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40K C2A: Jay’s Blog 1 – Enthusiasm

Vote for Magus

My decision on which army to do for the Warhammer 40,000 Call to Arms came to me slowly.  If it had been Age of Sigmar it would have been easy.  Warmachine?  No problem.  But for Warhammer 40,000 I just didn’t know what to do.  I considered many armies, and while many of them appealed to me a bit – they were all missing a very necessary quality for me to truly dive right in: my enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a vital component of wargaming.  It is the gasoline that drives your hobby energy.  Enthusiasm is contagious, and I wanted to be contagious.  For me Call to Arms is all about community building.  You take a bunch of people, many of whom may not even know each other, and through a shared experience, multiple gaming sessions, and a single-minded goal we all come together and in the end are an amazing gaming community.  We’ve all gone through the ringer together, have a similar level of experience with our armies, and (very importantly) we all have fully painted armies.  So as the owner of the shop and one of the staff participating I NEEDED to be enthusiastic for my army so that I can share that enthusiasm and help propel the other participants forward.

Everyone finds their enthusiasm in different places.  Some people fall in love with the models.  Some people are gamers through and through and they get excited about what the gaming experience will be like.  Some people love the narrative of their faction and get lost in the lore.  Most of us fall into all three groups to an extent – but my best advice is to look to what excites you and always trust in that.

GenestealerCultSo, I found myself staring at the wall seeking inspiration.  My enthusiasm has always come from the fringes of the lore.  I love to pick a very specific, theme, and stick to it.  Basically I like all my armies to be little unique snowflakes that catch people’s eye and earn me excited responses.  Winning games is fine, but for me personally the real victory comes when people see my weird little hipster-army and get excited because it’s different than what they usually see.  That’s what makes the hours of assembly, planning, converting, and painting worth it for me.

Finally, after a couple of weeks of average ideas, and mediocre inspirations I found my army – all thanks to a passing comment from Justin G. during one of my Paint with Jay sessions.  I was admiring his beautifully painted tyranid army, and through the conversation he casually mentioned the words ‘Genestealer Cult’ – and that kernel of an idea never left my mind.

A Genestealer Cult is a weird old army from Warhammer 40,000.  The Cult is a group of people that have been infected by a genestealer, and they do their best to subvert the planetary government, in order to help soften up a planet for the inevitable Tyranid invasion.  The old models are suitably terrible and old-school and they have a nostalgia factor for me.  The army was exactly the kind of thing I would love working on.  It’s an actual force that many people would recognize, but not one that they will have seen much, if ever.  It provides me with opportunities to tinker with the army lists, and to do some converting.  It had everything I wanted – and I had finally found the enthusiasm I was looking for!

Next time I will talk about how to take a neat idea and find ways to make it fit in to the actual rules of the game, and how I plan to do just that with my happy little cult.

Interested in joining the Call to Arms?  You still can!  Details HERE
C2A participants, don’t forget to join the Call to Arms Facebook Group!


40K C2A: Tim’s Blog Entry 1 – List Building

The Particular JudgeAs part of the Warhammer 40K Call to Arms that just started at Black Knight Games, Mykk, Jay, and I all agreed to start up new armies, some of us coming back to 40K after a long time.  In my case, I was a Magic: the Gathering player before I was ever a minis gamer, so the first place I wanted to start was with list building.

For anyone who knows me as a Warmachine player, you’ll know I enjoy a list that has the potential to be fielded at a tournament.  40K has some amazing narratives, but I wanted to first find an army I was excited about the storyline for that could also hold its own against a field of strong players.  I did a little bit of research and, because I’m not a spectacularly experience 40K list builder, I looked at a couple of formations that give powerful advantages and guide list building.Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation

I settled on the Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation (pictured right) from White Dwarf 69.  The list has some powerful advantages, like free wargear, plasma weapons not getting hot, and Cult Mechanicus prayers to the machine god working on all of my models.  The formation also forces me to take a fairly restrictive set of things, which makes building my 1500 points pretty easy.  So let’s go over what I’m taking!

