November Events

Last month I made a post at the start of the month listing everything that was coming up in the month of October, and it seemed to be a popular idea, so we’re going to make it a regular thing!  It’s hard to believe it’s already November!  This November we have several great event that you should pay attention to.  The first is Demo Day 2013: a massive annual event where we arrange to have people to teach and demo a pile of different games.  Add to that a bunch of great goodies and samples and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to try new games!  We’re also running our first ever GPT for Magic: the Gathering, which is the highest level of tournament we’ve ever done!  Red Card Members are invited to join me for our first Red Card Meeting – giving them some inside info on the store and our plans going forward, and giving us the chance to hear feedback from some of our most valued customers!  Add to that new leagues for Dungeons & Dragons, Blood Bowl, and Malifaux, as well as all our regular tournaments and you’ve got plenty of reasons to stop by the shop for some gaming!

Special Events in November

Demo Day 2013 sm Demo Day 2013
Massive Day Full of Demos & Gaming!
Saturday, November 30th, 12pm
Demo Day is one of our big annual events where participants are given the chance to get some great samples and play a ton of new games!  Definitely one of our best events every year – so be sure to pencil it in!!
Red Card Meeting
A State of the Union Address for some of our Best Customers
Sunday, November 10th, 3pm
Only for Red Card Members and Standard Bearers.  Participants get to hear about how the store is doing, what our plans are going forward and offer their feedback.  This is our first of these so if you are a Red Card Member be sure to attend (or be sure to become one if you’d like to attend!).  I’ll bring the donuts!

Tournaments in November

Sat, Nov 23 40K Tournament 2500pts $20.00/*$16.00 3 Rounds, Price includes Pizza & Drinks, *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

Sat, Nov 2 Chrome Gauntlet 50pts $20.00/*$16.00 4 Rounds, 2 Lists (may be from different factions), Specialists, Divide & Conquer, 2014 Steamroller Rules, Price includes Pizza & Drinks *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

Sat, Nov 9 Warhammer Tournament 2500pts $20.00/*$16.00 3 Rounds, Price includes Pizza & Drinks, *Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm

Mon, Nov 4 Commander Release Event Sealed Constructed Commander $45.00/
DCI Sanctioned, Price includes one of the new Commander Decks, One Round of Multiplayer Commander, *Stronghold Members 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Sat, Nov 16 Grand Prix Toronto Trial (GPT) Sealed Deck $36.00/*$30.00 DCI Sanctioned Grand Prix Trial*Stronghold Members 11am – 7pm
All participants get a BKG Hero’s Reward promo card, Check out the official GPT Toronto page for more info
1st Place: $150 Credit, 2 Free Byes at the Grand Prix Toronto
2nd Place: $100 Credit
3rd Place: $50 Credit
Prizes based on an estimated 32 person attendance, and will be adjusted based on attendance.
If we have OVER 32 participants we will also give away a MTG: From the Vault Twenty to a random participant!

Wed, Nov 6 Modern Game Night Modern $5.00/*$4.00 DCI Sanctioned*Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Nov 13 Modern Game Night Modern $5.00/*$4.00 DCI Sanctioned*Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Nov 20 Modern Game Night Modern $5.00/*$4.00 DCI Sanctioned*Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Wed, Nov 27 Modern Game Night Modern $5.00/*$4.00 DCI Sanctioned*Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm

Fri, Nov 1 Friday Night Magic Standard $5.00/*$4.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM*Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Nov 8 Friday Night Magic Booster Draft $15.00/*$12.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, Price includes 3 Booster Packs, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Nov 15 Friday Night Magic Standard $5.00/*$4.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM*Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Nov 22 Friday Night Magic Booster Draft $15.00/*$12.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, Price includes 3 Booster Packs, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm
Fri, Nov 29 Friday Night Magic Standard $5.00/*$4.00 DCI Sanctioned FNM, *Stronghold Members 5:30 – 9pm

