Black Friday Double Points Weekend!

Black Friday

Double Stronghold Points on all purchases made Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Stop by, stock up for all your holiday purchases, and get rewarded yourself.  If you’re not familiar with our Stronghold Membership program and rewards check it out!  Everyone earns points, so you don’t have to be a member, however members do earn more points and have more that they can spend them on.

We don’t do Double-Point-Days often, so get out here if you were planning a big purchase, or were considering starting up a new game/army/collection.  Don’t forget either that Red Card Members get even more out of a Double-Points day!  It will also be a great opportunity to grab some stuff for any games you discover on Saturday’s Demo Day!

BK Celebration

Blood Bowl: Fractured Leg Issue 21

Fractured Leg Nov 26


Black Knight Games Toy & Games Drive

Toy & Games Drive

Black Knight Games has always enjoyed participating in generating support for great causes.  This year we are joining up with City Kidz: Gift of Christmas to do our best to make sure local kids throughout Hamilton enjoy their holidays regardless of some of the personal pressures often experienced by many and associated with the Christmas season.  To that end we are pleased to present the Black Knight Games Toy & Games Drive of 2013!

There are several ways that you can participate and help us make an impact:

1.  We are an official Drop-Off location for City Kidz: Gift of Christmas, so you can drop off any toys or games here regardless of where you bought them.  Remember that gifts are for boys and girls ages 12 and under.  Gifts should be new and unwrapped.

2.  You can purchase gifts at Black Knight Games to put in the Toy and Games Drive.  Any gift purchase you make to be put towards the Toy and Games Drive will be at 25% OFF to help you donate something great!

3.  Many of our tournaments in December will give you up to $10.00 OFF the entry fee when you donate a gift (of at least a $20 Value before discount and taxes).

This is our first attempt at a toy drive, and we really want it to succeed, so please consider contributing to our Toy & Games Drive and help us spread the Gift of Gaming this year!

Demo Day 2013

Demo Day 2013

Demo Day is always one of our biggest events of the year, and it’s that time again so clear your calendar because at the end of November we will be demonstrating all the best games at BKG!

Demo Day is a yearly staple at Black Knight Games every November.  At Demo Day participants get to try out many different game systems, and they get to take home a great Goody Box stuffed full of stuff from all of the games we are demonstrating.

When: Saturday, November 30th, 12:00 – 6:00pm

Entry Fee: $10.00

You Get: The BKG Goody Box (packed with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff), a free ballot for the Demo Day Draws,  and access to all of the demonstration games.

Demo Day Draws: We will be drawing for a free $50.00 Black Knight Games gift card, as well as some other fun prizes.

Thumbs UpGame Demonstrations:
We will have several stations where a BKG staff member, Standard Bearer, or volunteer will be running a games demonstration.  Simply go up to them and ask to play and they will teach you the basics for the game.  In addition to that they will give you another ballot for the Demo Day Draws!

Stay tuned for more info on the contents of the Demo Day Goody Box, and all the games we will be featuring!

40K Tournament this Saturday

40K Logo

This Saturday we will be hosting our monthly Warhammer 40,000 tournament.  The event will be a larger 2500pt tournament, so be sure to bring the big guns!

Sat, Nov 23 40K Tournament 2500pts $20.00/*$16.00 3 Rounds, Price includes Pizza & Drinks, *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

MTG: Grand Prix Trial Tomorrow!

This is a reminder that we are running a Sealed Deck tournament this Saturday!  The Grand Prix Trial will be a Sealed Deck event and the winner will even get two free byes at the Grand Prix Toronto!!!  Here is the details, see you there!

Entry Fee:  $36 (or $30 for stronghold members)

When:  Saturday, November 16th.  11am – 7pm + Playoffs for top 8.

Format:  Sealed deck.  We will cut to top 8 to determine final standings, and top 8 will playoff using the same sealed decks.  We will be using deck registration lists, pool swaps, and deck checks.

How it works:  Show up and create a minimum 40 card deck using six packs of Theros (provided).   We will have a judge on site, Miles, to answer questions and issue event rulings.  This event will be run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level.

Prizes All participants get a BKG Hero’s Reward promo card, and additional prizes will be based on attendance.  Assuming a 32 person attendance, we’ll offer 1st place two byes at GP Toronto and $150 in store credit2nd place $100 in store credit3rd place $50 in store credit, and 4th place will receive $25.  If more than 32 players attend, we’ll offer one random attendee a free From the Vault 20.

