Undead Rising: The 24-Hour Army Build

WFB Undead Rising

Killed first by Alcadizaar, King of Khemri, yet still he stirs.  Killed second by Sigmar, patriarch and founder of the Empire, and yet still he awakens.  Binding the dead to him as his bones stir once more Nagash, Lord of Undeath, rekindles his ancient vendetta against the world.  Drawing his lieutenants to him, the Quest of Nagash begins.  These are the End Times.

With the exciting new End Times story arc for Warhammer, we are planning to aid Nagash in the raising of a new army through a single-day, 24 hour army build in support of a charity that is near and dear to our hearts: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, and we need you to help us!

When: The 24-Army Build begins at 5pm on Friday, September 12th and ends 24 hours later at 5pm on Saturday, September 13th.

What: We have secured through some promotional credit, and the generosity of our friends at Games Workshop, a giant stack of sealed miniatures from the Tomb Kings & Vampire Counts armies.  These will stay sealed until the beginning of the event, at which point all of our wonderful volunteers (you too hopefully!) will crack them open and begin assembling, painting, and basing models.  Our goal is to build a massive, and completely finished, Legions of the Undead army in a single day.  The bigger the better!

Who: Anyone that is willing to pitch in is welcome!  You don’t have to be a Warhammer player, or even a miniature gamer at all to participate, there will be plenty of jobs to do and we are willing to teach you if you’re willing to be put to work.  This will be a fun community-building experience as we all come together with a singular goal in mind.

For Charity: To help motivate us, and allow us to give back, we will be linking this event with a worthy charity: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada.  We will have information on these diseases available to help spread awareness, and we will be accepting donations 100% of which will be passed along to the foundation.  Donations can be for any specific amount, or they can be in the form of pledges based on how much we are able to complete.  Black Knight Games will be adding $25 to the pot for every 1000pts worth of Undead you help us finish!  Donations may be made in the store, or via PayPal using the button below, and we will be accepting donations from now until Sunday, September 14th.

So there are two ways that you can help out, and we would encourage you do either one, or even both if you are able!



Nagash2After we have all cooperated to complete a massive army for Nagash, the only thing that we can possibly do is fight it!  Join us the following day on Sunday, and face the newly risen horde!

When: Sunday, September 14th, 12:00pm

Bring: 1500pts of any army yo want to team up against Nagash.  These armies may use the Armies of the End Times rules in the new Nagash book (allows you to field 50% Lords and 50% Heroes)



September Events Calendar

September 2014

Infinity: Operation Ice Storm

Infinity lrgThe new starter set for Infinity is still weeks away, but you don’t have to wait until then to check it out!  One of the items we grabbed at GenCon was our own copy of Operation Ice Storm, and we’ve got it right here for you to look at and touch.  Want to try the game out?  Just grab one of the knowledgeable Infinity players we’ve got in the shop and play a quick demo match.  The set comes with two factions and some great ready to use scenery, and is available for pre-order now for $144.99.


GenCon Previews

GenCon featured a pile of upcoming board games, and we were able to grab some copies of some very exciting future releases for you all to try!  Over the next month we’ll have ‘Game of the Year’ winner Camel Up, as well as some other extremely highly anticipated games like Level 7: Invasion, King of New York, Imperial Settlers, and Doomtown available to try out.  None of these games are available yet in stores, but if you try them out you will be able to pre-order them at 10% off!

BG Camel UpBG DoomtownBG InvasionBG Imperial SettlersBG King of New York

Warhammer 40,000: Unbound

Play this Saturday and win me!! Exclusive Death Korps Quartermaster

Black Knight Games will be running our first Warhammer 40,000 Tournament using the new Unbound rules from the new edition.  Lords of War?  Check.  Escallation?  Check.  Strongholds?  Absolutely.  This is a tournament where you can let your list-building imagination go wild.  Bear in mind that if you do run Battle-Forged you will get the bonuses affiliated with that.

When: Saturday, August 23rd, 11:00am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16.00 for Stronghold Members), includes pizza and drinks

Armies: 2000pts, armies may use rules from Codexes, Escalation, and Stronghold Assault

Special Additional Prize: We will be giving out a Special Edition Death Corpse Quartermaster to the Best Overall player at the event.  We grabbed this mini while at GenCon and it is an event exclusive – so it should make for a pretty cool prize!



