FNM: Conspiracy Draft & Special Items


This Friday for FNM in addition to the Standard event at 6pm we will be running a Conspiracy Booster Draft instead of the normal Booster Draft.  Conspiracy is running out at the distributors and we may not get another chance to run one, so join in tomorrow for what will likely be our last Conspiract Booster Draft!  The price and prizes remain the same as a normal booster draft.


For a limited time we will be offering some very exclusive products that are sold out pretty much everywhere!  We have a few booster boxes of Modern Masters.  Individual packs are $16.99, or you can buy a full box for $399.99.

We also just made available a handful of From the Vault: Twenty  sets.  These are limited exclusively to Stronghold Members (one per Stronghold Member, two per Red Card Member) and are available for $149.99.

Needless to say these items are extremely rare at this point, and it is first come first serve.

MTG FTV 20MTG Modern Masters

Adjustment on Food & Beverage Pricing

After taking a closer look at our snack prices and costs we have reluctantly decided that we need to make an adjustment to the prices of the snacks and drinks offered at Black Knight Games.  It is, and has always been our goal to make the snacks and drinks that we offer a convenience and a perk especially for our members.  We have carefully looked at the prices and costs associated with each item, and what is charged in other areas nearby, to ensure that our prices are competitive and that our Stronghold Members are still getting the best deal possible with their discount.  We have decided to raise the price of chips, pop, and energy drinks by twenty-five cents.  Candy bars, and juices will increase by fifty cents.  Stronghold Members, as always, will continue to get their discount on all food items.

We hope everyone understands that it is always our goal to offer an amazing in-store gaming experience, we will continue to offer customers the treys for food, cups and utensils to use, the use of our microwave, and of course we will continue to permit outside food and beverages.  We have a free water-cooler and offer our bottled water at about half the price of competitors nearby because we recognize that gamers need refreshment during a tournament, or long day of gaming.

We endeavor to always have competitive pricing on everything in store.  We had to make this adjustment to enable us to continue offering an excellent selection of snacks and beverages (before now we were actually losing money on the candy bars sales!).  We thank you for your understanding, if anyone has any questions or concerns please let Jay know.


Pre-Order Infinity 3rd Ed Rulebook Get Limited Ed Mini!


INF Deal

The Third Edition of Infinity will be coming out this December, and there is a limited-time offer special promotion for anyone that wants to pre-order it.  To qualify you must pre-order the new 3rd Edition Books from Black Knight Games by the end of October.  If you do, in addition to getting guaranteeing yourself a copy of the new edition right at its release, you will get an exclusive, limited edition ‘Authorized Bounty Hunter’ figure.  This miniature will only be available to get this way, so be sure to pre-order today!


Khans of Tarkir Game Day & Second Chance Tournament

MTG Khans of Tarkir Game Day

Tomorrow is the Khans of Tarkir Game Day, and this time we are adding a fun twist in the form of our Second Chance Tournament.  We will be running the Game Day the same way that we have in the past, with a cut to Top 8 for prizes, but this time as we cut to top 8 we will also begin a FREE second tournament for all those that missed the cut, or just showed up late.  The FREE tournament will happen at the same time as the Top 8 from the previous tournament and the players in the Second Chance tournament will play for a second playmat and a second set of the eight full art promos!  Here are all the details:

When: Saturday, October 18th, 12:00pm (Registration is 11:30am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: Standard.  Cut to Top 8 after 3 Rounds.

Prizes: 2.5 Boosters per player goes in to the prize pool, and it is split by the top eight players based on how well they do in the finals (may be exchanged for credit).  All players in the top 8 receive a full-art promo Utter End card, a Hero’s Reward card, as well as some portion of the prize pool.  The winner will also get the limited edition Champion playmat  All players in the tournament receive a promo Heir of the Wilds card.

Second Chance Tournament: When we cut to top 8 we will also begin a FREE tournament that anyone can enter (around 2:30-3pm).  This will be a 3 Round swiss tournament.  At the end of 3 rounds the top 8 players, based on record and tie-breakers, will win a full-art promo Utter-End card, and the first place player will win a Champion playmat!  This tournament has no entry fee, and no additional prize pool, but it will allow players a second chance to win the special promos from Game Day.


