July Events Calendar

July 2015

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Preview Party

Warhhamer Age of Sigmar Preview

Join us this Saturday, July 4th, for an exclusive chance to play with the forthcoming Warhammer: Age of Sigmar!  Black Knight Games will be getting an early copy of the new Age of Sigmar set, and we will have access to ALL the new rules, and Warscrolls (this means we will have the rules for everything in your existing army!).

When: Saturday, July 4th, 3:00pm

Entry Fee: Absolutely FREE!

Who should Come?: Everyone is welcome!  The new edition of Warhammer is a massive change which should appeal to veterans of Warhammer, and brand new players alike.  If you like Warhammer, this is for you.  If you like Warmachine, this is for you.  If you like neat looking warriors, but have never played a wargame before, this is for you!

Special Introductory Price: We will be taking pre-orders for Age of Sigmar at the event, and up to the release on July 11th.  For the entire month of July we will be offering Age of Sigmar at a special introductory price.  We want to get as many people playing the new edition as possible – so join in the fun, try it out this Saturday, and get in on the ground floor of the next big game at Black Knight!

It has been decades since Games Workshop has given a game such an incredible overhaul, and we are anticipating that all kinds of players will really enjoy the new streamlined rules.  This is truly a game that will have deep strategy, yet will be extremely accessible to all players.

Age of Sigmar2

MTG: Origins Prerelease Weekend

MTG - Origins Prereleases

Origins Prerelease weekend is almost here.  As always Black Knight Games will be dedicating the entire weekend to Prerelease Fun!

Entry Fee: $35.00 / $30.00 for Stronghold Members / 8 Hero’s Rewards

You Get: A Prerelease Pack which includes 6 Origins Booster Packs, and a dice.  All participants also get a Hero’s Reward card, and a Prerelease Promo card.  There will also be door prizes!  Priority will be given to the players that registered first when it comes to choice of Prerelease Pack.  Anyone that pre-registered in advance of the Prerelease Weekend will earn a single additional Hero’s Reward card.

Prizes: We will be adding 2 Origins Booster Packs to the prize pool for each participant.  We will give these out the the top players, with each player earning the same reward as all those with the same record (so all 5-0s will get the same prize, all 4-0-1s will get the same, etc.).

Events: There will be six events in total, including the Midnight Party, and two Two-Headed Giant Sealed events.

Friday, July 10th:

Midnight (registration at 11:30pm), Sealed Deck

Saturday, July 11th:

9:00am (registration at 8:30am), Sealed Deck
2:30pm (registration at 2:00pm), Sealed Deck
8:00pm (registration at 7:30pm), Two-Headed Giant Sealed

Sunday, July 12th:

10:00am (registration at 9:30am), Sealed Deck
3:00pm (registration at 2:30pm), Two-Headed Giant Sealed

BKG Anniversary Party & Auction Today!!!

BKG 8th Anniversary

Happy Anniverary to the BKG Community!!!  Thank you to all of our amazing and loyal customers over the past eight years that have made this such a rewarding shop to work in.  I can’t imagine a place where the words ‘customer’ and ‘friend’ are so easily interchanged.  Thanks for eight, and I cannot wait to see what Nine has in store for us!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to drop in today to wish us all a Happy Anniversary!:

1. The Auction: This is going to be our biggest auction ever.  We already have almost 40% more items in this auction than last year!  So drop by at 1pm and start bidding, and then hang around and defend your bids for the live auction at 2pm!

2. The Door Prizes: Our tradition is to offer some sweet door prizes on our Anniversary, and this year is no exception.  Just by walking through the door you get a ballot.  In addition for every $10 you spend today (auction included) we will give you another ballot.  You choose which of the prizes to throw your ballots in, this year’s Door Prizes include:

50.00 BKG Gift Card (2 Winners will be pulled)
MTG From the Vault: Annihilation
40K: Execution Force Board Game

3. Cake: It is no lie.  There will be cake.  Other snacks and goodies too!

4. Open Gaming: There is no specific games scheduled until Legacy this evening.  So bring and play whatever you wish!  This is also a great opportunity to demo your favorite game to a large audience.

5. Hang out with all your friends: BKG is a community, so join all the staff, customers, and other friends you’ve made here and enjoy it!

999. The Parking: The parking at Black Knight is rough at the best of times.  At a major event like this one it can be downright impossible.  Please consider car pooling, busing, walking, or exploring other nearby parking options.  And, remember to leave vacant spots where indicated for our neighbors – we wouldn’t have made it 8 years without great neighbors!

For more info on today’s event check out our earlier post.


Warhammer: Mega Battle this Saturday!

WFB End Times The Height of War

For the past several weeks we have been hosting a Warhammer End Times campaign called The End is Nigh.  We’ve had loads of memorable games already, but the campaign has stumbled a little bit in the past weeks as a few people have struggled to get their games in, I have been late posting game info, and overall things have slowed down.