Leagues & Campaigns in November

Raising Stakes
Malifaux League
Friday Evenings, 6:00pm, Begins Nov. 8th
Escalation League, beginning at 20ss and raising 5ss per week.
Exhibition League
Blood Bowl Open Play League
Open Gaming, Begins Nov. 11th
Play as many games as you want before Season 4 begins in January.  The perfect opportunity to try new teams or level up!
Legacy of the Crystal Shard
Dungeons & Dragons Encounters
Wednesday Evenings, 6:00pm, Begins Nov.20th
Baldur’s Gate is nearly finished, so prepare yourself for the next adventure: Legacy of the Crystal Shard!
Murder in Baldur’s Gate
Dungeons & Dragons Encounters
Wednesday Evenings, 6:00pm, Ends Nov. 13th
The Baldur’s Gate adventure is nearly complete, only two weeks left!
Tank Aces
Flames of War League
Player arranged game times
Open to All, Register with Fred!
Hammerbowl Season 3
Blood Bowl League
Weekly Games, Arranged by Players
Closed League.  The regular season is over, and playoffs have begun!  Be sure to play in our Exhibition League while you wait!
Call to Arms: Warmachine & Hordes
WMH Army Building League
Weekly Events, Finale Nov. 24th
Keep painting because this army building league ends this month!  Watch them sweat as participants try and finish by the deadline!



November Calendar

November 13

MTG: Grand Prix Trial Toronto

Grand Prix Toronto is coming up fast, and Black Knight Games will be hosting a trial for the event.  Grand Prix Trials (GPT) are an opportunity to prepare for one of the most exciting style of events in Magic the Gathering—the Grand Prix.  Attending a GPT does more for you than offer an opportunity to practice, of course.  It also offers an opportunity to earn BYEs at the Grand Prix.  BYEs are free wins in early rounds of the event that make qualifying for the second day much easier.  Feel like earning the opportunity to start your day in Toronto off with a couple of free wins?  Come and and compete for that right!

Entry Fee:  $36 (or $30 for stronghold members)

When:  Saturday, November 16th.  11am – 7pm

Format:  Sealed deck.  We will cut to top 8 to determine final standings, and top 8 will playoff using the same sealed decks.  We will be using deck registration lists, pool swaps, and deck checks.

How it works:  Show up and create a minimum 40 card deck using six packs of Theros (provided).   We will have a judge on site to answer questions and issue event rulings.  This event will be run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level.

Prizes All participants get a BKG Hero’s Reward promo card, and additional prizes will be based on attendance.  Assuming a 32 person attendance, we’ll offer 1st place two byes at GP Toronto and $150 in store credit2nd place $100 in store credit3rd place $50 in store credit, and 4th place will receive $25.  If more than 32 players attend, we’ll offer one random attendee a free From the Vault 20.

Blood Bowl & 40K: New Fractured Leg & Karrik Times

Karrik v7      Fractured Leg 19

MTG Commander 2013 Release Event

November 1st marks the release of a new set of five preconstructed Commander decks.  Commander 2013 will consist of five different 100-card singleton decks, each with a retail price of $34.99.  To continue the tradition of oversized cards associated with our multiplayer releases, each deck will also include three premium oversized legendary commander cards that can be used in lieu of the normal versions of the cards (which are also in the deck).

What’s more, on the Monday following the release of these decks (November 4th) we’ll be hosting a special Release Event for our crew of EDH players who usually come out on Monday Nights.

Entry Fee:  $45 (or $40 for stronghold members)

When:  Monday, November 4th.  Each time we have 5 people together for a pod we’ll launch one, starting at 5:30pm and going until 9pm.

How it works:  When you show up you are divided up into pods.  Each pod of 5 gets a display of Commander decks (one of each) and you’ll divide them up by high-roll (highest rolling player picks first, and so on).

Prizes:  Every time you eliminate a player in your pod you get a booster pack.  If you’re the last player standing in a pod, you get a booster pack.  Simple as that!  Come down, open some amazing new EDH/Commander decks, and play some games.

Sunday: MTG Theros Game Day and WMH High Command Release Event

When: Sunday, October 20th from 12 pm – 5 pm.