01630cd5b26c0cfe25c1c105bff81472ce6ad342baStarting with my warlord, I’ve included a Tech-Priest Dominus as my HQ from the Cult Mechanicus codex.  This ambiguously gendered transhumanist has a Power Axe and a walking stick which, while seemingly contradictory, is also pretty badass.  I gave her an Eradication Raygun and a Phosphor Serpenta as ranged weapons, and a Stasis Field as a defensive option.  From the Relics of Mars list, she took The Scryerskull Perspicatus, allowing her to scry inside enemy vehicles and let my army damage them more easily.

One of the perks of my formation is rerolling the warlord trait, so I’m hoping to always have something cool for each battle.

01cb6031fb2250e3f964bbc15f74528210ab6f850cCult Mechanicus troops are extremely well armed, and my two squads of three Kataphron Destroyers are no exception.  Equipped with cognis flamers, these guys have a serious wall of death if you charge them.  I also gave them Grav-cannons to take out well armored troops like terminators.  Access to these kind of heavy guns comes at a cost, of course, as these guys only have a 4+ armour save.  Here’s hoping that these rolling tread-centaurs make it to my enemies in time to bring this firepower to bear.  I wonder if tread-centaurs is ever going to catch on?


012087f93a37d98f57e040c8a59b1afa3bbfdb176dFrom the Skitarii side of my army, the Ironstrider Ballistarus is a rapidly re-deployable gun platform.  A twin linked cognis lascannon can even hit Flyers with a re-rolled 5 or 6, so the one shot it has can be aimed at any reasonable target of opportunity.  Obviously, I’d rather be using this guy to wreck tanks or enemy artillery from a safe distance.  If you look closely at the model you can see one of the guys operating it actually has his legs chopped off and is piloting the walker by literally walking.  Gross.


01f2586b1145ef02970332785d2d4e74a6cfb1bff7My real answer to enemy fliers comes in the Onager Dunecrawler outfitted with an Icarus Array.  This walking tank shoots flying enemy models at regular ballistics skill, and even has an interceptor gun that can shoot a flier coming in from reserves.  While not spectacularly great at any other job, I figured it was important to have something in my army that can deal with all the airships out there.


017a85cebd6ed4634117113e3b95514ec4816bf867I haven’t, at the time of writing this, quite finished assembling my Sicarians.  Pictured here you have the officers for each unit, with the armless, headless, torsos of the remaining models.  Sicarians are interesting, and I haven’t figured out exactly how to play them yet.  The Ruststalkers are clearly powerful close combat troops and have the ability to move quickly from covered areas while perhaps capturing objectives on my opponent’s side of the table?  01ff3f7e551512727b8aa8728caec9cd7484bbf723The Infiltrators have guns, as well as decent combat abilities.  Unsurprisingly, they may also infiltrate, allowing me to keep them in reserves.  I’m not sure when I would want to do that, so I’ll have to try out some different things with them and see how the games go.


01bd9d46c8eab1ccf6941cf26c72199d8e9f0375abNot all Skitarii soldiers are robot grasshoppers, of course.  Some of the faithful martians are just normal folks equipped with the best technology in the galaxy and respirators to protect them from the harsh radiation of their own equipment.  The Skitari Vanguard are another middle of the board unit, with a couple of Plasma Caliver weapons in the squad, they’re able to dish out heavy weaponry from 18″ away.  I’ll probably use their scout move to position these folks near some cover or at a reasonable vantage point.


01bdafa7e8ceab02ba6db49f775fe72413b152e5ecBy contrast, Skitarii Rangers have some really long range rifles.  These hooded snipers shoot comfortably at 30″ and even 60″ with their weapon attachments, these guys are going to hang out at the back of my board picking off targets of opportunity.  A gun for all occasions might as well be the motto of the Adeptus Mechanicus.  I’m pretty sure the first time these guys die unceremoniously


01fa82e4fc9318ebdc1f62fec52c1019ff1e398013Last but not least, what’s an army without some kind of fantastic centrepiece?  When the Imperium first discovered the Knight worlds, cut off from other parts of the galaxy for generations, the Imperial Knights were in dramatic need of repair.  So several families pledged the service of their knights in exchange for the technological assistance of the Adeptus Mechanicus.  These huge gun platforms serve alongside the Skitarii forces wading into battle armed to the teeth.  I got some assistance from Jay, who’s a talented sculptor, to put a Skitarii Ranger style hood on my Imperial Knight Crusader, as none of the Mechanicus head options suited my aesthetic.  The crusader has a number of gun options, but I went with the Rapid-fire Battle Cannon, to drop a couple of huge templates from backfield, an Avenger Gatling-Gun for a quantity over quality approach to shooting, and another meltagun.   The kit also allows for a carapace mounted gun, so I took a Stormspear Rocket Launcher.  It seemed like a good choice, given my Onager Dunecrawler is already my dedicated anti-flier piece.


