WMH: Journeyman League Finale

WMH Journeyman League Today, Thursday is our finale.  you may play up to 50 points (less if you have less is okay) with no restrictions.  Here are the standings as they’ve been reported to me so far.  Today is your last chance to report games!

Kaz S 51 points  (24 hobby points)
Carter 48 points (26 hobby points)
Miles S 27 points (0 hobby points)
Brent G 16 points (0 hobby points)
Brian A 16 points (0 hobby points)
Roy 16 points (0 hobby points)
Greg A 14 points (o hobby points)
Justin H  12 points (0 hobby points)
Simon L 12 points (0 hobby points)
Cameron G 12 points (0 hobby points)
Tim B 11 points (0 hobby points)
Bryan C 11 points (0 hobby points)
Jordan C 9 points (0 hobby points)

As one league finishes, another is not far off.  Look forward to choosing allegiances for either the Purists or the Opportunists.   Coming soon…

High Command Tournament: Feb 23rd

High Command Tournament

When:  This Sunday, Feb 23rd, from 12:00 pm – 6:00pm

Format:  The event is open to anyone who has decks for the game, and up to 6 players who do not yet have decks who are welcome to borrow one from Tim.  We’ll be playing either swiss-style one-on-one games, or perhaps a few multiplayer games based on attendance.  If you don’t know the game, but what to find out about it, this is an event that should be fairly friendly to newer players.

PrizesWe’ll be giving away exclusive Kingmaker promo cards to participants.  These are alternate art cards of various Warcasters and Warlocks in the sets released so far.

Entry FeeThe event costs $6, or $5 for stronghold members.

D&D Encounters: Scourge of the Sword Coast

D&D Encounters Sword Coast

Savage humanoids raid the countryside around Daggerford, causing victims of their attacks to seek out the shelter of the town. Stressed from the weight of the refugees, it’s up to a brave group of adventurers to end the raids and free Daggerford from its plight. 

Scourge of the Sword Coast is the latest entry in the D&D Encounters play season. Utilizing the final playtest rules for D&D Next, this season’s encounters will give you a preview of what to expect when D&D Next finally hits the shelves.

When: Wednesdays at Black Knight Games, 6:00pm

Character Creation Begins: February 19th

Play Sessions Begin: February 26th

Do you have what it takes to brave the Sword Coast?

MTG: Commander Tournament

MTG Commander Tournament

Tonight we will be holding a Commander Tournament!  The format will be one on one games, so grab your general and your hundred card deck and join in!

Mon, Feb 10 Commander Tournament Commander $6:00/
DCI Sanctioned, 1 on 1 games, *Stronghold Members Price 5:30 – 9:00

Battletech Gaming

Battletech Demos

This Sunday, February 9th, join in as we run two Battletech games at BKG!  Both veterans and new players are welcome, whether you have minis or not, you are welcome.  Here are the details:

11:00am – 12:00pm: Grinder (Bootcamp to try out the basics)
12:00pm – 5:00pm: Scenario ‘High Value Target’ (see below)

Play as the 4th Davion Guard, Ryuken, or Wolf’s Dragoons in this Classic Battletech Scenario set in 3140.

In February of 3139, the Draconis Combine surged across the border into the Federated Suns. The mercenaries Wolf’s Dragoons, along with support from the elite Ryuken regiments, had been sent in to seize the Draconis Reach, a stretch of ten systems straddling the border between the Combine and the Suns. The Draconis Combine had tremendous initial success steamrolling through the under-defended worlds along the reach, and smashing the militias arrayed before them. Duke Corwin Sandoval ordered several AFFS line regiments into the area in order to buy time and allow the Federated Suns to arrange their defenses. The Fourth Davion Guards and the Tenth Avalon Hussars were the first to arrive, and pushed the Combine back on its heels, if only momentarily.
Glenmora, Draconis March, Federated Suns
June 10, 3140
During a large counterattack in the night, the Fourth Davion Guards managed to isolate a battalion command lance from the Ryuken and funnel them away from friendly lines. The Ryuken assault mechs have managed to fend off multiple skirmishes, and have been trying to break contact and make their way to safety ever since.
Play as the 4th Davion Guard as you try to destroy the Ryuken command lance and the high value target their officers represent… or play as the Ryuken and their Wolf’s Dragoons allies as you try to escape to friendly lines.
All materials will be provided for this game.

11:00am – 1:00pm: Grinder (Bootcamp to try out the basics)
1:00pm – 5:00pm: Scenario ‘Tukkayid- Spanac’ (see below)

The Battle of Tukkayid is the largest single battle in the history of mankind. Take part in this scenario using Alpha Strike, a fast-playing version of Battletech developed for large battles, quick games, and the modern tabletop miniatures gamer.

The Clan Invasion began in August 3049, and the Clans had run roughshod through the Inner Sphere for two and a half years.  Comstar has discovered that the true goal of the Clans is humanity’s birthplace, Terra itself.  In order to prevent tremendous damage to Terra, ComStar will fight all of the Clans (25 galaxies) in a Trial of Possession for Terra.  The ComGuard (50 regiments) has been mustered in defense of  Tukkayid, an agricultural world that will be used in a proxy battle for Terra.
May 3052
Spanac, Tukkayid, Free Rasalhague Republic
Ghost Bears Alpha Galaxy had been tasked with taking the city objective of Spanac.  Alpha Galaxy had tremendous initial success easily driving through ComGuard positions into the suburbs of Spanac.  Elements of Beta & Delta galaxies have arrived in order to support Alpha Galaxy, after their recent assault on Luk was turned back. Ghost Bear aerospace assests have reported a lightly defended ComGuard supply depot just east of main line if advance.  The Ghost Bear Khans are determined to seize the cache’s intact in order to capture the vital parts and ammunition needed to keep the offensive going.
Take part as the invading Ghost Bears or the defending ComGuard, all materials will be provided for this Alpha Strike: Battletech game.