Entry Fee: $5 (or $4 for Stronghold Members)

Format:  Standard (all cards from the most recent Core set, as well as Theros and Return to Ravnica blocks)

Prizes:  All participants receive an exclusive Phalanx Leader full-art promo card.  The Top 8 players each receive an exclusive Nighthowler full-art, foil promo card.  1st place winner of Theros Game Day will receive an exclusive Playmat.  We’ll also be handing out store-credit based on attendance.

Side Event:  Face the Hydra Challenge – Bring the Hero Cards you’ve earned at Theros Pre Release and Launch Weekend to help you defeat the Face the Hydra Challenge Deck at Theros Game Day.  This special deck is may be challenged beginning with Game Day, between rounds or at your convenience.  It’s not a part of the tournament, but you’ll want to defeat the Hydra to earn the third Hero Card on the Hero’s Path.


When: Sunday October 20th, 4 pm – 8 pm

Entry Fee: None!  This is a free event open to everyone.  Call to Arms participants can count it toward the required attendance of two events.

What is High Command?:  High Command is a deck-building card game released by Privateer Press, set in the world of Warmachine and Hordes.  Card players who love strategic deckbuilding at tactics will enjoy High Command’s deck building and customization elements.  Warmachine players in High Command get the chance to play as a favourite faction, or try something completely different!  Press Gangers Tim and Matt will have copies of a few factions on hand to lend out if you don’t own a copy of the game yet or are unable to borrow a faction from a friend.  High Command Hordes is also in-stock right now at BKG.

Prizes: Depending upon attendance, we will be giving out alternate Warcasters and Warlocks unavailable in the base game.  Event winners will also be given alternate art versions exclusively available through organized play that will not be available in future releases.

Board Game Potluck this Saturday

Board Game Potluck

Join us this Saturday for a day full of board games and food!  This will be our first board game potluck event, and we are testing the waters to see if people will enjoy events like this, so if it appeal to you be sure to attend and show us that this is an event you’d like to see more of!  Here are the details:

When:  Show up any time between 12:00pm – 10:00pm, and stay for as long as you want!

Bring:  Either bring a food item with enough to share (this can be anything from a pizza, a desert, a salad – whatever!  If you do not bring food you’ll be asked to pitch in $5.00 towards refreshments.   If you are planning to attend all day (as in for both lunch and dinner) then make sure to bring extra!  You can and should also bring any board games you’d like to share!

What:  We will be spending the whole day playing different board games.  We have a ton of them to try already here, but as mentioned previously you are encouraged to also bring some of your own.

It’s really as easy as that, bring food, eat food, bring games, play game.  This event is open to everyone, so be sure to join us for some fun gaming and great munchies!

This Halloween: The Longest Night

The Longest Night is a widely celebrated holiday in the Iron Kingdoms consisting of festivals and revelries with people celebrating by dressing up like the dead, drinking, and lighting off fireworks amid loud music and dancing. It is celebrated every three years at the end of the year as an extra day added to the calendar, therefore taking place after the old year and just before the new one. While the festivals are eagerly anticipated, Longest Night has an increasingly ominous reputation. Many believe this day and night to be a time of black magic and misfortune. Some say the barriers between Caen and Urcaen—the realms of the living and the dead—become thin on this day and that the spirits of the restless dead manifest to haunt and torment the living. There are some who prefer to hide in their homes and bolt their doors rather than join the masked revelers cavorting in the streets. The close of 608 AR brings another Longest Night. Amid warfare and turmoil the sense of dread and uncertainty is palpable, stronger than ever. Cryx has been on the rise, and graveyards have become fertile recruiting grounds for necromancers. The last few Longest Nights have been marked by tragedy. 

Between 605 and 606 AR, after the bloody invasion and occupation of Llael by Khador, the Balebrand of Cryx was made manifest. All those infected by the blighted harvest suffered from horrible dreams and waking delusions, turning violently on their friends amid the festivities. Just three years earlier, between 602 and 603 AR, thralls pouring into the city from the Widower’s Wood interrupted the festival in Corvis, killing anyone in their path as they battled their way to the Cathedral of Morrow. The terror of this invasion was amplified since so many of the city’s citizens had dressed as the dead, making for much confusion and misdirected violence. Memories of these incidents have many people fearful of the upcoming Longest Night, but many more are still eager for its festivals. There is no telling what things may go bump in the night as the sun sets for the last time on 608 AR.