Warhammer 40K: League Complete!

40K LogoThe Relics of  Treasure league is now complete.  Here is the final standings as well as the last edition of Karrik Times!

1st Graham Wilson                           97pts
2nd Garnet 70pts
3rd Ben Warburton 59pts
4th Mitch Erickson 55pts
5th Anton Talosi 53pts
6th Trevor Engell 49pts
7th Owen Williams 39pts
8th Gavyn Gurman 35pts
9th Cameron Burgess 33pts
10th Nevada / Dalton Nash/ Colton Nash 26pts
11th Bradley Lee James Laking 25pts
12th Blake 22pts
13th  Thom Morden 21pts
14th Joel Pastway 17pts
15th  Aaron Plate 16pts
16th Scott Plant 15pts
17th Glenn Christopher 11pts
18th Mark Hillman 8pts
19th Dan L 5pts
Last but the most dangerous of all cause of what he did. Eric Koudys 0pts but he stole all our relics!!

Newsletter go 10

Blood Bowl Exhibition League

Blood Bowl Exhibition League

The Leagues coming to an end, players head home to return to their normal lives, coaches are left panhandling for copper. Living the life of a blood bowl coach or player is a tough life.

Bod Biffered: “Bob Biffered here from the head office of the BKBBL, we have reports that Commissioner Awesome is about to call a special press conference.’

Commissioner Awesome:  “In a few weeks the BKBBL will have crowned a champion, lets hope it’s not WWF or the Hurdlers. But when this happens we are all out of work or back to our boring lives. I have come up with a solution for this… Hammer Bowl Season 4 Exhibition!”

BB: “Commissioner Awesome will you explain what this new league is?”

CA: “Sure Bob, The exhibition league will be there to allow coaches the chance to coach new teams or continue coaching their existing team. They will be able to continue playing games between seasons.”

BB: “Surely they won’t continue gaining experience for this?”

CA: “Why not Bob? Of course they will, this is an opportunity for the league to expand, new teams will get a chance to build up before they come into the Hammer Bowl and play the legends that currently make our league the best!”

BB: “I still don’t understand how this works.”

CA: “That’s because your an idiot, Each team will play an open league format, coaches are required to arrange their own matches, on the Black Knight Games Forums or in person.  They will only be able to play each coach once per week.  They can even manage multiple teams to try out different strategies!”

BB: “When does this league start, and is their a required fee to enter?”

CA: “We kick off November 11, 2013 and will end January 11th, 2014. that is 9 weeks for players to play games. there is a small maintenance fee for entry, in order to upkeep our fields. To start this league it will cost coaches $5.00, or $4.00 for Stronghold Members.

BB: “Will this replace the Rookie Tournament?”

CA: “NO!”

BB: “Anything else?”

CA: “Every coach is required to have their new teams submitted to the league by November 10,2013. You can leave your rosters at the store or email me your team, you will have 1,000,000 Gold to purchase your teams re-rolls, players, Fan Factor, Cheerleaders, Assistant Coaches and Apothecaries will all be purchased using this budget. All players are required to be named, as well you will have to have a team name set. There is an official sign up sheet at the store.  Remember, you may use any team registered in the BKBBL, and my use multiple teams”

If you have any questions or would like to email your roster to me please

Red Card Meeting

Red Card Meeting

This Sunday, November 10th, will be our first Red Card Meeting.  Red Card Meetings will become a regular thing quarterly (every three months or so).  At Red Card Meetings Jay will meet with our Red Card Members to discuss everything that is going on at the shop.  We will touch on everything from store programs, product lines, future plans, issues that we are dealing with, the structure of our events – everything!  This will give us a great opportunity to fill in some of our most valued customers, and give them a chance for direct feedback.  We will also welcome many of our Standard Bearers to sit in and to hear what our Red Card Members have to say and to discuss ideas and plans for their game system.

We will have coffee and donuts too, so if you are a Red Card Member please be sure to attend!  And if you’d like to attend, but aren’t a Red Card Member, there is still time to register as one!!

When: Sunday, November 10th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Open to: Red Card Members, and Standard Bearers only

Bring: Yourselves and any questions or ideas you’d like to discuss