40K League: Karrik Times Issue 2

Newsletter go 2

Matt has put together a fun newsletter to keep everyone up to date on all the news and battles in our 40K League: Relics of Treasure.  Give it a read by clicking the image to the right and find out how the war is going!  And, of course, you can still join in the league on Tuesdays at 5:30pm!

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FoW: Tank Aces League & Tournaments

Tank Aces


Have You ever wondered what it would be like if you could roll for Tiger Ace Skills, like the Germans do?

NOW you can!

In Tank Aces 2013 you will earn experience points which you can spend on Tank Ace skills.

Battle through the French countryside and by destroying your enemy or even by just surviving your Ace will become stronger and more lethal!

Our last Tank Aces league was the most successful Flames of War league ever at Black Knight Games.  We have truly developed a consistent and devoted group of gamers, and we hope to build on that with our next Tank Aces league!  This time our league will be book-ended by two tournaments, which will be open to all – but if you play in the league they will offer you added bonuses.

Begins: Saturday September 14th

Ends: Sunday November 17th

Entry Fee: $5.00 (prize support will go to the top three players)

Added details can be found on the BKG Forum.

Come and join the Tank Ace 2013 league and become the top Ace, if you dare!

Sat, Sep 14 Tank Aces Tournament 500pts FREE 2 Rounds, Kicks off the FoW League, participants gain points to their final score. 11am – 7pm
Sun, Nov 17 Tank Aces Finale Tournament 500pts FREE 2 Rounds, Finishes off the FoW League, participants gain points to their final score. 12pm – 5pm


Magic Celebration this Satuday!

MTG Celebration

Magic Celebration is this Saturday!  Its an amazing FREE event, so join in this Saturday!

When: Saturday, September 7th, 12:00pm

Read about all the details HERE!

Blood Bowl: Fractured Leg Issue 17

Fractured Leg Issue 17We have upped the Fractured Leg to be three pages long.  It will now be published bi-weekly.

40K League: Relics of Treasure

40K Relics of Treasure

A Space hulk has been reported in the Calxis sector over the death world Karrik. It’s an Imperial world covered in ice, with 2 moons and meteors pass by regularly.  Before the ship went back into the warp it was hit by a large asteroid and several parts of the ship broke off.  It seems that a large vessel burned up in the atmosphere dropping large pieces to the ground all over the planet.  Our mission is to recover important artefacts that have fallen on the planet and surrounding moons, but it will not be easy…

When: Tuesday evenings beginning September 3rd, 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Bring: 1500 point army, your codex, rulebook and gaming accessories.

This will be a map-based league.  You can find all the details HERE.

I’m not going to lie to you brave commanders. Blood will be shed, brothers will be lost, Heavy armor will be destroyed, as others are on the way. You will need to be quick as time is against you…