Tomorrow we were set to host our big Week 8 Mega Battle.  Instead, I have decided to postpone the Week 8 event and replace it with a special mega battle and game day called ‘The Height of War’.

This event will include a mega battle, open to everyone – even those unable to play in the campaign.  It will also provide us with a bit of a reset on the campaign.  Hopefully players can take the time to play, and use this meet-up as a good opportunity to play or schedule matches.  It also gives us all more time to get caught up on our games, and in my case, on posting all the needed info!

So join me tomorrow for some Warhammer, and let’s get our campaign rolling again!  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, June 20th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: None, and the event is open to all Warhammer players!

Bring: 1500pts from the army you are playing in the campaign, or if not in the campaign just bring a 1500pt army.  We will be using the Archaon Army Composition rules – so pretty much anything goes!

Prize: The winning force of the Mega Battle gets a $25.00 BKG Gift Card!

Our End Times campaign is at the Height of War, will you triumph, or fade away?

BKG 8th Anniversary Party & Auction

BKG 8th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but Black Knight Games has now been open for eight years!  As always we plan on celebrating with our favorite people in the world: you – the BKG customers!  On June 27th we will be hosting an Anniversary Party, along with our always-popular Auction!

Draws: Just by showing up you get a ballot for the draws.  You get an extra ballot for every $10 you spend that day including the auction!

Auction Lot Submission: We are accepting auction lots from customers until 9pm on Friday June 26th, so if there is anything you’d like to unload getting some sweet BKG credit in exchange be sure to bring it in soon!  This is an amazing chance to get rid of old games and miniatures – and you get 100% of the value it sells for in store credit!

Parking: As you probably know our parking lot is not nearly big enough.  Please arrange drop-offs, or car pools when able.  Also please be aware of the few spots that are reserved for our neighbors!

The Auction: This year we will be running a similar auction to last year – one that includes both items from the shop, and items from customers wanting to unload things they not longer need.  Last year went great, and now that it is tried and tested we expect this to be our biggest auction yet!  Be sure to bring your wallets as there will be some great deals available.  The first step is the silent auction at 1pm.  Any items that have received at least two bids by 2pm are advanced to the live auction.

Silent Auction: 1:00pm, All items are available for viewing, and you can bid on any items you want.  If you are the only bid you win, if there are at least two bids it will proceed to the live auction.

Live Auction: 2:00pm Every lot with at least two interested parties will be resolved one at a time through a live auction.

Remember that some items will have a Reserve Bid which means that unless the bidding reaches this hidden number, the lot will not be sold.  Bids are binding, and can only be made in dollar values.

Cake: Of course!


Black Knight Games Summer Sale

Summer Sale

We will be marking down several ranges, and offering tons of products at a 10% – 60% Discount!  Have a look in our Discount Bin for some amazing deals, and browse the store to find all kinds of ranges on sale!

Heroclix: Age of Ultron Sealed Tournament

Heroclix - Age of Ultron

Black Knight Games is proud to announce that we will be running an Age of Ultron Sealed event for Heroclix!  The prize kit looks amazing, and it should be a great time for all.

When: Thursday, June 18th, 6:00pm (Registration at 5:30pm)

Entry Fee: $35.00 ($30.00 for Stronghold Members).  This price includes 2 Age of Ultron Boosters.  Seating is limited to 10 players total, so be sure to pre-register now to reserve your spot!

Prizes: The Age of Avengers OP Prize kit is full of great prizes.  Every player gets a Avengers Round Table 3D resource object, and Ironman Avengers ID Card.  There is a great Grandmaster limited edition figure to be awarded to the Top 2 players, and the player chosen by Fellowship.


Warmachine: Summer Highlander Tournament

Facebook Warmachine Header

Welcome, players, to Highlander, a restricted list building format that challenges players to play fewer points, larger battlegroups, and crush the competition. This 25 point event restricts players to one list that has no duplication of models/units. Furthermore, players must have 1 warjack/warbeast, 1 Unit (with eligible UAs or Weapon Attachments), and 1 Solo. Once these models are taken, players may include additional jacks/beasts & up to 1 battle engine.

When: Sunday, June 21st, 11:00am (Registration at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20 entry, $16 for Stronghold Members. Entry includes pizza and drinks.

Bring: One 25 point list restricted to 1 warcaster/warlock, 1 Unit (with eligible attachments if desired), 1 Solo, and at least one beast/jack. Once these are taken additional jacks/beasts & 1 battle engine may be fielded.

Warhammer Tournament

Warhammer Tournament

When: Saturday, June 13th, 11:00am (Registration at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16.00 for Stronghold Members), price includes pizza and two drinks.

Format: 2000pts, 3 Rounds, 8th Edition Rules, Nagash Army Composition Rules (50% Lords etc.), Undead Leagions and Legions of Chaos armies allowed.

Prizes: The prize pool is the total cost of entry minus the cost of lunch.  The prize pool is store credit, given out to the Best General, Best Presentation, Best Sport, and Best Overall.