MTG: Grand Prix Trial Tomorrow!

This is a reminder that we are running a Sealed Deck tournament this Saturday!  The Grand Prix Trial will be a Sealed Deck event and the winner will even get two free byes at the Grand Prix Toronto!!!  Here is the details, see you there!

Entry Fee:  $36 (or $30 for stronghold members)

When:  Saturday, November 16th.  11am – 7pm + Playoffs for top 8.

Format:  Sealed deck.  We will cut to top 8 to determine final standings, and top 8 will playoff using the same sealed decks.  We will be using deck registration lists, pool swaps, and deck checks.

How it works:  Show up and create a minimum 40 card deck using six packs of Theros (provided).   We will have a judge on site, Miles, to answer questions and issue event rulings.  This event will be run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level.

Prizes All participants get a BKG Hero’s Reward promo card, and additional prizes will be based on attendance.  Assuming a 32 person attendance, we’ll offer 1st place two byes at GP Toronto and $150 in store credit2nd place $100 in store credit3rd place $50 in store credit, and 4th place will receive $25.  If more than 32 players attend, we’ll offer one random attendee a free From the Vault 20.

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