Putting it all together, the army really looks great, even without having started painting it.  I’m planning on priming in silver to cover all my extensive recessed metals, and then using red as my primary colour (typical of the Martian style).  I’ll post some updates once I have some colours on these guys, or have played a few games.

In the meantime, sign up for the Call to Arms and show us what you’ve been working on!  It’s only $30 to register, which gets you free entry to all of the events that are a part of the Call to Arms, an awesome party for everyone, and a custom set of objective prizes for anyone who finishes by February.  On top of that, if you spend $150 on stuff specifically for your new army, BKG will waive the $30 and give you entry for free.  Make sure once you do sign up that you join the BKG Call to Arms Facebook group to show off what you’re working on and stay motivated.01253f9fef976229cdf15cce08febfda48848ffed7

Oh, and one other thing.  Jay, Mike and I entered into a bit of a side bet.  Anyone who doesn’t finish his army has to buy dinner for anyone who does finish.  Mike’s a motivated guy and knows how to paint an army fast, but I’m not so certain about Jay.  Any recommendations as to where Mike and I should have him take us?

40K: Doubles Tournament

40K Doubles Nov 21


This Saturday Black Knight Games will be running a Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament!  So grab your force and a willing partner and Come the Apocalypse!

When: Saturday, November 21st, 11:00am (Registrations begins at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00/Player ($16.00 for Stronghold Members), includes a pizza lunch.


1000pts/Player (Teams of Two)
Battleforged Lists Only
No Lords of War
Forgeworld is allowed
300 max points for fortifications

Players armies are Allies of Convenience with their partners, and use a Shared Psychic Dice pool

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

Best Ovarall Team (Team – Based on General Score, Bonus Points, and Sportsmanship Votes)
Best Presentation (Individual)
Best Sportsmanship (Team)
Best Team Name/Theme (Team)

With the Call to Arms in full swing this would be a great opportunity to try out your forces, and for those interested remember that the Call to Arms is still open to join!


40K: Call to Arms Events

40K Call to Arms

For our article on the Call to Arms army building league click HERE.

Call to Arms will include several different event types.  These events (apart from the Call to Arms Party) will be open to non-Call to Arms participants as well, however Call to Arms participants will get in for Free.

Saturdays: Painting with Jay at 12:00pm

Almost every Saturday we will be running our usual Paint with Jay event.  Paint with Jay is a time for anyone to come and hang out and paint or assemble with a group of people, getting tips and talking, and having a fun time with the hobby side of the game.  During the Call to Arms span Jay will always be working on his force, and we will run some specific Call to Arms themed seminars as well.  Free to all.

Tuesdays: 40K Game Night at 6pm

Every Tuesday evening is Warhammer 40,000 game night.  During Call to Arms we will be upping our game on Tuesdays.  Some Tuesdays we will have a fun scenario available for players to use during pick-up games, but every couple game nights we will be hosting a special event night with a more organized feel to it:

Nov 17 – Build n’ Battle Tank Fight
Bring one unassembled vehicle or monstrous creature, build it, and fight!  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Dec 1 – Battle of Skull Chasm Megabattle
Bring 1 Painted HQ Unit to fight in a Battle Royal.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Dec 15 – 300pt Killteam Tournament
Bring a 300pt Fully Painted Kill Team, 3 Rounds.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Dec 29 – Infiltration of Space Hulk 0051444
Bring a painted 5 model squad for a tile-based scenario event.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Jan 12 – 500pt Tournament
Bring 500pts, fully painted.  3 Rounds, 50mins each.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Jan 26 – Grudge Match
Bring everything you have painted for the C2A (or up to 1000pts if you aren’t in it) and we will pair you against someone for a series of battles.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Feb 9 – Death Race
Bring one painted Vehicle, or Fast Attack Choice and speed to victory!  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Sunday, November 29: Bitz Swap

Bring all your leftover bitz, sprues, and minis from your collection and trade with each other!  A small goody bag of bitz will be supplied for those that participate to ensure everyone has something to trade.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants.

