MTG Grand Prix Trial: Ottawa

MTG GTP Ottawa

When: Sunday, November 2nd, 11:00am.  Registration begins at 10:30am

Entry Fee: $40.00 ($35.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: Sealed Deck – Khans of Tarkir, Cut to top 8.  Top 8 Draft and split the prize pool.  REL – Competitive.

Prizes: All participants get a Hero’s Reward card which can be used on a variety of prizes.  We will also put $10.00 in credit in to the prize pool for each participant.  The top 8 get three KTK Boosters for the draft, and split the prize pool based on performance in the top 8 booster draft.  The winner of the tournament gets 2 byes at the Grand Prix: Ottawa event, as well as…

BKG Pays Your Way!: In addition to these great prizes Black Knight Games will provide the winner of the GPT with up to $300.00 in Travel & Accommodations to help you make it to Ottawa!  It is up to the winner arrange the use of this money through Black Knight Games, whether it be for hotel, train, car rental, or flight.

MTG: Commander Tournament

MTG Commander Tournament1

Generals gather your forces for a 1v1 Commander tournament this coming Monday!

When: Monday, September 29th, 6:00pm (5:30pm Registration Begins)

Entry Fee: $6.00 ($5.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: Commander, 1 v 1 games

Prize Pool: We will add 1.5 Booster Packs to the prize pool for each participant.  Any player that loses 1 or fewer games will win a prize.  All players with identical records will get identical prizes (ex: 4-0 players get the same prize as one another, 3-0-1 players get the same prize as one another etc.)

So join us on Monday and prove that you’re the Commander with the best 100 cards going!



Warhammer 40,000 Total Annihilation

40K Total Anihilation

Join us this weekend for a big Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse game!  Total Annihilation is the first official Apocalypse event at Black Knight Games, so grab…well…everything, and join us for a gigantic game!

When: Saturday, September 27th, Registration at 10:30am, Start Time at 11:00am

Bring: A Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse force.  No limits.

Entry Fee: Free!

Prizes: There will be some cool limited edition giveaways for players that accomplish something special, either in game, or with the force they pick.

So deploy your massive army, and prepare for Total Annihilation!



Malifaux: Bayou Brawl

Malifaux Bayou Brawl

It’s an old fashioned Royal Rumble in the Bayou! The toughest, meanest men and beasts this side of the breach will duke it out to settle once and for all who is the greatest fighter this side of the breach!

When: Sunday, September 28th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: Free!

Event Details:

Each player will bring a 15ss crew led by a Henchman. At the beginning of the event each player will select one Henchman or Enforcer from his or her crew to enter the Royal Rumble in the center of the table. All other models will be spread out around the centre ring to watch the action.

Fighters in the center ring will only be able to take Ml and non-projectile Ca actions while in the ring. Any model reduced to 0 wounds or pushed out of the ring is sacraficed immediately by it’s owner. When there is only one fighter left standing all other models will peacefully leave the arena….that is unless someone yells “cheat!”

New Players:

This event isn’t just for established Malifaux players.  If you’ve always wanted to try the game out, but don’t have any miniatures of your own, we will have some on hand for you to use – a great introduction to the game!

D&D Monster Manual

D&D Monster Manual

Space Hulk Limited Run – Special Promotional Deal

Space Hulk 2.0

The newest edition of Space Hulk was released five years ago and was a resounding hit.  Games Workshop released it as a limited run, and it flew off shelves.  It was the top selling board game at Black Knight Games in 2009, and until recently copies of Space Hulk 3rd Edition were selling on eBay for over $300.oo a pop!  Last Week Games Workshop announced another very limited run of Space Hulk with a few new additions and goodies in it.  This newest edition will only be out for a week, and has been allocated very tightly.

A Thank You Promotion for Stronghold Members

As a special thank you to our most loyal customers we are saving all of our copies of Space Hulk for sale to our Stronghold Members.  There are still only a very limited number of copies available (we’re only getting 1/4 the number we got in 2009), so it will be first come first serve.  Space Hulk sells for $149.99 Canadian.

A Massive Throw-In Deal

While a chance to get an amazing and long out-of-print game is pretty great in it’s own right we will be giving a FREE copy of Dreadfleet in with every Space Hulk we sell.  So you get two games, that retailed at over $100 each, for the price of one.  Dreadfleet was another limited edition game by Games Workshop from a few years ago about battles on the high-seas of the Warhammer world.


