Infinity Tournament this Saturday

INF Tournament 2

This Saturday we’ve got an Infinity Spec Ops tournament!  Check out all the details:

When: Saturday, September 13th, 12:00pm (registration 11:30am)

Force Size: 300pts Standard

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

Prizes: We’ve got an ITS kit and other cool prizes from GenCon to select from


Beacon Race

MTG: Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Weekend

MTG Khans of Tarkir

It’s every Magic player’s favorite time of year – the first set in a new block!  The Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Weekend is the very best way to experience the new set in all its glory.  We will have six events, including both Sealed Deck and Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck tournaments.  There will be loads of prizes and giveaways, and we are re-introducing the newly refreshed Hero’s Reward cards!

Entry Fee: $30.00 per event, $25.00 for Stronghold Members

What you Get: One Prerelease pack of your choice (first come first serve on selection), which includes six booster packs, a turn-down dice, a clan pin and sticker, and a random Khans of Tarkir promo card.  This time there are 40 different promos that you might get!  You will also get one of our Hero Reward promo cards which can be collected and redeemed for all kinds of great prizes (see Hero’s Reward page)

Additional Hero’s Rewards: Each participant may earn an additional Hero’s Reward promo for pre-registering for at least one event.  Further, if a participant attends all six events they earn an additional Hero’s Reward!

Prize Structure: We will put two Khans of Tarkir booster packs into the prize pool for every participant.  Prizes are distributed based on final record (so all 5-0 players get the same prize and all 4-1 players get the same prize etc.).  Any player that wins at least three rounds will be guaranteed a prize.  We will also have several random prize draws for additional Khans of Tarkir booster packs, and Hero’s Rewards.

Midnight Prerelease: Friday Night at midnight (so technically Saturday…) we will host the first of our six Prerelease events.  Leading up to the Midnight Prerelease we will have two FNM events, one Standard, one Booster Draft (last chance to draft M15).

sm BK Playing CardsFull list of Prerelease Events:

Friday, September 19th
Sealed Deck at Midnight, 11:30pm registration

Saturday, September 20th
Sealed Deck at 9:00am, 8:30am registration
Sealed Deck at 2:30pm, 2:00pm registration
Two-Headed Giant Sealed at 8:00pm, 7:30pm registration

Sunday, September 21st
Sealed Deck at 10:00am, 9:30am registration
Two-Headed Giant Sealed at 3:00pm, 2:30pm registration

We are expecting this to be an extremely popular set, and a very busy pre-release so be sure to reserve your spot and sign up today!

September Heroclix Schedule


This month we continue with the War of Light organized play on September 11th with Month 4.  We’ve also got many other great themed gaming nights this month, so check out the full list below!

Thu, Sep 4 Back from the Dead 400pts, Modern $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members At least one character must have a power that states “When this character would be KO’d…” 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Sep 11 War of Light Month 4 Sealed $30.00/ $25.00 for Stronghold Members War of Light OP 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Sep 18 Lest We Forget 300pts, Silver Age $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members All teams must be a Soldier Theme team 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Sep 25 All for One 500pts, Heroic $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members All teams must be Named Theme Team 6pm – 10pm


Hero’s Rewards Program

CardFrontWe are continuing our very popular Hero’s Reward program for Magic: the Gathering events at Black Knight Games.  The Hero’s Reward cards and the Event Reward cards have been updated to match the upcoming Khans of Tarkir set.  We have also created a new webpage ( as a permanent place to explain the Hero’s Reward program to all our participants.

The first chance you will have to grab the new-look Hero’s Rewards will be at the Pre-Release weekend for Khans of Tarkir later this month.  Don’t forget that you will get one Hero’s Reward for every Pre-Release event you attend, a bonus Hero’s Reward for pre-registering, and a further bonus if you attend all six events!

Please note: All Hero’s Rewards will always be honoured, not just the current one.  So hold on to them as long as you want to save for your preferred reward!

From the Vault Annihilation

anihiliationThe latest From the Vault item has been released, and this time we are doing something a little bit special with it as a reward to all of our amazing Stronghold Members.  Usually almost every single store takes these very limited items and marks them much higher than the MSRP, simply because there is such a demand for it, and the re-sell prices online are so high.  Normally we do this too.  This time however, we are taking our From the Vault: Annihilations and using them to give back to our members.  All Stronghold Members are able to buy a single copy for the $34.99 MSRP.  Red Card Members are able to buy a second copy as well.

As mentioned these are very limited, so it will be first come first serve, so grab yours today!  And thanks to all the amazing Stronghold Members that have supported Black Knight Games over the over seven years we’ve been in business!