February Events

Welcome to February!  This month is exciting because we have now extended our Sunday hours from 12pm-5pm, and we are now open 11:00am – 7:00pm every Sunday!  This allows us to run major events on both Saturdays and Sunday!  This month in addition to the recent Magic Pre-Releases we’ve got all kinds of great events.  We are beginning game nights for painters and X-Wing enthusiasts. And, of course, many tournaments including those for Magic, Infinity, Warhammer (40K and Fantasy), and High Command.  Looking for a longer gaming experience?  We’ve got league play for Warhammer, Warmachine, Flames of War, Blood Bowl, Dungeons & Dragons, and we have a Warhammer 40K Call to Arms in the works that you can still register for.  Basically we’ve got your gaming fix covered this month!

Happy Gaming!

Special Events in February

Demo Day 2013 sm Battletech Demos & Battles
Sunday, February 9th, 10am
We’ve got two special scenarios of Battletech ready for beginners and veterans alike.  So grab a mech or borrow one, and arm them!
Demo Day 2013 sm X-Wing Game Nights Begin!
Tuesday Evening Game Nights at 6pm
We are starting X-Wing game nights every Tuesday!  So bring in your rebel scum, or Imperial baddies and fight among the stars!
Painting Night Begins
Friday Evenings at 6pm
Beginning on February 7th we will begin holding Painting Nights every Friday!  Join a group of gamers and bring some minis to paint!  It’s always more fun painting in a group!

Tournaments in February

Sat, Feb 15 Steamroller 2014 50pts $20.00/*$16.00 4 Rounds, 2014 Steamroller Rules, Price includes Pizza & Drinks, 2nd List Optional, *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm
High Command Tournament
Warmachine & Hordes High Command Game
Entry Fee: $6/$5 for Stronghold Members
Sunday, February 23rd, 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Prizes include special promo Warcaster Cards that are only available at Kingmaker Tournaments!

Sat, Feb 22 Valentine’s Day Massacre 2000pts $20.00/*$16.00 3 Rounds, Price includes Pizza & Drinks, *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

Sat, Feb 8 Doubles Tournament 1500pts / Player $20.00/*$16.00 3 Rounds, Teams of Two, Price includes Pizza & Drinks,*Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

Sun, Feb 16 ITS Tournament 400pts Standard $10.00/*$8.00 3 Rounds,*Stronghold MembersRound 1: Frontline
Round 2: Annihilation (Top-Tier)
Round 3: Antennae Field
12pm – 7pm

Commander Tournament
Commander/EDH Tournament
Entry Fee: $6/$5 for Stronghold Members
Monday, February 10th, 5:30pm – 9:00pm
DCI Sanctioned, Commander Format, 1 on 1 games
Sat, Mar 1 Born of the Gods Game Day Standard $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, All participants get a BKG ‘Hero Reward’ card which can be used towards several great prizes, as well as a special edition Game Day card, Top 8 Get a full-art limited edition Game Day card,*Stronghold Members 12:00 – 5:00pm

Wed, Feb 5 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Feb 12 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Feb 19 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Feb 26 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Mar 5 Modern Game Night Modern $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm

Fri, Feb 7 Friday Night Magic Booster Draft $15.00/*$12.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, Price includes 3 Booster Packs, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Feb 14 Friday Night Magic Standard $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Feb 21 Friday Night Magic Booster Draft $15.00/*$12.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, Price includes 3 Booster Packs, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Feb 28 Friday Night Magic Standard $6.00/*$5.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm

Sat, Feb 22 The Dragon Major 50pts $20.00 Major Store Wars Event, Event held at The Dragon in Guelph. 10:30am

Leagues & Campaigns in February

Warhammer 40K Call to Arms
Call to Arms Army Building League
Deadline: March 16th
Call to Arms is the best way to start an army!  Get a deal, and compete with others to complete your army be the deadline!
Feb 8th Event: 7pm – Small Skirmishes
Feb 16th Event: 12pm – Hero Battle Royal
Feb 23rd Event: 12pm – Elite Painter Contest
Triumph, Treachery & Tomb Kings
Warhammer League
Wednesday Evenings, 6pm
A new Warhammer league begins on February 5th!  Grab your troops and form your plans as you battle for glory!
The Hinge of Fate
Flames of War League
January 6th – February 17
Escalation League, Each league is 2 weeks long.
Week 1: Mid-War, 1100pts
Week 2: Mid-Late War, 1250pts
Week 3: Mid-Late War, 1500pts
BKBBL Season 4
Blood Bowl League
Scheduled Play
Registration is now closed, but fear not for our Exhibition Play has begun once more!  Ask staff for details.
Legacy of the Crystal Shard
Dungeons & Dragons Encounters
Wednesday Evenings, 6:00pm
Baldur’s Gate is finished, so prepare yourself for the next adventure: Legacy of the Crystal Shard!
Knights of the Realm: Flames of War
Knights of the Realm Season
Ends May 19th
Knights of the Realm is a season of gaming linking tournaments, leagues, and events over the course of several months.  Players earn pts for events, and in the end the top players play off in a championship round!
Journeyman League
Warmachine & Hordes League
Thursdays, Beginning Jan 12th
Escalation League
Feb 6-12: 25pts (same caster)
Feb 13-19: 35pts (same caster)
Feb 20-26: 35pts (any caster)
Feb 27 Finale: 50pts (any caster)