WMH: Journeyman League Begins in January

WMH Journeyman League

Beginning on January 12th and for six weeks following, BKG Warmachine and Hordes players will compete for prizes by earning league points.  We did this last year and it was a fantastic success, so this year we hope to have even more players out!  Bring your friends, bring your new faction, bring your old faction, try out that caster you never play.

There are three types of league points: Game Points, Hobby Points, and Journeyman Points.  Game Points are earned for playing against other players in the league using that week’s rules, Hobby Points are earned for painting models, and Journeyman Points are the total of Game Points and Hobby Points.

Each week, rules are set to restrict the size and style of players’ armies.  This helps to encourage an enjoyable environment for players getting used to the rules of the game.  While the league is aimed at that friend you’ve always wanted to teach warmachine to, it’s also perfect for a seasoned player to become an expert at the game essentials.

How does it work?  Each week the size of games played increases:

January 12th – 18th
Battlegroup box set (or 11 point army of only warcaster and jacks or warlock and beasts)

January 19th – 25th
15 point armies using the same caster as week one

January 26th – February 1st
25 point armies using the same caster as week one

February 2nd – 8th
25 point armies

February 9th – 15th
35 point armies

February 16th – 22nd (Finale Day)
35 point armies, and the list may be changed as much as you want all week

At the end of the six week league we’ll be giving out special Journeyman Badges to everyone achieving certain point levels, as well as badges for most hobby points, most game points, and top overall.

How do I earn Game Points?  Each win in a given week is worth 3 points, and a loss or a draw is worth 2 points.   You may play as many games in a week as you can fit in, but players may not score points for a game played against the same opponent until he plays a different opponent.

How are Hobby Points earned?  Players earn Hobby Points for painting models from their faction in the league.  These models do not have to be used at any time during a league game.  For a painted model to score Hobby Points, it must primed, basecoated, painted with a reasonable diversity of colour, and based.  Models are worth differing points based painting requirements as follows:

  • Warcasters, warlocks, warbeasts, warjacks, and solos: 3 points for a large-based model, 2 points for medium-based model, and 1 point for small-based model
  • Battle engines: 5 points
  • Units of two models: 2 points
  • Units of three to six models: 3 points
  • Units of seven or more models: 4 points
  • Units of only medium-based models: 1 additional point
  • Units of only large-based models: 2 additional points

How much does this cost to play in?  $5 ($4 for Stronghold Members), but you may register for free if you purchase a Battlebox at Black Knight Games.

I still have questions.  Who do I ask?  A lot of the details are listed on the , but for anything not listed there, or any of our house rules (like the option of starting with a non-battlebox caster) feel free to email me:  Tim (at) BlackKnightGames (dot) com

Terrain Blog 02: Let’s Try This Again

Several months ago I started a blog called ‘Summer of Terrain’.  In it I discussed grandiose plans to update and improve our store’s terrain selection.  I’ve always loved good terrain, and I have always making it too.  I’ve long wanted to have a stack of great, matching scenery in my shop.  Beautiful display boards, and plenty of variety were my goals.  I failed pretty spectacularly.  Now, months later, I am left with a New Year’s resolution to restart, and do it right this time.  But while I often have lofty goals, I can be flawed when it comes to sticking to them, so I am hoping to set up a series of parameters to ensure that THIS TIME I am able to carry through.

1.  ‘When I feel like it’ vs. ‘scheduled time’

A big chunk of the problem that I had the first time was that I decided to work on the terrain whenever I had a spare moment (and of course whenever I actually felt like doing so with that spare moment).  Being a store owner there is no end of little tasks to work on, and no shortage of fun distractions as well.  While it was easy to stay motivated early when there was fun and new stuff to work on, it was hard to stay so afterwards.  I plan on fixing this by instead dedicating a specific time each week to the building of terrain for the store.  Every Friday, from 1:00pm – 6:00pm I will be working on terrain, and I would love to have you join me!  If you have an interest about learning about terrain building, or just pitching in, show up any Friday during those hours and you are welcome to help.  This will have the added benefit of making me stick to the schedule as well.  If I can get a minimum of 5 hours of work done one the store terrain each week we will be in good shape.

2. Remaining Accountable

The hardest part about not carrying though with my original goals was that this isn’t my own personal army I’m working one.  It’s not my collection, or deck I’m working on here.  Many of my initial terrain projects were supposed to be the fulfillment of our fundraiser pledges.  Which means that I haven’t fulfilled my end of the bargain to many of our very best and loyal customers.  That cannot do.  I need to do a better job of remembering that, and push through to not only finish their projects, but do so at the quality they deserve.  To those that have waited so long without seeing their ideas completed – I apologize, and will redouble my efforts in the New Year.

