Tomorrow is our Anniversary Party and, of course, the AUCTION! So if you would like to enter any of your un-needed miniatures, collections, or games in to the Auction, please remember to bring them in at some point today so that we can get it all organized.

Enjoy the day off, and Happy Birthday Canada!