Store Wars X-Wing

X-Wing SW Major

The X-Wing page on StoreWars.ca has been updated and includes full standings for the circuit as is.  With only one minor tournament left (at X-Planet this Saturday) we are about to enter Majors territory, where the points get bigger and so do the stakes!  The first X-Wing Major is in just under two weeks at Black Knight Games so be sure to put it on your calendar as there is still plenty of time to earn one of the Limited Edition Store Wars Mats (which go to the top 16 players) as well as a Free spot at X-Wing Canadian Nationals right here in Hamilton, and hosted by ourselves and the other Store Wars participating stores.  Looking at the standings it might only take attending a few Majors to qualify, so grab your Tie-Fighters and some eight sided X-Wing dice and join us on August 30th for the BKG Major!

Sat, Aug 30 BKG Store Wars Major 100pts $20.00 Major Store Wars Event, Registration:


X-Wing Battle for Borlieas (Doubles Tournament)

X-Wing Tournament

This Sunday will be an X-Wing Doubles Tournament!  Find a friend and join forces to claim the skies for a rare opportunity to win some amazing prizes BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED!  The winning team will get one YT-2400 and one VT49 Decimator to split however they see fit.  These are some seriously cool minis that will not even be released for several weeks – so you can  be the first to have them!

When: Sunday, August 24th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 ($4.00 for Stronghold Members) /player

Teams: Players should register in pairs to reserve a spot, however they may show up alone in the hopes of being paired with someone else (this does not guarantee playing however).  Teams must play the same faction, with no duplicates of uniques throughout the two lists.

Force Size: 75 pts/player (Total of 150pts/team)

Prizes: The top team will win one YT-2400 and one VT49 Decimator.  Additional prizes may be added depending on attendance.


The winning team wins these well before they are released!!!

WMH: Doubles Tournament September 6th

Sept 2013 DoublesYou know what’s better than a Warmachine tournament?  A Warmachine tournament with a partner!  Doubles tournaments have always been popular at Black Knight Games.  This is the chance to bring our that friend who doesn’t normally go out to tournaments, showing him the fun he’s missing!  Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for to set aside petty rivalries and assemble the Dream Team.

When:  Saturday, September 6th, 10:30am – 7:00pm.  We will be going four rounds and using Deathclock timing and Steamroller 2014 scenarios.

Game Size Games will be played with two-player teams, each bringing 25 point lists.  You may not include a character in your list that is in your partner’s list.  Tier lists may not be used.  This is a 1 list format.

How it Works:  Each team will have a player 1 and a player 2, and play will alternate between teams in player order.  Scenarios are only scored on player 2 turns.  If both players play the same faction, their friendly faction models are considered friendly faction.  Games end by assassination only if both opposing casters are killed.

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16 for Stronghold Members) per person, which includes two pop and pizza lunch each.

Prizes:  Store credit and coins will be awarded to each of the players on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall teams.  Additionally a prize will be raffled off among all players who bring a fully painted list.

Star Trek Attack Wing: The Collective Month 1

Star Trek Attack WingBlack Knight Games will be hosting our first ever Star Trek: Attack Wing event this Sunday!  The Collective Organized Play arc begins with FIRST CONTACT.

When: Sunday, August 17th, 12pm – 6pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 ($12 for Stronghold Members), Entry includes a Collective Tournament Booster

Maximum Attendance: There are only 10 Boosters for the event, so it will be first come first serve – so be sure to pre-register today!

While you are in a battle with your enemy, you suddenly find yourselves in a different sector of space. In front of you is a tremendous ship in the shape of a cube. Q, a member of the Q Continuum, has transported both of your fleets into Borg space to “give you a taste of your future, a preview of things to come.”
“The Borg are the ultimate user. They’re not interested in political conquest, wealth, or power as you know it. They’re simply interested in your ship and its technology. They’ve identified it as something they can consume.”
“The hall is rented; the orchestra engaged. It’s now time to see if you can dance…”

—Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2: Episode 16 “Q Who”

-Each player arrives to the event with a pre-built 90 point fleet
-Each player receives one random The Collective Tournament Booster
-Each player uses the Ship, Captain and Upgrades from the Booster they received to make a single 30 point Ship using the content of the booster and adds it to their pre-built 90 point fleet (for a fleet total of up to 120 points) or can use 30 points from that booster and then reassign crew/upgrades from their pre-built 90 point fleet to the 30 point ship and vice versa (and even between ships within the 90 point fleet)— the exact format is at the store’s discretion.

For more information on this event check out the WizKidz page!

Infinity Tournament this Saturday

INF Tournament

This Saturday we will be running an Infinity ITS Tournament.  It will be a great opportunity for all of those planning on participating in the Call to Arms & League to get some games in and test their metal against some established players!  Here are the details:

Sat, Aug 16 ITS Standard 300pts Standard $10.00/*$8.00 Scenarios:
Seize the Antennae
Emergency Transmission

3 Rounds,*StrongholdMembers



Don’t forget to join our Infinity Call to Arms as well – the absolute best way of starting a new force in Infinity!