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May 2015

Assassinorum: Execution Force

Apr25 - 1Next Saturday we will have the new Limited Edition Warhammer 40K Miniature Board Game Assassinorum: Execution Force! This is a similar situation to Space Hulk from a while back, it will be a limited run, and we will likely never get more again – so this is a first come first serve situation.

The game goes for $149.99 CAD, but if you pre-order it by Wednesday, April 29 you will save 10%!

Assassinorum: Execution Force comes with four amazing sculpts for the classic Assassins. They join forces to hunt down and assassinate the Chaos Lord who is protected by cultists and Chaos Marines. The game features all new game mechanics – but of course all the minis are available to use in your normal Warhammer 40,000 games.

If you are interested in using the assassins in 40K games be sure to grab this week’s White Dwarf, which include rules for them!

Once again, this is a limited run, and we’re not getting a ton, so pre-order yours now while you can!
Apr25 - 2 Apr25 - 3 Apr25 - 4 Apr25 - 5

MTG: Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

MTG Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

Players have had some time to try out all the new Dragons of Tarkir cards, which means it’s time for the Dragons of Tarkir Game Day!  As usual our Game Day event will include a Second Chance tournament which will begin when the first tournament Cuts to Top 8.  The Second Chance Tournament will give players a second, free chance to win the Top 8 promo cards, and the Champion Playmat!

Game Day Tournament

When: Saturday, April 18th, 12:00pm (Registration at 11:30am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: Standard, 3 Rounds, Cut to Top 8

Prizes & Support: Each participant will get a full-art Game Day Scaleguard Sentinels promo card.  The Top 8 will get a share of the prize pool based on their performance (which is made up of 2.5 packs/participant) as well as a special Thunderbreak Regent full art promo card.  The winner will also win a Game Day Champion playmat.

Second Chance Tournament

When: Begins after the first tournament cuts to top 8, but no sooner than 4:00pm (so if you are coming specifically for this part only, make sure to be here before 4pm)

Entry Fee: FREE!

Format: Standard, 3 Rounds, No Cut

Prizes & Support: This tournament is for a second collection of the Game Day Promos.  So, each participant gets a full-art Game Day Scaleguard Sentinels promo card.  The top 8 players based on final standings & tie-breakers will each also get a top-8 special foil Thunderbreak Regent full art promo card.  The winner will get a Game Day Champion playmat as well.  No additional prizes are added since it is a free event.


Jay’s Big Bet: Terrain Sets

A couple of months ago I initiated the first Jay’s Big Bet to finally get myself over the hump, and finish our Infinity Table.  At the time I bet the Infinity players of Black Knight Games that I could get the table completely finished by April, or I would have to give everyone a discount on Infinity for the month.  I am proud to say that I was victorious!  The table is complete, and our local players have been enjoying what is now a real centerpiece table.

Since I felt that the bet really did help me to stay motivated, I am doing it again.  This time my goal is not a single massive table, rather a series of matching sets of terrain.  I would very much like to begin getting our available terrain to a place where we have amazing premium tables like the Infinity one, as well as high quality matching scenery for the rest of the tables – rather than the hodge-podge mix of stuff we have now.

So to that end here is my next Big Bet!:

I must complete three new sets of terrain, one each month, for the next three months (including this one).  A set of terrain does not necessarily include a table, rather it is a set of terrain pieces that go together, and would make for enough terrain for one table.  The sets will be thematic in some way, which should add some nice variation to the every-day terrain we already have.  Each set must be done by the end of the month.

If I fail to complete a new set of terrain on any given month I will buy a fully painted set of terrain instead.

Either way our gamers get more nice scenery, so it’s Win-Win!  So let me know what you think, and let me know if you have any great ideas for future bets, or for the terrain I should make now!

Jay's Big Bet Terrain Sets

TableTop Day is Here!

TableTop Day

It’s International TableTop Day!  Join us for the best day of Open Gaming all year!  Simply play games, and earn great promos.  Here’s how it works: for every different game you play you get a point towards the promos.  There are promos and give aways worth 1-12 ‘Games Played’ so once you have played enough to get the item(s) you want simply come up and claim them.  We will mark off the games used up, and you can get back to playing and earn yourself even more goodies.

It’s like an arcade – only for tabletop games!

Here are some pictures of the over 100 different prizes you can claim:

MTG: PPTQ in May


This May Black Knight Games will be running our second Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier event.

When: Saturday, May 16th, 12:00pm, Registration at 11:30am

Entry Fee: $25.00 ($20.00 for Stronghold Members), Alternatively you can redeem 6 Hero’s Reward Cards to gain entry.

Format: Standard, Cut to Top 8

Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive, so please check the MTG Tournament Rules if you are unsure of how this will affect the games.  There will be a Level 2 judge on hand for the event.

Prizes: The winner of the PPTQ gets an exclusive invitation to attend a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier tournament.  Additionally we will be adding $20 in store credit to the prize pool per participant.  The prize pool will be distributed among the Top 8 players based on how they finish in the top 8.  The Top 8 will also all win a free Hero’s Reward card.  Additional door prizes will be randomly awarded as well.

Entry is limited so please pre-register if possible by either calling in to the store at (905) 296-3401, or dropping by in person.  For full details on the PPTQs go HERE.