3. The First Hurdle

Part of my problem was planning.  I began with the most ambitious project of all of them: Justin’s Infinity Table.  I grossly underestimated the amount of work that would go in to this behemoth.  It has been a very big task to say the least, and it is in part because of this long-term project that I think I fell off a bit.  There wasn’t enough moments of ‘Haha!  I finished!’ to keep the motivation up.  Had I started with some of the smaller tasks I likely would have finished many of them in the amount of time I have put into this one big task.  But it would be unfair to just drop his project to the bottom of the list too.  So I have decided to alternate weeks.  One week I will put towards the Infinity Table, the next I will put towards some of the smaller projects to get them completed too.

Well that’s the plan, and I need to your help to stick to it.  Show up on Fridays, and pitch in a bit.  Remind me and ask me how different projects are going.  Most importantly don’t let me off the hook!  Together we can turn this false start in to a game winner!  Now I’d better get off and get working – It’s Friday!

Magic: the Gathering Gaming Changes

We have been looking at our Magic: the Gathering events over the past while in an effort to make your MTG gaming experiences better here at Black Knight Games.  In doing so we have come up with several changes that will go into effect in 2014.  If you have any feedback on these changes or other ideas we are, as always, eager to hear them!  Our goal is always to make sure that the gaming experience at BKG is the best that it can be, and we are happy to adapt if it means improving it:

BK Standard BearerMagic Standard Bearer

While we are already lucky to have Seth contributing to the MTG experience at BKG we are appointing Shayne to be in charge of our MTG events.  As a Standard Bearer Shayne will have the opportunity to get feedback directly from you the gamers, and to have the authority to implement new policies.  We are hoping that his direct contributions will add more to the experience and give you the kind of support you deserve.

Prize Pool Structure

All magic tournaments will now reward players based on their number of wins, rather than their standing in the tournament. Players who are X-1 in an event will gain all gain a minor prize comprised often of booster packs, and players who are X-0 in an event will gain a major prize comprised of packs, stronghold points and other goodies.  This means that you won’t miss out on prizes due to tie-breakers!!

Constructed Tournament Price Adjustment

Standard and modern constructed tournaments will now be $5.00 for stronghold members and $6.00 for non-members. This is a small change for many reasons. The first being that our competitors have been asking for a larger prize pool, and since we contribute 100% of the tournament entry cost in constructed tournaments to the prize pool, this is the best way to do that. Also, customers will now gain stronghold points on their tournament purchases, where as with $4.00 tournaments there were no points claims (since only purchases of $5 earn pts). In addition, purchasing tournaments entries by debit will no longer require you to purchase an additional item to cover the $5.00 minimum on debit transactions.

sm BK Playing CardsMore Events & More Types

We already have a successful FNM crowd, our Pre-Releases are always well attended, and Wednesday Night Modern is doing well too.  However there are many more opportunities to run events in several formats.  We plan to run more events overall, and expand in to other formats.  Here are a couple of new tourneys we have upcoming:

Grand Prix Trials

 We will be hosting GPTs fairly regularly, the next of which is a GPT for Grand Prix Montreal on Sunday January 19th (changed from the originally posted date of Jan 18). The format will be modern, and the entry fee will be $30.00. The top 8 will each receive a draft set (3 packs) of modern masters, along with large store credit prizes (based on attendance) and of course there byes for Grand Prix Montreal to be won. Miles Smith will be the head judge.

Commander Solo Tournament

 We will be hosting a 1v1 Commander tournament on Monday February 3rd. We will be using standard commander rules, and the entry fee will be $5.00. 5 card sideboards will be in effect, chosen before game 1 after presenting commanders. The best 2 of 3 games will decide the match.


Pokémon: City Championships

Pokemon City Championships

City Championships are where you can put your League Challenge decks to the test in a more competitive setting! Cities are opwn to anyone and give Championship points to players who finish in good standing. So join us on New Year’s Day and test your metal against the best trainers the city has to offer!

When: January 1st, 2014, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Format: Modified Legal 60 Card Decks

Entry Fee: $10.00


Merry Christmas! (And Happy Boxing Sale Too!)

BK Christmas

All of us at Black Knight Games would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

We will be closed Christmas Day (the only day all year that we are closed!), but will be open our usual hours for Boxing Day, December 26th (12pm-9pm).