Sunday, January 31st: Unfair Tournament

Bring all of the models you have painted for the Call to Arms (or if you aren’t in the Call to Arms up to 1000pts Battleforged fully painted) for a tournament day.  3 Rounds.  $10 Entry, Free for C2A Participants.

Painting Contests:

There will be two painting contests throughout this event. Be sure to submit your miniature for judging by 12pm on the Saturday of the event for judging.  The top three entrants will win a prize.  $5 Entry for each event, Free for C2A Participants.

Saturday, November 28: Single Model
Submit any small-scale miniature (20mm-30mm Base, or Cavalry/Bike base)

Saturday, February 6: Big Model
Submit any large-scale miniature (Vehicles & Monstrous Creatures)

Victory Celebration:

For the deadline we will be hosting a party for all Call to Arms participants.  The event will begin when the store closes on Sunday, February 21st, 7pm.  Call to Arms participants will enjoy after-hours gaming, pizza, snacks and drinks!  At the party we will unveil the super-secret Warhammer 40,000 league that will begin the following week, and give Call to Arms participants the chance to take up their starting positions on the map early.  We will also have rewards for those that completed their armies in time!

Super Secret 40K League:

Immediately following the completion of the Call to Arms we will begin an epic map-based Warhammer 40,000 league.  But shhhh…it’s a secret.  Entry Fee TBD, C2A participants will get in Free.

 TL;DR – 40K…so much 40K!

Warhammer 40,000 Call to Arms

40K Call to Arms

It has been some time since our last Call to Arms event at Black Knight Games, but we are bringing it back bigger and better than ever!  We are proud to announce Call to Arms: Warhammer 40,000 – the best way to build your army!

What is Call to Arms?:

Call to Arms is a multi-event army building league.  In Call to Arms participants sign up to get their army from zero to finished within a certain time-frame.  Throughout the Call to Arms we will have hobby and gaming events to help create a sense of community among all the participants.  By the end we have a great group of players, who all have a similar sized painted army, and who have been playing games and building their armies together.  It is a truly unifying and exciting gaming experience and yields a strong gaming community afterwards.

BK WH40KHow do I join?

Participants can either pay a $30.00 entry fee to join the Call to Arms, or they can get in free by making a $150.00+ purchase towards the building of their army (this purchase can be for anything needed to get your army going, be it miniatures, paints, rule books, hobby tools etc.).

What do I get for joining?

In addition to getting a great experience participants of the Call to Arms will get free entry to all Call to Arms labeled events, as well as the league that will begin once Call to Arms ends.  They will get an invitation to the Call to Arms Party, which will be exclusive for Call to Arms participants and will have pizza, drinks, gaming, and will be after the store closes for the day.  Participants will get first crack at spots on the league map when our 40K league begins.

There will be achievement prizes for a few special accomplishments for some of those that achieve their deadline goal: First Completed Force, Most Completed Models, Best Painted, Best Concept

Additionally any participant that completely finishes their force by the deadline will earn as reward a Set of custom sculpted Call to Arms objective markers!

What is the goal?

Participants aim to complete a fresh 1500 point Warhammer 40,000 army from unpainted to finished by the deadline of Sunday, February 21st.  Participants can use any miniatures that they own that are not yet painted.  Miniatures can be pre-assembled and primed.  If participants wish to use miniatures they already own they can either bring them by to show the staff they aren’t yet painted, or send us a picture of them.

The biggest goal of the Call to Arms is to have a great community of 40K player grow throughout it.  Most of the staff will be getting involved, we will be posting blogs about the events and the forces in progress.  We have created a Facebook group for all of our participants to showcase their projects, and make plans to play games or paint.  Basically if you’ve ever wanted to see what would happen if Black Knight Games went all-out on a game – this is it.  So don’t miss out.  Gather your forces, and plan out some painting time, and let’s all build our armies together!

Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth Coming Saturday!