Dropzone Commander Call to Arms

DZC Call to Arms 2014

With the new Resistance faction coming out, and the new plastic starters for the other four factions there has never been a better time to start Dropzone Commander.  To help out all the new players we will be running a Call to Arms event for Dropzone Commander beginning November 1st!

Registration: You can register and begin working on the army right away, officially we begin on Saturday, November 1st.

Goal: The goal of each participant is to complete a fresh fully painted 1000pt Dropzone Commander army by the deadline of 12pm, Sunday, December 14th.

Entry Fee: $100.00

You Get: $100.00 credit to put towards building your army, which can include Dropzone Commander product, as well as other hobby supplies you may need like glue, paints, and rulebooks.

Victory Pool: In addition to the credit towards the army Black Knight Games will add $20.00 towards a Victory Pool for each and every participant!  On the deadline anyone that has completed the goal gets to split the Victory Pool evenly!  Yes, we actually pay you to finish your army!

Weekly Gaming: Throughout the Call to Arms event there will be a weekly gaming night with special scenarios to get everyone playing Dropzone Commander together.  You will get the chance to see others’ armies taking shape while you work on yours, and by the end of Call to Arms there will be a great new DZC gaming community at Black Knight Games!

Build On an Existing Force: You are allowed to use miniatures you already own to flush out your Call to Arms army, as long as they are not yet painted.  To use existing miniatures you must either show them to a staff member or the Standard Bearer (Steve) in person or by emailing a picture so that we can see that they aren’t done yet.

The Resistance has surfaced, it is time to pick a side.  Heed this Call to Arms today!

Netrunner this Thursday


This Thursday we will be running some Android: Netrunner gaming.  For those that have never played before there will be someone one hand to teach the game.  For those that already play it’s as easy as bringing your deck and playing some games!  We’re hoping that this event will kick-start regular organized play for Netrunner at Black Knight Games, so if you would like to see that be sure to come on out on Thursday to support it!

Board Game Potluck Today

Board Game Potluck

Join us today from 12pm-5pm (or later if you want!) for food and fun at our Board Game Potluck! Bring games, or play the ones here. Bring food, or pitch in for some here. Jay will be around to teach new games to everyone as well!


Board Game Club – October

Board Game Club October

Doubling Season – FNMs at BKG


The Magic community at Black Knight Games is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are doing our very best to keep up with it all.  We are proud to say that we have taken many steps to address our events, and have listened closely to our community to make adjustments for the better.  We have grown our singles selection considerably.  And now we are taking yet another step forward.  Beginning tomorrow, we will be running two FNM tournaments each and every Friday.

Tournament 1: Standard, Every Friday at 6pm, 4 Rounds, ends at roughly 9:30pm

Tournament 2: Booster Draft, Every Friday at 7pm, 3 Rounds in Pods, ends at roughly 10:30pm (participants remain after normal closing hours until the event is done)

The way we run these events, and the prize structure has not changed, but now rather than alternating every Friday between Standard and Draft we will run both.  This is a trial month, so if you have any feedback about the timing, or other organizational details please let us know.  Next month we may decide to make adjustments, but for now this is the plan.  The reasons for this plan are simply to allow players some flexibility in when to attend, to give those that really prefer either draft of standard their favorite format each week, and to allow a player that loses in the first game of the Standard event the option to drop and join the second event.

So join us this Friday and pick your favorite event!


Blood Bowl Rookie Tournament

Blood Bowl Rookie Tournament


The Rookie Tournament was scratched last season, due to timeing and the league tresaury was under investigation by the IRFA. (International Regulated Funds Association).

When: Sunday, October 5th, Registration: 10:30am, Start: 11:00am

Entry Fee: FREE!

Prize: The Winner will be allowed to choose their first round opponent in season 6 or they will be paid 100,000gc.

Teams: This tournament is for coaches who are entering the league with a team that has not yet played a game in the BKBBL Regular Season! The length will be determined by the number of coaches.  There is no cap on TV, SPP and injuries will count to your roster, so any levels or deaths will be permanent.