We will be having a Boxing Weekend Sale from Thursday, December 26th to Sunday, December 29th!

BK Shipping(Limited to on hand product.  Rainchecks & orders not included)



-ALL RPG Books
-Dystopian Wars
-Banelords & Banelegions
-Dropzone Commander
-Flames of War

PURCHASE OR RENEW A STRONGHOLD MEMBERSHIP AND GET DOUBLE THE SIGN-UP BONUS POINTS!  (So Stronghold Memberships get you 200 bonus Stronghold Points instead of 100, and Red Card Memberships get you 2000 bonus Stronghold Points instead of 1000!!!


WMH: Combined Arms Tournament

WMH Combined Arms

When:  10:30am – 7pm, January 4th.  The first tournament of 2014!

Entry Fee:  $20 ($16 for Stronghold Members) gets you entry to the event and pizza and two pop or hot drink.

Format 50 point lists using Steamroller Rules (Either SR 2014 or SR2014 Beta, depending on timing), second list optional.  Come with a partner and play separate games, but final standings will be based on your combined tournament score.  You will never be paired against your partner during the tournament.

Prizes:  We will be giving out store credit prizes to the first, second, and third place teams.  We will also be giving away Steamroller coins to each member of these teams.  Everyone who brings at least one fully painted list will also be placed into a draw to win a fully painted store-credit prize.

Board Game Potluck

Board Game Potluck

Based on the success of out first Board Game potluck a month or so ago we are going to be having another the first Sunday after Christmas!  It will be the perfect opportunity to play some of the games you just got, and to try out some new ones yourself.  Maybe you’ll even find a new must-have game that you can spend that BKG Gift card you got from your aunt!  Just like the last event the rules are simple: bring some food to share (or pitch in some money for pizza), play some games, have fun!

When: Sunday, December 29th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Bring: Some sort of food to share!  It can be a main dish, desert, salad, snacks – whatever you’d like to munch on while playing some board games!  If you don’t have time to cook, or prepare something you’re welcome to pitch in $5.00 towards pizza and drinks for all.  We have a huge selection of opened games here, but feel free to bring any games you’d like to share with others.

See you there!


Knights of the Ream: Flames of War

FoW Knights of the Realm

We are kicking off a new season of our Knights of the Realm program, and are leading off with Flames of War!  Knights of the Realm is a full season of gaming events.  Each event acts as a stand-alone event, but the Knights of the Realm season links them together by awarding participants points.  At the end of the season the four participants with the most points will playoff for the championship!

Check out the Knights of the Realm page for the details on all of the events, leagues, and tournaments that will be included in the Knights of the Realm.

Linear Obstacle

FoW Firestorm Caen

We will be recreating the Caen campaign on Saturday, December 28th in our Firestorm Caen event.

The event will last all day, from 10:00am – 7:00pm, and will be four rounds.  The event will be the first in our Knights of the Realm season.

FREE TOURNAMENT: Kaijudo Mana Charge

Kaijudo Mana Charge

Join us for a FREE TOURNAMENT for Kaijudo!  We will supply you with a Free Booster Pack, and a Free Sample Deck to build your deck!  Don’t know how to play?  No problem, we’ll have people on hand to teach the game!  This is a big free event to give everyone a chance to try out Kaijudo, and get some free stuff.  Kaijudo is the new version of Wizard of the Coast’s Duelmasters.  It plays a lot like Magic, with several fun twists.  So join in, give it a try, and get some free stuff!!!

When: Saturday, December 28th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Get: 1 Free Kaijudo Booster Pack, 1 Free Sample Deck.

WMH: Wreck the Halls

WMH Wreck the Halls


A Warmachine and Hordes event with a festive twist!  This Sunday, come out and do some gaming with us.  Press Gangers Mr. Golden Deal (Matt) and Timtheenchanter (Tim) invite you to bring a wrapped Warmachine gift with a minimum value of $10.  We’ll play some games using a fun and silly format and at the end players, from last place to first place, will pick a gift or steal from someone who already has one.

WhenSunday, December 15,  12 – 5pm

Entry Fee:  Your wrapped gift is your entry fee.  If you want, it can even be a painted model!

Format: 35 points, mangled metal/tooth and claw (all beasts/warjacks), two warcasters.  Each caster has her own battlegroup, so make sure you assign them in your lists.

PrizesYou’ll walk away with one of the gifts valued at at least $10.  If you do well in the event, you’ll get to steal the best one!