Nagash is Risen!

Undead Rising Final



Our 24-Hour Army Build Event was a massive success. We had participants assembling, painting, and basing for 24-hours straight. Some popped in for an hour, others much, much longer (or in the case of Brad the entire 24-Hour event!), but it was the collective of all participants that made the event amazing. Thank you very much to everyone that participated, and to everyone that donated as well.

So on to the results of all our labour. After starting with nothing but sealed product, over 24 hours we were able to:

-Fully Paint 9,787 points worth of Undead Legions! That’s 261 models fully painted, about half of which were based as well.
-Fully Assemble/partially paint an additional 1406 points that we couldn’t quite finish.

Wow! Way to go everyone, that is amazing! You can have a chance to fight with/against this massive new Legion of Nagash tomorrow Sunday) at 12pm when we play our mega-battle against the horde.

This event was in sponsorship of a great cause: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada. Black Knight Games pledged to donate $25 for every 1000 points completed, so with that pledge and others that we collected from generous donors our event raised $385.00!

Thank you once again to everyone that made this event possible, including Games Workshop who worked with us to get all these miniatures piled up for the army build. You guys rock!

photo 1 (1)Hard at Work Assembling Early Onphoto 2 (1)photo 2photo 3 (1)photo 3photo 4 (1)photo 4

Hard at Work Assembling Early On


Nagash Rises Tomorrow!

WFB Undead Rising

Our big charity army build begins tomorrow!  Over 10,000 points of sealed miniatures await our wonderful volunteers for the build tomorrow.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in at any time from 5:00pm on Friday Night to 5:00pm on Saturday Night.  So whether you are able to sit in and help for an hour or twenty-four of them we would certainly encourage you to pitch in!

Building the army is only half the battle though, the other is the fundraising.  Please help us support Crohn’s and Colitis Canada by donating!  We are accepting donation in store, which will be passed on.  BKG is pledging $25 for every 1000pts we finish, and you can pledge in the same way for every 1000pts completed, or just donate a flat amount – it’s up to you!

So join in the fun tomorrow for the 24-Hour Army Build, and help out Crohn’s and Colitis Canada in the process!

Co-op at Black Knight Games

Thumbs UpEvery year around this time of year high-school students begin looking for the perfect co-op spot.  At Black Knight Games we’ve had some great co-op students over the years, and we’re always looking for some more help.  So, if you are enrolled at a high-school co-op program and you think you would enjoy working at a friendly-local-game-store come and talk with us!

Star Trek Attack Wing: The Collective (Month 2)

ST Attack Wing Collective M2

Black Knight Games will be hosting the second month of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Organize Play, The Collective, this Sunday!

When: Sunday, September 14th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 ($12 for Stronghold Members), Entry includes a Collective Tournament Booster

Maximum Attendance: There are only 10 Boosters for the event, so it will be first come first serve – so be sure to pre-register today!

A Borg Cube has entered into the Wolf 359 System on its way to Sector 001. You have gathered an allied fleet to battle the Borg and to stop their advance into the heart of Federation space. This will not be an easy task. The Borg are unlike any foes you’ve encountered before.

Normally, the Borg would take the time to assimilate their prey, but with a fleet of ships bent on the Cube’s destruction, the Borg decide to simply destroy the ships at Wolf 359 and continue on to their primary target: Earth.

Your fleet quickly learns that it is indeed a futile gesture to attack, as the Borg Cube is dispatching your starships with ease. Your weapons are just not strong enough to do any real damage to the Borg Cube. But as part of the allied fleet, it is your task to do all you can to stop the Borg’s relentless progress. Can you defeat a seemingly unbeatable foe? Will your fleet survive the massacre at Wolf 359?

-Each player arrives to the event with a pre-built 90 point fleet
-Each player receives one random The Collective Tournament Booster
-Each player uses the Ship, Captain and Upgrades from the Booster they received to make a single 30 point Ship using the content of the booster and adds it to their pre-built 90 point fleet (for a fleet total of up to 120 points) or can use 30 points from that booster and then reassign crew/upgrades from their pre-built 90 point fleet to the 30 point ship and vice versa (and even between ships within the 90 point fleet)— the exact format is at the store’s discretion.

For more information on this event check out the WizKidz page!