When:  Halloween, Thursday October 31st, 6pm – Midnight.  The event will last until well after the store closes.  This is a rare opportunity for Warmachine players to stay late and get in a few extra games.

Format:  50 points, open-play format.  Get in as many games as possible and earn Wild Revelries.  The same scenario will be used throughout the event (linked here)

Entry Fee:  None!  This is a free event open to all warmachine players, new and old.

Wild RevelriesWild Revelry boxes are checked off at the end of each game by the EO. One game may fulfill the requirements for multiple revelries.

A player may be awarded each unlimited Wild Revelry multiple times during the event.

  • Play a game: Each game finished awards 1 point.
  • Play a game against a new opponent: The first game finished against each other event participant awards 1 point.
  • Play a game against a new faction: The first game finished against each faction, including the player’s own faction, awards 1 point.
  • Win a game: 1 point

A player may be awarded each limited Wild Revelry only once during the event.

  • Play with a fully painted army: 2 points
  • Bring a fully modeled festival tent: A player who builds a festival tent that meets the requirements for the scenario is awarded 2 points.
  • Win with a ’caster kill: 1 point
  • Win with a scenario victory: 1 point
  • Play with Alexia Ciannor or Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire: 1 point
  • Attend the event in costume: 2 points
  • Bring treats to share with other Longest Night attendees: 2 points


Special Order: BLOOD BOWL! *Order by Friday*

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl has taken over at Black Knight Games – that’s not new information.  But, what will be new is a whole range of Blood Bowl miniatures that we are planning on bringing in from a variety of sources!  Because Games Workshop doesn’t really support the game very much anymore most Blood Bowl players get their minis from several smaller companies out there.  Because most of these companies have a bunch of niche teams, star players, and other minis you can choose from we will be doing our best to provide our players from a wide variety of selection.  That being said, if there is anything you would like from any of these companies, now would be an ideal time to piggy back our order and get yourself that cool Star Player you’ve always wanted.

So, if you would like anything from the following companies please get your order in to us by Friday!  These are small companies that don’t all use the standard distribution channels, so you can’t usually order them through us – and even once we get the ranges in orders won’t be as frequent as most of our ranges.  So don’t miss this opportunity to fill up your roster or get that new team for next season!

Willy MiniaturesWilly Miniatures

These guys make some of the best Blood Bowl minis in the industry.  They don’t have all the teams available, but if you want one of the undead teams, or Chaos you are in luck!  They also have a stack of good big guys and star players.


ImpactImpact Miniatures

Probably the biggest makers of Fantasy Football minis out there.  While the minis can be a bit hit or miss, Impact makes loads of different teams in dozens of different configurations.  They also have a huge variety of Blood Bowl accessories, like dugouts, dice, templates, tokens etc.


Meiko Miniatures

Makers a a very good variety of teams, most of which are really nice.  Meiko is a smaller company, but the quality is there.  They also do some of the more obscure teams like Ogres and Nurgle Rotters.


Mano Di Porco

Mano Di Porco

Another smaller company that has great minis.  Mano Di Porco makes one of the only great looking Slaan teams.  They also make nice Chaos and Norse teams.  One thing that you can get with them as well is a huge variety of fun and unique footballs!


Greebo Games

Greebo has a very large selection, and it’s all beautiful.  Greebo teams tend to be a bit more expensive than some of the others, but they can definitely be worth it.  We’re still negotiating with Greebo, so it’s not a lock that these will actually be available through us, but if you are interested put in an order – if it doesn’t work out we’ll give you a refund!


So if you are looking to add to your team, or start a brand new one – now is the best time to get your orders in!  Be sure to place them by Friday at 2:00pm if you want to get in on the order.

Blood Bowl & 40K: New Fractured Leg & Karrik Times

Karrik       Fractured Leg 18