Horus Heresy

This Saturday we have an incredible release coming: Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth.  Horus Hersy Betrayal at Calth is an exciting new miniature board game by Games Workshop set in their extremely popular Heresy Era setting (sometimes called Warhammer 30K).  This new game comes with loads of great, full-sprued, miniatures for Space Marines and/or Chaos Marines (all of the miniatures are compatible for either force).

We are super excited to try out Horus Heresy here at Black Knight Game, and it comes with perfect timing as we will be launching our Warhammer 40,000 Call to Arms event on the day this set is released – so some of you may wish to use Horus Heresy as the basis for a new Heresy-Era space marine or chaos marine army!

We are taking pre-orders now!



Store Wars: X-Wing Event at BKG

X-Wing Store Wars BKG 2

The second event at Black Knight Games for this season of the Store Wars X-Wing Gaming Circuit is coming up this weekend!  Check out our first of two events in this circuit:

When: Saturday, November 7th, 11:00am (Registration at 10:30am)

Forces: 100pts, Normal FFG guidelines for new releases apply

Rounds: We will run between 3-5 Rounds with no cut (based on attendance), rounds will be set at 75 minutes. When time is called, players will finish the round (meaning all ships finish activating on both sides for that round).

Prizes: The top 25% of players will earn prizes in Store Credit.  All players will earn Store Wars points to help them attempt to qualify for the Store Wars Circuit Finale!

May the Force Be With You…and the Focus, the Target Lock, and the Dice too!

WMH Double Release Event

WMH Reckoning Devastation Release Event

This Sunday we will be hosting not one, but two Warmachine & Hordes Release Events simultaneously!  We have the kits for both the Hordes Devastation and Warmaching Reckoning release events ready to give out – which means faction pins for every single faction!

When: Sunday, November 8th, 11am (Registration at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16.00 for Stronghold Members), price includes pizza and a drink!

Prizes: We have both prize support kits to pass out, and if there is enough attendance we will add a prize pool as well.

Force Size: 50pts

Event Format: This is a release event for both books, and all the details for how the event will be run and scored can be found on the Privateer Press website!



Announcing Warhammer 40,000 Call to Arms!

40K Call to Arms

After a long deliberation, and sorting through dozens of survey responses Black Knight Games is proud to announce our first Call to Arms event in almost two years: Warhammer 40,000!  Call to Arms is an army-building league where many participants join in and build a new (or expand on an old) army from scratch!

This Call to Arms will feature all three of Tim, Mykk, and Jay, and is open to anyone looking to start, get back in to, expand upon, or in any other ways build an army for Warhammer 40,000.  The league will include incentives for those that finish, plenty of gaming and hobby support events, a party at the end, and will lead in to a map-based league at the finish.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like for Black Knight Games to go all-out on a game for a few months you are about to find out!  More information will come shortly, but we can announce that the event will begin on November 14th – which just so happens to be the release date of all the new Horus Heresy stuff (coincidence?…).


We had tons of interest in the Call to Arms survey, and while we decided to begin with Warhammer 40,000 we got to see just how many people were interested in Warmachine & Hordes, as well as Age of Sigmar – and it was a ton of people.  So we have some great news for the members of those communities as well!


We are happy to announce that we will be beginning a Challenge Board league very shortly at Black Knight Games.  A challenge board is a player ranking where participants have a personalized tag on the board, and they work their way to the top by challenging and defeating their rivals.  If you can last at the top of the board for long enough you will earn a prize!  The Challenge Board League will be a great way for Warmachine & Hordes players to add a little something to their games on game nights, and at other times as well!

We are also very happy to announce that Warmachine & Hordes will be our next Call to Arms event, and we are already beginning plans for it.  So lock in April 17th on your calendar and prepare to build your army!  Jay has already made a big bet with Tim to ensure he’s got plenty of motivation to finish (beyond just beating Tim).

Warhammer AoS

Age of Sigmar is still a relatively new game at Black Knight Games, and we intend to support it well!  We have now added an Age of Sigmar game night to the calendar; beginning this month Age of Sigmar players can gather at 6pm every Thursday!  We have also scheduled our next Battle of the Scrolls event for Sunday, November 29th – so gather ye scrolls and do your best to defeat Jay and earn eternal glory…and some cool prizes too!